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How do I delete my Meetup messages?

Meetup uses the term deactivation in place of deletion; however, it’s essentially identical. Note that it’s only possible to permanently remove the Meetup account through the web-based desktop Meetup version. It is not possible to delete your account using the mobile app, including Android or iPhone. Deleting or deactivating, or cancelling a budget is the same thing for Meetup.

If you’re looking to deactivate all of your Meetup accounts or are unsure how to proceed, contact customer service for assistance via this link.

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How can I remove the messages from my Meetup messages?

Visit and sign up.

Go to “My Meetups” in the upper menu bar.

Choose the username of the Meetup group you would like to remove messages from.

In the menu on the left in the left-hand menu, in the left-hand menu “Messages,” click on “View All Messages.

Check the checkboxes beside the messages you’d like to erase.

How can I delete messages permanently?

To erase messages from your iPhone:

  1. Start the app and navigate the Screen for Messages.
  2. Click on a conversation with several letters in it, and then tap “Edit” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Tap on any message you wish to erase, after which you swipe upwards from the lower part edge of your screen to erase it.

Are the messages posted made on Meetup private?

It’s possible that the messages posted on Meetup are not public. But, to ensure this, you need to remove the setting for public access for your profile.

How can I delete a Text Message without opening it?

Try it. Hold the button on the one you’d like to delete from the listing. There might be an icon for a bin top-right, and there will be an options menu that includes an option to delete.

Is it normal to delete Text messages?

The deletion of all or a majority of your messages will boost storage space. After having read them, the omission of statements isn’t the only method to go about it. If your phone has been programmed to store messages for a long time, certain phones may be able to read statements.

How do you remove archived messages?

To erase messages that have been archived, Go to Facebook’s Settings section on Facebook. Select Messages in the left column. It will take users to the page where you can choose which messages you would like to delete. You can also delete All Messages at the upper right corner of the page.

How safe is Meetup?

Can you safely join Meetup? If you are cautious when you meet with people you connect to via the website, it’ll be as secure as other similar social media platforms. Ensuring that all users of the website can meet in a safe and secure setting can be accomplished by reporting abusive users.

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