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Google Play Customer Service Phone Number 24/7

My phone call to support at Google Play was responded to by an automated menu with an appealing human voice. The support representative immediately advised me to sign in online for locked accounts and ensure the credentials aren’t transferred over the phone for your security. Following that, you’re offered choices that align very well with the main calls: assistance with music, apps, or any other purchase through Google Play, help with purchases from the Google Play stores, service for devices with hardware, and assistance with logging into your account. The menu repeats three times before the call is cut off. If you click the menu, switching back to the prior menu is impossible, and you’ll have to hang up and then make a new call.

You will need more than specific options to lead you to a representative. The third choice will send you a clear message that says they cannot open your account on the telephone. The news will provide an option to unlock your account by yourself. It also states that it’s been designed for you to be the only person who can access the report. It then ends. It will also send you a message to help you regarding Google Play refunds. If you need assistance troubleshooting an application, it will inform you to tap “Help or Feedback” within the app or visit Google Play’s website Help Center. If you need help with Nest devices, you can call, and it will be transferred to the phone like an agent is expected to respond. However, the recording states that Nest’s customer support phone number is not in use and to check the website.

WhatsApp Messenger Support

If you need assistance To assist you better, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the WhatsApp app on your smartphone by going to Settings > Help Contact us. We also invite you to browse the Help Center for additional information.

We want your thoughts on WhatsApp by filling in the relevant information in the following. Tap or select “Send Questions” for us to get in touch.

November 4 4, 2019

  1. Redeemability and Eligibility. Google Play Gift Cards (“Gift Cards”) and pre-paid Play balance, including the redemption of Google Play gift cards, gifts or credits (“Credits”), can be used only for those who are thirteen years old or over and reside in the USA. Credits and Gift Cards are provided through Google Arizona LLC (“GAZ”) regardless of whether the person who issued the Credit or Gift Card Credit when the purchaser purchases it. To redeem a Gift Card or Credit, You will require access to the internet, and you must be eligible to set up a Google Payments account for the location specified by the terms. If you are between 13-17 years old, the Google Payments enrollment is limited to redeeming Credits and Gift Cards. After a Gift Card or Credit card is redeemed, the saved balance is moved into GAZ to its partner, Google Payment Corp. (“GPC”), which GPC will later maintain as a Google Play balance in the user’s Google Payments account. Gift Cards and Credits must be redeemed to purchase eligible products on The purchase is deducted from the Google Play balance by GPC. All remaining Google Play balances will stay in the account of the person who purchased their Google Play balance when redeemed. GPC can offer Credit and Gift Cards or Credit buyers information regarding the condition of redemption for Credits or Gift Cards they buy.
  2. Limitations. The Card or Credit is subject to limitations. Card or Credit is utilized to purchase eligible products on Google Play only. Certain restrictions may apply to redemption or use. Products not eligible for purchase with a Gift Card or Credit include some items listed under the “Devices” section of Google Play (e.g., tablets, smartphones, and similar devices and accessories) and certain subscriptions. Visit our Help Center for more information. The Card or Credit is not redeemable for cash, and the Card or Credit is not exchangeable for cash or any other credit card; it isn’t either reloadable or refundable. They cannot be combined with other un Google Play balances within Your Google Payments account. Additionally, it is not resold, exchanged, or transferred to another account or value other than as permitted by the law. If you do not have enough Google Play balance to pay for an item purchased on Google Play, you may use a debit or credit card to buy more Credits to make a payment on that product. Additionally, you can load a Gift Card for the purchase or use a different payment method to purchase the product. When a gift Card or Credit is bought, and the purchase is completed, the risk of loss and the title to the Credit or Gift Card or Credit transfer either to the person purchasing it or the Gift recipient in the event of a gift, if applicable. GAZ and GPC do not make any implied or express warranties concerning the Credit or Gift Card or credit card and Google Play. The terms for the Gift Card and Credit conditions may be susceptible to modification at our sole discretion, subject to the applicable law.
  3. There are no fees or expiration dates. The expiration date and prices are not applicable. Apply to this gift Card or Credit. Refunded Google Play amounts, if relevant, will be transferred towards the Google Play balance for future utilization under the same terms and conditions, except as required by laws.
  4. Fraud. GAZ and GPC cannot be held accountable if the Credit or Gift Card Credit gets lost, damaged, stolen, destroyed, or utilized without permission. GAZ and GPC are entitled to shut down customers’ accounts and charge alternative types of payment when an illegally obtained Credit or Gift Card Credit is redeemed or used for purchases through Google Play.
  5. Helpline and Customer Service. To view your Google Play balance, visit For customer service, contact us by dialing 1-855-466-4438.
  6. Limitation of Haftung. GAZ and GPC provide no explicit or implied warranty regarding merchantability or fitness for a specific reason concerning the gift card or Credit. Suppose a Gift Card or Credit proves inoperable. In that case, Your sole recourse is that GAZ and GPC’s only liability is to replace this Credit or Gift Card Credit, subject to the applicable legislation. If you reside in a state that prohibits the limitation of liability for implied warranties or does not permit the limitation or exclusion of some damages, certain or all exclusions may not apply to you. In addition, you might have other rights.
  7. General Terms. These Terms incorporate and are dependent on these Google Play Terms of Service. Utilizing the services mentioned herein also relies on the conditions and conditions of service applicable to Google Payments and Google Privacy Policy. Google Privacy Policy. When you buy, purchase, or exchange a Gift Card or Credit card, you accept that the law in California will apply. State of California is applicable, without any consideration for rules of conflict of laws or principles of conflict of laws, and these laws apply to the Gift Card and Credit conditions and terms. GAZ and GPC retain the right to amend the terms and conditions of these agreements at any time and in their sole discretion in the manner allowed by the law.

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