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how to clean suede couch

Natural and Faux Suede are comfortable and soft sofa covers. However, they require different cleaning techniques. It is crucial to be aware that using the wrong cleaning equipment and products or methods can cause irreparable damage to the fabric. In the case of most homeowners who have a clear understanding, it could be difficult to think about doing it on your own unless you are aware of the best way to go about it! This is exactly what you’re going to discover by contacting Maid For You today!

For the leather sofa you have suffered from stains or require periodic cleaning to refresh the leather, the most important information you need to know about how to clean a suede sofa, as well as natural and faux, is available below.

What exactly is Suede?

It is a soft and flexible type of leather that is crafted by removing the skin of an animal. It is most often used for clothes, bags, shoes, and furniture. Suede’s soft and fuzzy feel results from the tiny, raised fibres (or nap) found on the exterior inside of the Suede.

What is the best way to wash my suede couch?

To clean your suede sofa, it is necessary to use an air-tight vacuum cleaner that has an attachment for soft brushes and white vinegar, water and microfiber cloth. Using a suede eraser to remove difficult stains is also possible, but be careful not to apply harsh cleaners or chemicals.

How To Clean Suede Couch

Eliminating stains immediately after it has occurred can stop them from hardening up, resulting in difficult-to-clean stains. Use a high-end suede sofa cleaner, and you’re good to go!

Wet Stains

If you spill a drink on your suede leather sofa, you must respond quickly and promptly. Simply blotting the stain with a cloth, you can easily get rid of the stain. If there is a trace of residue, use a softly damped cloth. Make sure not to rub with an easy, gentle touch. A hair dryer to dry out the affected area will yield the most beneficial outcomes.

Old Stains

Cleaning those toughened stains may cause a lot of trouble and prompt you to think about ways to clean suede sofas. However, they can be dealt with easily too. Clean the old marks on your leather sofa using a cleaner, then clean them using an easy sponge.

Freshening Up

To refresh your suede leather couch, whether it’s a microfiber suede sofa or a faux suede sofa washing it with a damp cloth is suggested. However, be cautious that you don’t dampen the suede sofa as you could end up doing more harm than good!

Suede Sofa

It’s soft and soft, giving your home an elevated appearance. It also houses a lot of crumbs and dirt. Suede is the soft fabric that you’re afraid to ruin.

Fabric Sofa

It’s comfortable and soft but can be difficult to clean. Some spills happen, and they may leave a mark on your gorgeous sofa.

Leather Sofa

According to experts, leather will last for years when it’s given the proper maintenance it will. Experts advise that leather couches are most easy to maintain. It is recommended to clean lighter-coloured leather once every six months and darker-coloured leather at least once per year.

How do you maintain your leather sofa?

This will stop the dust and dirt from getting on your fabric (learn more about the places where dust is typically deposited within the home). If you allow an unfinished stain on your sofa, it will not look the same. The areas stained by the stain will appear more dark and splotchy.

Follow this easy step-by-step procedure to clean suede sofas:

  • Get rid of the cushions and take the debris you find hair, paper or dust.
  • Make sure to thoroughly vacuum every cushion with the upholstery attachment on the vacuum. To learn more about cleaning your couch cushions at home, Please read about the most effective way to clean them using household items.
  • Make a crisscrossing vacuuming motion to remove any pet hair and dust from the remainder of the sofa.
  • Cleanse the cushions’ edges gently with the soft suede brushes. This will assist in removing all the remaining dirt and restoring the couch’s original shine.
  • The cushions can be rotated and turned in various locations to expose new material, for example, if one cushion is subject to greater quantities of wear than another.
  • Make sure to clean the nap of your couch at least once per week with a nap rub cloth. Cleaning off dust particles and bringing back the shine of your couch.


The best methods to clean your suede sofa without damaging it that we could discover. As you observed, with just a little effort, your suede furniture will appear as beautiful as new within minutes!

Therefore, give the techniques discussed above when your couch appears a bit dated for your taste.

Make sure you adhere to the directions carefully. If you are unsure, you are unsure, consult an expert.

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