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Hard Times Make Strong Men

“Hard times create robust men, robust men create well instances, specific times create inclined guys, and inclined guys create hard instances.” The quote, from a postapocalyptic novel with the aid of the author G. Michael Hopf, sums up a stunningly pervasive cyclical vision of records. The idea, which I genuinely have termed some other area “the Fremen Mirage” after the technological know-how fiction novel Dune’s barren area-dwellers, posits that harsh conditions make for morally natural and militarily sturdy people, at the same time as wealth and class make for decadent societies and horrific fighters. Dune is one example of the numerous speculative fiction novels that use the idea, from the Conan tales to dreadful Star Trek episodes. It is so commonplace as a well-known principle of information and army power that it has spawned (like most horrible minds) its genre of internet memes.

Is it proper that hard instances create sturdy men, robust men create applicable times, appropriate representatives create prone guys, and vulnerable men create complicated models?

This is a famous philosophy from a postapocalyptic novel through the manner of the author G. Michael Hopf. It is meant to be a buzz philosophy, a simplified version of anacyclosis with steps left off. In reality, the cyclical models need to define the information better.

In reality, there can be no connection that difficult instances made muscular or sturdy guys make accurate times. In Russia, it is going like this:

  • Hard times make sturdy men.
  • Muscular guys make difficult times.
  • Hard instances make robust men.
  • Strong men make hard times.

Et cetera. The high-quality pinnacle instances in Russia take vicinity while they may be led by employing susceptible men who desire to study; sturdy guys have the propensity to terrorize their very private nationals or assault their neighbors without reason.


Hard Times Create Strong Men, Strong Men Create Good Times, Good Times Create Weak Men, Weak Men Create Hard Times refers to a catchphrase that tries to explain society’s cycle of prosperity and regression. Starting in 2016, the word appeared in more than one photograph macro and has later turned out to be a topic of parodies and ironic use.


The actual creator of the word is unknown. The earliest macros associated with the phrase, a group of four paintings depicting various durations of the Roman Empire, and a photograph of numerous armed Chechen opponents were unfolding online starting as early as August 2016, with an August fifteenth, 2016, positioned up on 9GAG[1] being the earliest viral photo macro containing the caption (examined below, left).

Another threat to warrior manner of existence?

Thus, in Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War, the tribes he defeats early on, the Helvetians and Belgae, are represented in those phrases. In unique, Caesar claims of the Belgae that “of all of those people [the inhabitants of Gaul], the Belgae are the handiest because of the truth they are the furthest from tradition and civilization and least often visited with the useful resource of investors, all things that typically have a propensity to effeminate the spirit.” That particular phrase “effeminate” (effeminates in the Latin) gives a clue to why it is usually sturdy men in this ancient mirage because the entire intellectual collect is deeply rooted in anxieties about declining masculinity, mainly. Later in the narrative, with the ones early adversaries defeated, he repeats the trope for the German Suebi, who will be defeated directly via him inside the description, putting them up due to the fact the most “warlike” of the Germans, as a proper away fabricated from the cold climate and harsh each day conditions they live in.

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