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How to Automatically Translate WhatsApp Messages

Millions of users worldwide use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and as such, it will indeed occur.

A friend or colleague might send you messages in Russian or Spanish that you may need help understanding.

For a better understanding of what’s being said in the language you are comfortable with, copy the message, then switch on Google Translate. Then, copy the message into Google Translate to finally translate the message.

Once or twice is great, but what happens when you repeat the same thing repeatedly? Tedious. To help you avoid it, you’re here to help with this guide on a WhatsApp translator, which lets you convert WhatsApp messages and Facebook chats in the application itself.

This method does not just apply to WhatsApp or Facebook but also works for all different apps. You can also translate in any app running Android.

What can I do to transliterate WhatsApp chats?

There is no doubt that you have wondered: How do I transliterate WhatsApp messages? Can I translate messages in a short time? The answer is yes. Although WhatsApp still needs to be equipped with an in-built function that can be used for message translation, it’s possible to perform this in different ways without causing a lot of hassle.

While there are numerous ways, including unofficial apps, this article discusses the best methods to translate WhatsApp messages automatically using Gboard and Google Translate.

So you don’t have duplicate messages into tools for Translation, which can lead to wasting time and complications that can cause conversations to be out of sync.

Use Gboard to Translate WhatsApp Messages

Google’s Gboard keyboard is made available by Google, which you can utilize for translating WhatsApp messages in real-time. This feature is ideal for Android users as it allows translators for more than 100 languages.

Get Gboard installed from the Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Select it as your default keyboard using the keyboard and input method.

Launch WhatsApp and go into”Chats” and then to the “Chats” section.

Look for a text you would like to translate.

Select the menu (three-dot) icon on the keyboard.

Select”Translate” from the menu “Translate” option.

The field will appear, informing you, “Type here to translate.” Enter the message you would like to translate.

Select the language you want to use on the drop-down menu, which indicates English.

The choice of Gboard as the default keyboard can make solving the contents of your WhatsApp messages easier. Furthermore, you may use the option of translating your messages before sending the message to the recipient.

By using Google Translate

Google Translate is a great app. The Google Translate app is a fantastic addition to WhatsApp chats when you often use different languages.

Google Translate is among the most well-known translators of languages online, provided by Google.

It has more features than Gboard.

If you don’t know English and want to convert WhatsApp messages into English, This solution is perfect for you, too.

Wherever you are, whether you are on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other application, You can use the app to connect with family and friends from different dialects. You can also convert their messages to the language you speak.

How do I automatically use WhatsApp messages using Google Translate?

Google Translate is a famous application. It’s accessible on all platforms. Chrome browser has built-in Google Translate. In addition, you can download an app that is available on Playstore or the iOS application store. Translating any message you receive is possible by simply tapping the screen.

Step 1. Install Google Translate from the Play Store or iOS app store.

Step 2: Launch the app, and then grant the permissions required

Step 3: Tap on Menu and Click on Settings.

Step 4: Go to Tap to Translate and turn on Tap to Translate.

Step 5: Launch WhatsApp using your Smartphone. Select any chat you wish to translate. Click and hold the message and select Copy or Clipboard.

Step 6: When you’ve selected Step 6, Google Translate, it will appear in your browser, where you can choose the language you wish to translate. The text that has been translated will appear.

Step 7: Select the new Translation, then input the text you want to return. The message will be transliterated and then sent to the user you have selected.


It was demonstrated how to translate messages received in WhatsApp. What if you’d like to send messages to WhatsApp using a different language? We have complete instructions on switching the typing languages on WhatsApp that will quickly walk users through the procedure.

1. Does it work to translate all messages sent via WhatsApp?

It is only possible when you own the Google Pixel phone and use this Live Translate feature mentioned above. If you own an Android phone or iPhone or an iPhone, it’s impossible to auto-translate the contents of your WhatsApp messages.

2. What if I could use WhatsApp in another local language?

WhatsApp allows users to switch the app’s language in the application. This option is accessible through WhatsApp Settings > App Language.

Utilizing WhatsApp Web using Browser Extensions

WhatsApp Web is an excellent application for users who like typing with a keyboard instead of a tiny screen.

However, could you use the extension to translate WhatsApp messages immediately? All you require is an extension for your browser.

Here’s how:

Add a translation extension to your web browser, like “Google Translate” for Chrome.

Start WhatsApp Web on your computer and scan the QR code on your mobile.

If you ever receive an email in a different local language, highlight it, then right-click and choose”Translate” from the “Translate” option.

How Do I Translate Messages on WhatsApp Chat?

The ability to translate messages in WhatsApp with any of the methods mentioned above. These tricks might not be compatible with iOS and Android, so it is essential to select the most suitable technique for your needs based on your phone.

How to Disable Live Translate on Pixel Smartphone?

Live Translation is a Live Translation feature that can get frustrating fast, but you can quickly turn it off at any time. Select Settings > System Live Translate > Turn off the Live Translate toggle.

Wrapping Up

I am grateful to have concluded my trip into the world of automated WhatsApp messages.

I’m left with an appreciation of how technology can unite people from various backgrounds.

Being able to communicate and interact with people around the globe easily is now feasible through automatic tools for Translation and strategies.

They are the most effective ways to convert any chat on WhatsApp using your phone without installing any third-party app. Choose the option that is the most appropriate according to the operating system running on the phone. Explore more helpful WhatsApp techniques and tips below. Keep an eye on GadgetsToUse to find additional articles like this.

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