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How To Block Text Messages On Android

Text messages have grown to be more popular than calls. This is accompanied by numerous issues with phone use. Many telemarketers and phishing scams, robocalls and those looking to use the phone to threaten you in person can be found. As with telephone calls, you must know how to block text messages from the Android phone. This can be done with various options according to your specific circumstance, and you have to be able to reverse this process. The various ways to do it are the following.

How can you stop text messages from AndroidAndroid

The position of the block message commands varies based on the Android phone you own and the version of the operating system you have running.

Many apps operate similarly to most apps, work with the Google Messages application, and are the standard Google app for certain smartphones (such as Google Pixel phones). It is possible to follow these steps to discover an option within your application or download Google Messages from the Google Play store and then set it to be your default messaging app whenever you wish to prevent text messages. You can before switching back to the preferred messaging app after you’ve finished.

You can toggle from one to the other quickly and seamlessly between Google Messages and your preferred messaging application as quickly and frequently as you’d like.

  1. Open using the Messages application and tap on an email you want to stop.
  2. Click the menu with three dots in the upper right corner left.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Details.”

What is a spam message?

Spam text messages are unintentionally delivered to mobile devices through Instant messaging or SMS apps. These texts are usually sent from numbers that are not known or robotics that are sent out in mass via auto-dialers. Like other types of spam, spam SMS messages promote products or services.

Spam can be found in a myriad of forms. These include fraudulent calls originating from phone numbers with spam and every spam email that floods our inboxes. The majority of spam emails are safe, so removing the spam messages is generally easy. Although they rarely cause computer viruses or other types of malware, some spammers may have been phishing to steal personal data or attempting to defraud users.

What is the reason I am receiving texts from spammers?

There’s a chance that you’re getting emails from spammers because you’ve responded to spam messages previously, referred to as the toll-free number, or perhaps because one site you’ve visited and signed up to or placed an order from has shared information about you with the data brokers.

There are a few reasons why there could be a reason why you are receiving unwanted texts:

  1. A publicly accessible social media profile.
    If your profiles are made public on the most prominent social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others — then spammers could locate your phone number and email addresses on those sites. Numerous social media websites are also recognized for selling user data to third-party marketing companies.
  2. Automatic-generation technology.
    Spammers use technology to generate numbers for certain ranges. Your phone number could occasionally enter these areas, which could lead to being contacted by unsolicited text messages.
  3. Automatic numeral Identification (ANI).
    Common toll-free numbers – for example, 800 or 900 numbers within the US are using ANI to track and record the numbers that call in. These numbers are typically utilized for billing. However, it is also connected to other areas that comprise your online footprint.

What is the reason I would want to block Text messages?

If you’re a person who is interested in blocking texts, it’s likely the messages you receive are from someone you do not wish to have in your life in the future. Or, you could have been receiving lots of junk mail. If you’re worried about security, you need to know how to block messages and report the spammer.

Advantages of Blocking Texts for an Individual

Blocking texts sent by individuals you are familiar with, or spammers is an effective method not to see what they’re sending, which will bring you peace of mind and a better-organized inbox for SMS. Suppose you’re concerned about whether your recipient can tell that they’ve been blocked, and they aren’t when that person contacts you with a message that doesn’t come through to you. The recipient won’t receive a message informing them you’ve blocked their phone.

Blocking text messages as a business

If you are a company If you are a business, it is possible to stop unwanted SMS messages because of similar motives. For example, getting unwanted messages could clog up the inboxes of your SMS. Stop offensive or offending messages from bad actors, including spammers and angry former customers or employees. Eliminating these unwanted messages using modern security technologies will create a more secure work atmosphere and help employees focus on customer conversations.

Disable Spammers as an Individual or business

A staggering 7.4 billion spam messages were sent out in March. If you’re getting emails from spammers, you aren’t the only one. If you block an amount that appears spam, consider notifying the spammer. (They could be very dangerous!) Many spammers change numbers, and blocking their numbers will be less beneficial, but it is a good idea to block spammers just to be safe.

Be sure to protect your personal information.

Legitimate companies won’t request private information like the address of your account, account passwords or identification numbers from the government through SMS. If you’re required to give out your personal information, you should notify the sender promptly and immediately take action to prevent spammers from looking to find your personal information. If you do not keep your personal data secret, you may become subject to identity theft.

Check your mobile bills regularly.

Certain spam-related advertising campaigns, as well as other scams that use mobile technology, make your phone contact or text premium number and can add up your bills fast. Examine your statements on mobiles and search for uncharacteristically high fees, unusual data usage or something unusual.

Make use of your smartphone’s spam-blocking options

Check the security settings on your smartphone and use any privacy settings built into your phone, including calling blocking, caller identification, spam filters, and any other security features that can stop unwelcome texts, spear phishing attempts, or fraud. These options will assist you in blocking spam messages.

You can also add extra protection by using Avast One

Certain spam messages may not be harmful. However, links from spam, as well as unsolicited emails, can carry malware that can cause serious damage to your system. To provide additional protection from threats hidden in spam emails, Avast One is your solution.

AI powers Avast One to detect threats. Avast One offers real-time protection from malware, spam, and other threats on the internet to keep your PC and sensitive data secure. It is available on Android as well as iOS. It’s never simpler to protect yourself from threats like spam.

Deciding How to Block Text Messages

The method you use to block text messages is based on whether you’re using an individual phone or a business messaging platform and the device you’re using, Apple or Android user. You can then select the method to block text messages depending on the option that best suits your requirements.

Blocking text messages can take only a few minutes of your time, but it has many advantages. It clears out your inbox of SMS, stops the spammers from gaining the advantage of your personal information, and provides assurance whenever you pick up your cell phone.

In the end, now that you’ve learned how to block messages via text, you’ll be able to be more focused on communicating with the people who you desire to talk with.

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