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How Long To Cook Chicken Breast On Stove

It is possible to find numerous ways to cook chicken breasts like there are cooks, and that’s something to be thankful for because it means we will never get bored of this important meal.
Pan-seared, crispy chicken breasts that have been simmered in oil, salt and pepper and topped with a large chunk of butter is my first experience of learning to cook chicken. It’s an approach I will always come to. Chicken cooked this way has a crispy golden exterior and a juicy interior, ideally served with steamed vegetables on top of delicious Alfredo pasta.

Cooking Juicy Golden Chicken Breast on the Stove

The kitchen offers a variety of tried and tested methods for cooking chicken using the stovetop. There are sauteed versions; the most well-known version we offer is a pan-steamed version. The technique takes everything we have learned and love from other methods for making a breast of chicken which has a golden, pan-seared exterior and a succulent dinner.


It’s become my preferred method of cooking chicken breasts. This is not just effortless and quick and quick, but it also provides plenty of tasty cooking on the chicken’s exterior, which can’t be achieved when cooking in a gentle oven. The oven. Additionally, you can alter the spice and create the next occasion!
I started cooking two chicken breasts at the beginning of each week. I cut the breasts into pieces and then placed them in the fridge for use in lunches, salads, pasta, and bowls during the following days. The process takes only a few minutes of preparation, and you’ll have a protein that’s easy to cook and available to be a part of every meal. Below is a list of recipes with a variety that can add any protein, such as the pan-seared breasts of chicken. It is also possible to put a handful of vegetables into the dish and prepare it as a meal!

What type of Pan Do I Need?

This method is ideal when you have a 10-inch or bigger skillet that is straight-sided and not non-stick. Cast iron is an excellent alternative if you have the capacity.

What ingredients do I need?

To make this dish, it’s necessary to have two boneless, skinless, and colourless chicken breasts (about one pound in total), along with salt and pepper, oil, and butter.


If you’re searching for the fastest method of cooking skinless and boneless chicken breasts, which is delicious, healthy succulent, moist, tender and juicy, this is the perfect recipe. This is a better alternative to fried chicken, and it’s much quicker than air-frying or baking, which is ideal for busy evening meals. It’s possible to cook chicken breasts over the stove with only two ingredients, and you can cook it within less than 30 minutes.

The chicken was seasoned with salt and pepper and Cajun seasoning, but you could use any chicken seasoning. They were then seared in a hot pan using olive oil and added butter until crispy golden brown, and tender.

How to Cook the Chicken Breasts on the Stove

The first step is to apply a simple spice across both sides of the chicken breasts. The chicken breasts should be brushed using cooking spray or oil and then sprinkled with salt, freshly ground pepper, onion powder, spice powder for garlic, and paprika, dried basil. The dry mixture of spices and herbs adds delicious zing and flavour to the breasts of chicken.
While waiting, cook warm cooking oil, such as canola or vegetable oils, in a big pan.
Once the oil is heated when it is, add the chicken breasts to the skillet. In a single skillet, cook two breasts of chicken each time, as you do not want to overload your pan.
Chicken breasts are cooked for 5 to 7 minutes with no chicken breasts moving around.
The chicken breasts are then turned over. Incorporate one tablespoon of butter into the skillet and allow it to cook for another 7 minutes or until the internal temperature has reached 165F. The cooking time is contingent on the weight of the chicken breasts.
Rest. After the chicken is cooked, transfer the breasts to a cutting table. Rest for 5 minutes before cutting them into pieces to serve.

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