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How to Change Last Seen Time in Whatsapp?

WhatsApp has a variety of brand-new functions for users. Recent ones include the introduction of a front flash to take low-light selfies, the capability of sending GIFs and much more. But, some aspects are making things difficult for WhatsApp users. One of them is the “Last seen” feature in WhatsApp.

Since the option to hide you’re last seen was offered, many users say they have experienced a dramatic rise in the number of disputes and miscommunications. It is possible to use an option to conceal your last seen photos, but many users do not seem to be happy with it.

The downside of the hide options is that if you cover your last sighting option, you won’t be able to view the contacts you saw. This isn’t acceptable to users.

How do I make it appear that I was the last time I was on WhatsApp?

There’s no way to verify the last time you were seen on WhatsApp. This is because the timestamp of last seen is updated whenever the person is using the app, regardless of whether they’re actively using it.

How can I tell whether someone is watching me on WhatsApp?

There’s no guarantee to tell if someone has been monitoring messages on your WhatsApp messages without your knowledge; however, there are a few things to watch out for. For example, suppose you find that your phone is rapidly heating up without reason, or the battery is running out more quickly than usual. In that case, this could indicate that somebody is using spyware to spy on messages on your WhatsApp messages.

What can I do to conceal my last appearance on WhatsApp GB?

To block your last known location on WhatsApp, The GB version, open the app and navigate into Settings > Account > Privacy. Then, under “Last Seen”, set the toggle to “Off”.

Why is the last time someone was seen not being updated?

Several reasons a person’s last sighting might not be updated. It could be that the account of the user was deactivated or removed. There is also the possibility that their account has been blocked or re-locked by the user or Facebook due to security reasons. It’s also possible that the account has been compromised, and their data changed without their consent.

Freeze Last Seen Time for One Person

If you’d like to lock your the last time you were seen on WhatsApp just for one user, this trick is required, and you’ll be able to view his profile online while the individual will not be able to see your details last time you were seen.

Follow these steps to conceal the last time you’ve seen them on WhatsApp,

Step 1. First, Go to Settings for WhatsApp > Privacy.

Step 2: Go to the Last seen section, and click on ‘My Contacts to view the last visibility.

Step 3: Remove the contact from your list, and the last-viewed information will no longer be displayed for the individual. When you remove that number from your listing, your last-viewed information will no longer be available to that person.

Use Airplane Mode to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp

Important: Before starting this tutorial on how to hide your status online on the WhatsApp method, you should confirm whether you are using the latest version of WhatsApp. The Whatsapp version you’re using is up-to-date with the latest version.

Go to the setting to disable any data connectivity in the phone’s settings. Turn on Flight mode before opening Whatsapp

Open Whatsapp and go through all messages, or reply to any messages you would like to send or an updated message to your contacts.

After completing everything, when you are done, close the app in the recent apps menu, and shut off Flight mode after that.

The message you have delivered to contacts is sent. In the meantime, they won’t be able to see your status as a typing or online user. The last time you were seen will not alter if your last seen status becomes visible to the public.

How to Hide ‘Last Seen’ on an iPhone

iPhone users can cover their ‘Last SEEN status from other users too. Here’s how:

Launch WhatsApp and then tap Settings at the bottom left.

Tap on Account.

Tap on Privacy.

Tap on Last Seen.

Then, choose from the choices listed on this page. You can post your ‘Last Sighted status to everyone or only your contacts or not at all.

Only those who would like to see your status as ‘Last Seen. Remember that the changes are effective immediately.

If I conceal my ‘Last Seen status, can people still be able to tell that I’m online?

Yes. It’s crucial to know that your status “Last Seen” informs users of the last time you utilized WhatsApp, while the status “Online” indicates that you’re using the application. If you’re actively using the app, others will be able to see that you’re indeed online.

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