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how long does it take guppies to have babies

Female guppies typically spend between 2-8 hours in labor. Sometimes labor can be as long as two days. Various factors affect the length of a guppy’s labor, including the size of her female and the temperature of the waters.

Guppies have long been a favorite fish in freshwater fishkeeping. Guppies are famous for their friendly nature, bright colors, and easy breeding.

For over 30 years, I have been keeping and breeding Guppies. Over that period, I have likely seen hundreds upon hundreds of females giving birth to thousands of guppy puppies. It’s incredible how such an insignificant fish can give rise to so many babies in such a short time.

When can a female puppy start to reproduce?

A female guppy will usually become pregnant around two-three months of age. You must notice signs that your guppies are pregnant when you breed them. This is because males can become aggressive with pregnant females, which can cause unwelcome stress and possible pregnancy complications.

If you see signs that your female Guppy might be pregnant, ensure she is separated from her tank mates using a breeding box. This will ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Your Pregnant Guppy Ready to Give Birth

Female guppies can become pregnant when they are only a few weeks old. And if they are not kept separate from male guppies, they can have a couple of babies per month for several years. Guppy breeders quickly become familiar with the signs of pregnancy. Guppies’ gestation time is between 21 and 30 days (22 to 26, on average), depending upon the tank’s temperature, cleanliness, and the health of the female. Near the end, signs of impending birth will appear in the female.

Bye, Bye Love

Males will chase her and harass her. The female should be separated from the males as soon as they realize she’s pregnant; if you cannot transport her to her tank, set up a false-bottom box at the aquarium so she can deliver.

The Blessed Event

Guppy pregnancy usually lasts about a month after conception. A first-time mama can give birth to 12-30 babies in a few hours. You may receive 50 to 80 fry from veterans in just a few hours.

Your Guppy will get bigger and boxier.

A pregnant guppy can appear more prominent, bulky, and boxy, but this may not be obvious until she has finished her pregnancy. You may also notice her having trouble swimming.

Fry Eyes Might Be Visible

The female’s thin translucent belly skin may allow the small eyes of the fry to be visible towards the end of pregnancy. The fry eyes may cause the gravid area to appear nearly black.

Guppies Giving Birth

Guppy breeders may decide to move the female into an incubator to protect the fry after the gestation period is over.

How Many Fry can a female Guppy have?

This number can fluctuate wildly and can reach up to 200 guppies per spawning. It can vary depending on the time the fry is spawned.

Sometimes, it can take up to 4 to 6 to 8 hours for the females to release the fry. But, it can take up to 12 to 24 hours if there is more fry.

While the number of people affected can be variable, it can still be high. You need to limit the number of guppies if you don’t wish to have them.


Guppy labor takes between 2 and 8 hours. Aquarists are often unaware that the Guppy is in labor. They see new additions swimming around.

Although I don’t remember the first birth of one of my female guppies, I recall being extremely nervous. I would check the aquarium constantly to see if she still had labored. These days, I feel a lot more relaxed regarding guppy labor. Guppies typically only stay in labor for about an hour if the water parameters have been checked.

It may be that your female Guppy is taking longer than expected for her to give birth. If this happens, spend a few moments figuring out the reason. You might be able to save your Guppy’s life if the problem can be solved.

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