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How To Bypass Keep2share Download Speed Limit Using Hotspotvpn

Downloading and sharing files have been integral to the online world. Platforms such as Keep2Share allow users to save and share files. However, sometimes, the speed limit for downloads can hinder our experiences. This article walks users through the steps to circumvent Keep2Share download limits with HotspotVPN.


Keep2Share is a popular share and hosting platform providing premium and free service. It’s a fantastic device, but it still needs its problems. Users often face slower download speeds, mainly when using free accounts. HotspotVPN can help with a safe and effective way to overcome those limitations.

Understanding Keep2Share Download Speed Limits

Users who are free on Keep2Share often face speeds that are limited as a way to motivate users to purchase premium plans. The limitations can be frustrating, particularly when downloading huge file sizes rapidly. The good news is that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help you overcome the limitations.

The Role of VPNs in Bypassing Restrictions

VPNs establish encrypted connections between your device and server, ensuring your online transactions remain secure and private. In addition, VPNs allow you to connect to servers located in various places, hiding your IP address and making websites believe they’re accessed from another location. This is essential in overcoming download speed restrictions.

Starting by using HotspotVPN

HotspotVPN is a dependable VPN service with a variety of server locations around the world. Connecting to any of these servers will allow you to change your IP address and surf the internet more efficiently.

How to Bypass Bandwidth Limit Restrictions (ISP Throttling)

ISPs reduce your speed (which we’ll discuss later). It’s a fact that you are using lots of bandwidth through streaming HD videos and downloading torrents or any other activities that can slow down your connection. It is best to act when your ISP is using bandwidth throttling to stop the user. If you cannot change your ISP, the next most effective option is to utilize VPN. VPN.

The Tor browser can also help users bypass ISP throttles, but it’s prolonged, which isn’t what you want. It leaves VPN as the only way to avoid the bandwidth throttle without straining the connection. How can the VPN keep bandwidth from being throttled?

Why Do Internet Service Providers Throttle User Bandwidth?

Your ISP could apply speed throttling if it discovers you’re engaged in activities such as torrenting or streaming. In limiting download speeds on high-speed websites, ISPs reduce bandwidth usage across the network. This enables the ISP to provide more Internet users without increasing network capacity.

You may have exceeded your data limitation. Some providers will only cut off your connection completely when you reach the specified limit on data. Instead, they will keep the relationship active but reduce the speed of your internet to make it more efficient for those within their data limit. Sometimes, this can leave your connection at a lower rate than the optimal speed for streaming, playing, gaming, or browsing.

Additionally, ISPs may throttle connections in the “internet rush hour” to alleviate congestion. Most of the time, ISPs restrict the internet connections of any user who consumes a significant amount of bandwidth, allowing others in the region to enjoy regular service.

How to Bypass the Hotspot Shield Bandwidth Limit?

If you want to get around this Hotspot Shield limit, you need to install an ad blocker or modify the MAC address for your desktop. However, read the entire article if you’re looking for detailed solutions.

There are three methods you could get around the limit of Hotspot Bandwidth:

  1. Installing Adblocker within your browsers
  2. Changing your computer’s address to a MAC address
  3. Purchasing the premium service

#1. Installing Adblocker on Your Browsers:

This is, therefore, the only solution to assist you with overcoming your Hotspot Shield bandwidth limit. In addition, installing an Adblocker application will aid in blocking irritating advertisements. This is a win-win for everyone. For installing Adblocker for Chrome or another browser, take these steps to install it:

  • Open your browser.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu, or click the Extensions option located near the bar for address.
  • Then, look up your preferred Adblocker’s Name.
  • Click on Add Extension to Browser.

Complete; now it’s time to install the Adblocker extension. It will automatically be in place after the downloading has finished.

Another option to accomplish this is to visit the desired Adblocker’s website and install it.

Famous Adblockers for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge:

In case you’ve been contemplating what Adblocker works with Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, don’t worry. I’ll recommend you a couple that are well-known:

  • AdGuard, AdBlock, or AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome.
  • AdBlock Plus or NoScript for Firefox.
  • Easylist Tracking Protection for Microsoft Edge.

#2. Try Changing the MAC Address of Your PC:

You can alter your system’s MAC address should you wish to circumvent the limitation on bandwidth in Hotspot Shield because each MAC address comes with adapters, and the Hotspot Bandwidth calculations are tied to the MAC address.

Thus, by changing your address of the MAC, Hotspot Shield will start treating your previous PC as a brand new machine by resetting the bandwidth back to zero (0), which means that, once you have done this, the user will be able to access the Hotspot Bandwidth once more, with no restriction in a matter of minutes.

If you’d like to give this method a try, then do these instructions:

  • Go to Control Panel and open it on your Windows.
  • Click on Network and Internet.
  • Then, select Network and Sharing Center.
  • You will now find an option titled “Change Adapter Settings.”
  • Click right-clicking on the router’s network adapter and choose Properties.
  • Choose”Advanced” “Advanced” tab.
  • Then, choose Network Address.
  • Then, type in the brand new MAC address in the box.
  • Finally, Click OK.

#3. Ultimately, sign up for the premium membership:

This is the final option for unlimited bandwidth with the Hotspot Shield. Go to their site and pick the price you want to pay for their services.

Final Remarks on How to Bypass Hotspot Shield Bandwidth Limit

We all know Hotspot Shield is the most popular free VPN service, allowing users to access restricted content in the geo-location. While free, the Hotspot Shield service provides users with only a tiny amount of bandwidth; we must avoid it to enjoy it entirely.

Here are my top three options for how to get around this Hotspot Shield bandwidth limit, helping you get around the limit on bandwidth in no time.


Downloading files via Keep2Share is a snap when you follow the correct method. With HotspotVPN, you can beat download speed limitations and gain access to your data. Select an experienced VPN service and adhere to the suggested practices for optimal performance.

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