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Can you delete a photo from a series on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t have any tools that can help you delete all of your photos. You may find your Instagram account filled with photos and posts from the past overtime.

An earlier version of Instagram required that you re-upload all posts to delete one image from a carousel. Instagram now allows you to delete a single photo from multiple photos. This article will discuss how to do it as well as how you can delete images from Instagram.

Instagram has a cool feature that lets you post multiple photos at once. It is also known by the term “carousel posts”. This is a great way to share multiple photos with your audience.

But what if the photo you wish to delete is not in the carousel posting? You may wonder if it is possible to delete it.

Is it possible for one picture to be deleted from an Instagram slide
Yes, it is possible to delete one photo from an Instagram slideshow. By tapping the three dots near the photo, you can remove one picture. The icon will change to a trashcan symbol by clicking on the three dots. Tap it again to delete your photo.

Delete Instagram Photos or Videos

These instructions will only work for the official Instagram app. These steps are also applicable to the official Instagram app. The interface for the web version of will look slightly different.

Open the Instagram App (sign in if necessary) then tap the profile icon.

To see the post you wish to delete, click on it.

How to delete Instagram photos with the possibility that you can recover

Do you feel a bit attached to that uneditable, blurry photo of college buddies and you? It’s okay to keep it!

Before 2017, there was no way to remove unattractive photos from your profile. Instagram Archive was the first feature that allowed you to remove photos from your profile.

This private gallery is accessible only to you via the Instagram app. This private gallery is only accessible to you and it cannot be seen by others. The best part? The best thing? Here’s how you archive an Instagram post.

  • Open your Instagram App.
  • To navigate directly to your profile, tap and hold the person icon in the bottom-right corner.
  • Locate the photo to be archived.
  • Next, tap three horizontal dots located at the top-right side of the picture.
  • Finally, tap Archive.

How to delete an Instagram video or image from a carousel

We will start by noting you can’t delete one photo from a multi-photo carousel. That could be because it would create a single-item blog post and make Instagram look bad. These steps only work when there are at least three media items in a post.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner to open the post. Do not ignore the brightly colored “delete”, instead, click Edit to scroll to the image/video you wish to submit to the trash. Now tap the trash can icon at the top left of the image. Instagram will ask if the post is yours. Click Delete to confirm. The problematic post has been deleted.

Why can’t I see Trash to delete a Carousel photo?

This new feature allows you to delete a post from a carousel. If you don’t see the Trash symbol on your carousel pictures, you need to update Instagram. If the Trash icons still don’t appear, log back into Instagram and reinstall the app. You can download the Instagram app.

How do I edit multiple Instagram photos after I post them?

Tap all the photos that you want to edit. Next, choose a filter. This will apply to all of the photos you selected. To edit an individual image without applying a filter to it, tap on the image and choose your filter.

Is it possible to change the order of multiple Instagram photos after you have posted them?

After you post, you can edit the order of multiple Instagram photos.
Tap and hold a single picture to change their order. You can drag them to the desired place.

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