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How Many Seconds Are in a Day

How many seconds is a day? You might also consider a week. How about a year? Rent is a great tool that calculates the number of minutes per year. But how many seconds does it take?

This guide will tell you how many seconds there are in a day. A week. a whole year. These problems will be solved, and we’ll give you a handy chart so you can keep track.

How many seconds are left before I get my next spa session or before my microwave pings? How many seconds until I can go for my next vacation? Most people spend most of their time counting down seconds to the next best thing they’re waiting for.

How many seconds are there in a day?

There are 86.400 seconds in a day, and that is why we use this value for the formula.

1 day = 86.400sec

Both seconds and days are units that measure time. Continue reading to learn about each measure.


One day is the length of time it takes for Earth’s axis to rotate around the Sun, and there are 24 hours in a day.

The SI accepted unit is the day, and it can be used with the metric system. Days can also be abbreviated as days. So, for example, 1 Day can be written as 1.


The second was traditionally defined as 1/60th of an hour or 1/86,000.00 daily. According to the SI definition, the second corresponds to the period of radiation that lasts for 9,192,631,770 seconds. It is the time between the two hyperfine levels (unperturbed ground) of the caesium133atom. [1]

THE SECOND IS the SI base unit that represents time in the metric scale. Seconds can also be abbreviated as sec. So, for example, 1 second could be written as 1.

A Second: What is it?

We all want to go straight to the calculation, but it helps to do it thoroughly. Let’s start by understanding what seconds are. While a second can be described as the base unit time, we cannot refer to it as the smallest.

A defined or base unit is the one upon which other teams are calculated. All units that make-up time, including nanoseconds, hours, minutes, etc., are considered base units. You rely on seconds. Every hour depends upon the minutes, and the minutes also rely on the second.

We all have learned from school that the Earth rotates every second, and an average solar day has 86.400 hours.

Therefore, we can get the most precise estimation of the time it takes for a day from the Earth’s rotation and the speed at its rotation.

How to Convert Days to Seconds

You can convert a day measurement into a second by multiplying the time by the conversion rate.

To convert from one day to 86.400 seconds, use the following simple formula:

seconds = days x86,400

The time in seconds can be multiplied by 86.400 to get the days.

Let’s take an example: Here’s how to convert 5 minutes to seconds with the formula.

5 day = (5x 86.400) = 432,000sec

Final Thoughts

A second is our standard unit for time. Second, it derives its name from a Latin term that denotes the division of an hour. The International System of Units also uses the second unit of time. Also, second can be used as the time’s precise units such as microseconds and nanoseconds.

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