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How To Block Adults Websites on Google Chrome

The internet is an invaluable resource with many benefits. It is possible to access information on almost any topic and plenty of entertainment. But it also has inappropriate or harmful content, such as adult websites. This content is most prevalent among teens because they love exploring, and they may be impacted negatively by such content.

As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring that they are safe from inappropriate content. To protect your children against such content, you can block adult websites from Google Chrome. Your kids won’t access such content or accidentally stumble upon these sites. Employers might want to secure specific areas in their workplaces to reduce distractions. No matter the reason, blocking websites is straightforward. We have created a guide with information on blocking websites from adult content.

Chrome’s built-in settings allow you to block sites that contain adult content.
Some operating system features allow you to block porn websites from your Chrome browser.

Sometimes, sites you don’t need are automatically blocked

1 Add adult websites into the Restricted Sites zones

Applies to Windows PC

SafeSearch can also be enabled on Windows. Another way to block harmful websites is to add restricted sites. Your children can change their settings at any time without your authorization or password.

  1. Open “chrome://settings/” in Chrome for Windows.
  2. Navigate into the Advanced settings, and then choose System.

Choose System

  1. Click Open your proxy settings on your computer to open the Internet Properties dialog.
  2. Click on the Security tab. Click on Restricted Websites and then click on Sites. You will see a window with the name Restricted Sites.

Add to restricted websites.

  1. Add all porn sites to be blocked on Chrome to the Zone.
  2. Close the Restricted websites window and click OK to save your changes.

Chrome Extensions
Chrome has many extensions to help you make your life easier. You can choose from many extensions, and each wing has a wide range of options. You can also modify them and block sites.

Follow these steps.

  • Open Google Chrome. Add the extension of any website-blocker you want.
  • To download it, you can add it to Google Chrome.
  • Close the Chrome after the download is finished.
  • The top-right corner displays the download extensions. From there, you can access the options.

If the extension is allowed, you can add website URLs to be blocked.

Google SafeSearch is activated.

Google Safe Search can be used to block porno on Android. SafeSearch blocks Google Search images and videos that are inappropriate or explicit. It protects against malicious content. It is possible to turn this on or off from each web browser. Once it’s set up, it will begin blocking potentially harmful images and videos while browsing the internet and the Play Store.

Google will be your search engine. Check the settings for any browser your children use (Chrome. Safari. Internet Explorer. Firefox. Check that Google is their default search engine. On an iPhone: Go into your phone’s settings and tap Safari. After that, select Google Search Engine. In Chrome, tap or click the three dots located at the top or bottom of the screen.

SafeSearch should be enabled. Open the Google app for mobile devices. You may have to download it. Tap the gear icon, scroll down, and tap on Search settings. Then, tap on “Filter explicit result” under SafeSearch filters. On laptops and desktops, visit Scroll down and tap on Settings. Next, click on Search Settings.

All devices should be checked and rechecked periodically, and steps one and two should be repeated for each device your kids use. Check the Google app and preferences section regularly to ensure SafeSearch isn’t turned off.

SecureTeen is a Parental Control App

You have many options to block adult websites from Chrome. SecureTeen is one of them. It offers many more features than simply restricting adult websites. SecureTeen can also monitor your children’s smartphones and their social media activities. You can also watch their screen time and make their phones look like your wish.

Follow these steps.

SecureTeen can be downloaded and installed on both the parent’s phone and the child’s smartphone.

  • Register for the pricing plan you like best.
  • Create a custom child profile on your phone.
  • Log in and customize their phones by accessing the control panel.
  • You will need to choose which phone to customize the dashboard.
  • The tab will open. Tap the URL Settings button, which is located under ‘Rule Tab.
  • You will now need to enter the URLs you wish to filter or block.
  • Tap “Block”
  • Save it, and you are done. These websites are not available to your child.
  • Don’t forget to educate your child on these topics. They are intelligent and intuitive, so be sure to teach them when restricting their freedom. It is better for them to feel secure than hate you because of your limitations. Talk to them about how it can ruin their lives, present experiences, and why they should not tolerate this filth.

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