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How To Clean A Bong

Clean a glass bong, shake it vigorously using coarse salt and Alcohol, Then let it infiltrate.
Make sure to clean your bong every week to make sure you have the best, safest, and finest-tasting smoke.
Replace the bong’s water at the end of each smoke session to avoid getting a haze of mold and bacteria.
If you smoke cannabis using an elongated glass water pipe, also known as a bong, resin from cannabis will slowly accumulate over time. This causes an oily residue on the glass’s sides. Glass. The sticky residue can cause the bong to be unusable when it’s too clogged. The water also turns a dark color and reduces the flavor that you’re taking.

“It’s about safety,” says Harrison Baum, CEO, and founder of Daily High Club, an modern digital glass shop. The danger to safety is that mold and fungi could grow in the water, says Baum. “A dirty bong is a health threat and also can leave a bad impression if you’re smoking socially,” Baum says. “Don’t be that person who pulls out the dirty bong.”


Glass bongs are an iconic item in traditional household ganja smoking. Glass bongs are extremely customizable and frequently hand-crafted by skilled glass artists. Many cannabis smokers have reported an even and effective “pull” when smoking from bongs made of glass in comparison to a silicone or acrylic (plastic) bong. Some say that glass bongs can be heavier because of how easily they break.

Because of the fragile characteristics of glass, it is essential to be cautious when cleaning it. I cannot tell you how many cracks, chips, and shattering nightmare stories I’ve been exposed to over the decades. If you’re a traditional glass enthusiast, you should know the secrets and techniques to keep your glass sparkling together.

Ensure your bong is half with one teaspoon of salt and two parts rubbing Alcohol. Two towels are placed in the empty sink. The towels are cushioned for the glass in case the bong falls. Place your bong on the sink, put your hands on the side of your bong, and slowly swirl and shake the mixture. Be sure to maintain complete control over the bong to avoid hitting the glass with the walls of your sink.

Rinse and repeat as necessary Be aware of the temperature of the water. Extreme temperature fluctuations could cause the glass to break or shatter because of stress fractures. After several rinses, clean the glass using Q-tips and let the bong completely dry.

How to Clean a Glass Bong

What you will need to Clean your glass bong

  • Sea Salt
  • 70% or 91%Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hot Water
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • mouthpiece

Clean out the sink and put your glass bong inside. Place the sea salt pieces inside your bong first. Once you shake your bong, sea salt is the scrubbing agent, so add the right quantity.

Depending on the size, fill the bong with 1/2 cup- 2 cups of Alcohol. Leave ample space so that you’ll be able to shake the bong, and the Alcohol won’t fall out of the top. The best ratio is to fill it with Alcohol slightly higher than the salt. Pro Tip Optional We love using Resolution Cleansing Caps to keep the cleaning solution in.

Now, swirl the mix of alcohol and sea salt to start cleaning your bong. You could also place your hands on the inside of the bong and continue to shake it harder but make sure you have total control over it so that you don’t accidentally knock it in the basin. As you shake, the salt will explode against the sides of the bong, helping to wash the stubborn residue.

Continue the steps until the bong is completely clean. Then, you can run hot water through, then make use of a pipe cleaner to remove any leftover pieces of residue.

If you are not planning to drink, read on, and we’ll review other alternatives.

Once you’ve got an attractive, clean bong, ensure you keep your lungs healthy. The bong’s water doesn’t capture all the resin, and large amounts of tar and resin get into your lungs. The mouthpiece filter can help catch resin and tar before it reaches your lungs. It also reduces burning and coughing after your bong tear.

Tips for Having a Clean Bong

After every bong-ripping experience, takes out the dirty water. Don’t allow the grime to build up inside your bong. Better yet, flush out the dirty water immediately and clean it up as quickly as possible.

Make sure your bong is kept out of the sun’s rays.

A dirty bong can lead to algae and bacteria growth. If you fail to clean your bong, keeping it out of direct sunlight can slow down the nastiness. Bongs made for summer are clear, ceramic, and opaque, which, Kaczmar states, blocks UV exposure to the dirtiest water.

Salt is your best friend

When cleaning your bong, the salt can act as an abrasive that helps eliminate stuck-on dirt. Kaczmar suggests salt can be beneficial before starting the bong experience. “Dissolve salt into your bong water before a session,” Kaczmar suggests. “It’s been theorized that some harsh ingredients bond the salt molecules instead of the insides of your bong. Dump it and rinse, and you’ll probably need to clean it a little less frequently.”

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