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Dark Side Of The Moon Photos

From about 1 million miles away, the camera of the NASA satellite has taken fresh images of the distant part of the Moon. The Guardian reports. A brightly illuminated Earth acts as a background to the Moon. The Moon can be illuminated due to the light striking the Moon. This is why the crater and the vast plain called the Mare Moscoviense can be seen in great detail.

High ISO

These are typical images of the Moon’s surface; they’re extraordinary because they have been captured in total darkness.

ShadowCam ShadowCam was created to capture high-resolution photos of the Moon’s perpetually shaded regions (PSRs) with the expectation that it will give vital information regarding the location and accessibility of water glaciers.

The ShadowCam

The PSRs of the Moon’s Moon never get the sunlight directly, which is why the ShadowCam was developed to be 22,000 times better than prior imaging devices.

According to the imaging group, The camera’s capacity to produce clear images with higher sensitivity corresponds to the possibility of increasing the ISO 100 to greater than 12,800 without causing more noise.

The results give scientists and everyone else a unique glimpse of the lunar shadow side. The top half of the picture illustrates the shadowed walls that form the Shackleton Crater. The other three-quarters display the floor of the crater.

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