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How Do I Unlock My Android Phone

The primary rule for your phone’s passcode is that you save it in memory; however, every now and time, something unimaginable happens: you totally forget the passcode for the phone. It could be an old model you didn’t trade in that has been residing in a cabinet since the epidemic.

However, there is a way to gain access to the phone by having its password. These are the best five methods of unlocking your Android smartphone without a passcode.

1. You can unlock the Android phone with your face or fingerprint

It may be intuitive to some people individuals, but the very first thing to do when charging your phone is to determine whether it’s configured using any kind that uses biometrics to secure it. The phone may have been programmed to recognize the user’s (or someone else in your family’s) fingerprints or facial features. If so, you can skip the passcode and access your Android phone without hassle.

2. Unlock your Android phone by using the factory recovery

If unlocking your smartphone using biometric authentication isn’t possible, executing an ordinary factory reset involves pressing the power and a combination of the other buttons. The advantage of this method is that it’s compatible with all phones, as all Android phones can perform factory-based reset. However, it will reset your phone’s factory settings, erasing all personal data and apps. However, if you’ve set your phone up to regularly backup, it is possible to restore all your data using the Google backup following the reset.

The exact sequence of the buttons can depend on your model. For a factory reset on most Google Pixels, for example, press and hold both the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for about 10 minutes (but not longer, or else it’ll usually start). Using the Samsung phone, use the Home, Volume Up, and the Power button instead. You may need to do an internet-based search to locate the factory reset process to reset your phone.

Once you have successfully booted your phone to your recovery screen, press the Volume Up and Down buttons to choose an option to reset your phone factory and allow your phone to restore its factory settings that are unlocked and free of the password.

3. Unlock the device running Android KitKat or older using Google recovery

Suppose you’re looking to test the process of unlocking your Android without the hassle of doing a complete factory reset (or possibly you need backups of your phone’s data phone). In that case, You can attempt this method to unlock your phone, and it will, if it’s successful it will allow you to unlock your device without the need for an unintentional factory reset. It will only cause you to lose some data.

This method may differ, but it’s based on which version of Android you’re using. You can input the incorrect passcode five times if you’re running Android 4.4 or earlier. When you’ve made the fifth error, a button will appear at the bottom of the login screen. It states Forgot password. You can tap it and be asked to input the Google account’s username and password. Once you have unlocked your phone, it will ask you to set up an account with a new password.

4. Lock an Android 5 or newer using Find My Device

With Android 5, Google improved the security of phone recovery. That requires more than a Google account to unlock the locked phone. To unlock these phones, it is possible to use Find My Device.

You can use a different device, such as a laptop or a second phone, to launch your Find My Device website in the browser. Sign in using your Google account details and select the phone you have locked in the search results (you might have multiple devices linked to the Google account, which is the scenario you’ll find on this page). Choose the option to wipe the phone. The phone will then be restored to factory settings and then unlocked remotely. Afterward, you can recover the stored data in a Google backup (assuming you’ve backed your phone).

5. Unlock the Samsung phone by using Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Samsung has its variant of Google’s Find My Device, and If you own a Samsung phone, it is recommended to use this feature. This is especially useful because you can unlock your phone remotely without performing an uninitialized reset.

Please use a different computer or mobile device to access the Samsung Find My Mobile website and select the locked device in the search results to the left. On the window for your device left, select Unlock, then choose Unlock on the last display window. The phone will be unlocked, and your passcode will also be reset.

How to unlock an Android Phone without a Password in one click

Various unlocking methods could have limitations on the Android operating system or the device model. How do I open any password on a phone? If this is the case, it is possible to take the time to look over DroidKit, the Android Phone Toolkit.

DroidKit provides an Android phone unlocking tool to unlock any phone password and unlock any screen locks, including numeric passwords, patterns, 4-digit/6-digit/custom PIN, face recognition, or fingerprint ID unlocking, etc. Why do you choose DroidKit to unlock your phone without a password? Here are a few motives.

Are You Sure You Didn’t Forget You Forgot It?

If you’ve typed “How do I unlock my Android phone if I forgot my PIN” into Google and ended up reading this post before proceeding further, it’s advisable to be sure to be certain that you’ve not forgotten your passcode. Though this sounds obvious, it could help you avoid many headaches in the future.

Android allows you to choose any number to create your PIN. If you need help remembering the four- or six-digit number, look at whether the passcode has a different length. This could aid in retaining the code.

If you’re convinced you’ve misplaced you’ve forgotten your Android PIN, here are the steps to unlock your smartphone.

1. Lock with a Smart Lock

Smart Lock is an Android feature that allows you to specify some conditions that will turn off your security on the lock screen. It’s located in settings > security > smart Lock on most phones or under settings > lock screen Smart Lock for Samsung phones.

But it is essential to have set it before you forget your pin!

Ensure you input your password for the Lock to change this feature. You can then select three options for unlocking your phone without a password:

Body detection: The phone detects you’re carrying it. It locks automatically when you’re in your hands or pockets.

Secured locations: Use your phone’s site to allow you to unlock your device whenever you’re close to your chosen address.

Devices that are trusted: Keeps your device secure when linked to an authorized Bluetooth device such as your car’s fitness tracker.

If you’ve previously established any of the possibilities in the past, before forgetting your password, you may utilize it to log back into your smartphone.

You can’t alter Smart Lock or password settings without entering the current password. Therefore, you might have to reset factory settings on your Android phone; however, you’ll be able to back up all your data first.

2. Make use of SmartThings’ Find feature in the SmartThings app on Samsung Devices

Have a Samsung device? It’s unnecessary to worry about it if you’ve lost your phone’s screen lock code, as Samsung provides a straightforward method to reset your Lock when you’ve lost the code.

Samsung offers a function named SmartThings Find for all Samsung phones. You can remotely control the security of your Samsung device if you are lost. The device must be connected to the Samsung Account on your phone with a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

To reset the passcode of your mobile using SmartThings, Follow these steps:

1. On your PC, go through the Samsung SmartThings website.

2. Now, you can sign into your Samsung account.

3. Once you have completed this, click on the name of your phone and then choose the unlock option.

4. Click the unlock button, then type in your account’s password on the next screen.

3. Make use of the Forgot Password Prompt.

If your previous options work, if you get the desired results, specific brands, including Realme, have an integrated feature to help users gain access. This feature is “Forgot Password” or the “Forgot Password” prompt.

When you input an incorrect password more than once, specific devices might show a Forgot Password or Forgot PIN choice on the lock screen. You will go through several ways to confirm your identity and change the passcode on your lock screen by clicking on the option.

In some instances, it is necessary to verify your email address by inputting your email address connected to the device. In contrast, specific devices require users to respond to security-related questions the device’s owner poses within the device’s settings. When you’ve confirmed that you are who you say you are, there will be an on-screen guideline to establish the new password for the device.

4. Deleting the PIN File with ADB

In Android, the operating system creates a KEY file that stores 0the user’s credentials 00, such as fingerprints, patterns, or other passwords. The KEY file ensures that once you enter the correct password, the phone immediately locks and prevents access to your phone if an incorrect password is entered.

Utilizing the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) program, you can access the files on your phone or your computer. This can erase the file that controls your device’s security for the lock screen.

5.This method can only be effective if

USB debugging is available on the phone you use. If you’ve never delved into the Developer Options panel, you do not have this feature enabled.

Your computer has been able to connect to your smartphone through ADB. Here’s a step-by-step guide for connecting to ADB for those who need to become more familiar with it.

The phone you are using isn’t encrypted. Since Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google has made it mandatory for every Android smartphone to be encrypted. Therefore, this is going to be different from newer phones.

Unlock the Samsung phone with Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Samsung has its version that is a variant of Google’s Find My Device, and If you own a Samsung phone, it is recommended to consider using this method. This is especially useful because you can unlock your phone remotely without performing an uninitialized reset.

Utilize a mobile or computer device to access the Samsung Find My Mobile website and then select the locked device in the search results to the left. On the window for your device left, select Unlock. Then, choose Unlock at the end of the screen that pops up. The phone will then unlock, and the passcode will be reset.


If you’ve lost the password to your Android smartphone’s username and password, it’s not necessary to reset it factory-wide for access to it. In this guide, we’ve already covered ways to access Android phone passwords with no factory reset. There are various methods for unlocking the Android phone without erasing the data. The phone can be opened with your Google account or a third-party app. Android Unclocker from PaaFab The procedure is straightforward, and you won’t be able to lose any information. If you’ve forgotten the password to your Android phone’s password, don’t be afraid; unlock it by following this easy method.

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