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Bob Saget Hotel Room Photos

The Orange County Chief Medical Examiner believes that the fatal head injury suffered by Saget may have resulted from an accident on the floor that was carpeted. Other hard surfaces in the images do not show evidence of a collision or damage.

The pictures include an image of Saget captured with a Ritz-Carlton valet that does not show any visible indication of a head injury at the time.

Authorities Release Photos of Bob Saget’s Hotel Room Where He Died

The images were released just one week after Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget’s three daughters received a permanent injunction to stop the release of any documents related to the actor’s demise.

More than 50 brand new images that were taken in the course of Bob Saget’s murder investigation were released by the authorities.

The images, which are part of the complete death report, which was obtained through PEOPLE the previous day, depict the hotel room of the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida, where the body of the actor, who was 65 years old, was discovered on January. 9.

As seen in the pictures, The room appeared in excellent condition, with almost everything present. Saget’s bed was beautifully made, and he had his phone and iPad, glasses with headphones, chapstick, and two bottles of water set on the nearby nightstand.

Investigators also took photos of the privacy sign placed on the floor in of the space, along with the thermostat that was set to 74 ° and Saget’s items for his bathroom were on his counter garbage bin that had masks and other items thrown away, and a valet claim label for his car as well as his rental vehicle’s keys.

Bob Saget’s hotel room photos are released after closing the case.

Images from the hotel room where Bob Saget died were released to the public on Tuesday, a week after a Florida judge granted a long-term injunction that prevented the release of death certificates for the actor.

Yahoo Entertainment obtained the documents comprising 57 images that include the last known photo of Saget alive and also deleted body camera footage of police. The report concluded that the Full House star, who was 65 years old, suffered a blunt head injury, likely caused by being thrown backward by “something hard, covered by something soft.” Investigators leaned towards the carpeted floor of the hotel room. However, they noted that “the bed headboard was lightly padded and set slightly out from the wall.”

The headboard is clearly visible in the images published this Tuesday, as is the carpet. Saget was found dead lying on his back, on his right-hand side. The bed was empty “were no signs of blood or bodily fluids” on the mattress and “anywhere else in the suite,” according to the investigators. Experts have told Yahoo Entertainment that it’s very likely that a floor with carpet resulted in his head injury.

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