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Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale

V.A. is particularly concerned with paying a lasting tribute to those Veterans who fought and sacrificed as well as their families. V.A. is meticulously maintaining more than 155 VA national cemeteries throughout the 44 U.S. states and Puerto Rico and is working on expanding access to allow Veterans and their eligible family members who live close to their homes. Currently, over 95 percent of Veterans can be buried within an accessible V.A. or state-owned veterans cemetery close to 75 miles from their homes.

Be aware that none of these benefits are offered to Veterans buried in the State, Territorial, or Tribal Veteran’s cemetery. Make sure to check with the cemetery to make sure that they are covered. Certain benefits are also available to Veterans who prefer burial in an unmarked cemetery.

Veterans who have an eligible discharge are eligible for V.A. burial allowances. Dependent children and spouses can also be eligible when the Veteran predeceases them.

Planning a Mausoleum

You choose a mausoleum because you believe that a headstone isn’t enough, you wish to create a space in which families can stay together, or you desire not to be laid to rest on the earth.

Designing, planning, and constructing a stone mausoleum will alleviate the responsibility of planning arrangements for your grandchildren and children. Like any major project, you need an experienced team you can trust to deliver top-quality work. For a mausoleum to be constructed, that work must stand up to the years. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a small mausoleum or a grand mausoleum that is private and private, or perhaps a mausoleum that houses cremains and urns The importance of quality and choosing the best companion remains the same.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park is an unowned cemetery situated in Glendale, California. It was the first and the current location for Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks and Mortuaries, a chain consisting of six cemeteries and four mortuaries in Southern California.


Forest Lawn Memorial Park was established in 1906 and was conceived as a non-profit cemetery by an assemblage of entrepreneurs from San Francisco. Dr. Hubert Eaton and C.B. Sims signed a sale agreement for the burial ground in 1912. Eaton was appointed its manager in the year 1917. While Eaton was not the first to establish Forest Lawn, he is acknowledged as the park’s “Founder” for his innovations in setting up” the “memorial-park plan.” He removed upright grave markers and put artworks by established artists. The first person to establish a funeral home on the grounds of a cemetery. He believed in a happy life following death. [1]


The famous cemetery is home to many impressive Hollywood exhibits and tributes and draws more than one million people annually.
Essential Cremation Package


This package contains:

  • Access to Our facilities and our services
  • Transfer your beloved child into Our care (within 75 miles of our facility)
  • Refrigeration
  • Crematory Fee
  • Alternative Container (2-000)
  • Basic Plastic Urn
  • Death Certificate Processing
  • Death Certificate (1)
  • Permit (1)

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