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How Much Do Dental Assistants Make

How much dental assistants earn is an ever-popular question. It is a simple answer the range of $19.93 between $26 and $19.93 per hour. But, many variables can influence the pay of dental assistants. This article provides more information and suggestions to think about.

The factors that affect dental assistants are the amount they pay

The salaries of dental assistants can differ greatly. Assisting in dentistry can cost from $13 to over $28 an hour, following the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(opens in a new tab).

A few of the most important factors that affect the salary of dental assistants include:

  • Type of practice
  • Practice Location
  • Experiential
  • Education
  • Credentials

Dental assistants who are certified earn higher salaries.

Since 2004 DANB has been conducting surveys to learn about dental assistants’ wages and advantages. The DANB’s Dental Assistants ‘ Salary and Satisfaction Survey confirm that Certified Dental Assistants make around four dollars more an hour than other assistants who have yet to be certified. The year 2022 saw Certified Dental Assistants made the median rate of $24 for an hour in comparison to $19.93 for assistants in the field who were not accredited. Certified Dental Assistants with multiple certificates earned the most and an average hourly wage of $26.

There’s even more. Certified dental assistants will be more likely to be highly satisfied with their jobs, see dental assistants as a potential career choice, and feel appreciated by their employers. Certified Dental Assistants:

They are extremely proud of their achievements
They are confident in their skills and capabilities

We are committed to helping patients

The estimation of earning potential for the dental assistant career path
It could be the perfect place to start if you’re searching for an exciting career opportunity in a lucrative field such as dental assisting.

You can make a decent salary from your job or utilize the opportunity for advancement to other job opportunities.

The amount dental assistants get paid depends on several variables, such as education requirements and professional experience, specific tasks and responsibilities, and the state of their job.

What’s the salary a dental assistant earns?

In May 2023, the per-hour wage for a dental assistant working in the United States is $19.09.

Although ZipRecruiter reports hourly earnings up to $26.20 and at as minimal as $11.78, the majority of the salaries for Dental Assistants are currently ranging from $16.35 (25th percentile) up to $21.15 (75th percentile) throughout all of the United States. Dental Assistants’ pay scale varies significantly (nearly $4.81). It implies that there could be plenty of possibilities for promotion and higher salary based on the level of skill, location, and many years of experience.

Based on the latest job announcements from ZipRecruiter, The dental Assistant jobs market for Chicago, IL, and the nearby area is extremely active. The Dental Assistant in your location earns an average of $19 an hour, which is $0.39 (2 per cent) higher than the nation’s average annual pay of $19.09. is ranked number one of 50 states across the nation for salaries of dental assistants.

For the most precise hours-per-hour range of pay in Dental Assistant jobs, ZipRecruiter constantly scans its database for millions of job openings that have been published in the local area of America.

Find the perfect high-paying position as a Dental Assistant with ZipRecruiter right now.

Which are the Top 10 Best Dentist-Paying Cities? jobs

We’ve found ten cities where the median pay for a Dental Assistant position is higher than the average for all of America. Top of the chart is Richmond, CA, with Bellevue, WA and Saratoga, CA, close behind in third and second spots. Saratoga, CA, beats the nation’s average by $9,871 (24.9 per cent). Then, Richmond, CA, furthers that trend by adding another 10 089 (25.4 per cent) higher than the average of $39,712.

In these cities, which have median salaries above the national average, The opportunities for financial development through a change of location as a Dental Assistant are extremely lucrative.

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