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How To Clean Window Air Conditioner

Cleansing your air conditioner frequently is essential to keep the unit in top working condition. Clean and remove your filter every month during the incredible season. If it’s not being used, storing the team inside and protecting it using a plastic sheet or tarp is best. When you are ready to install it at the beginning of the warmer months, take it apart and then give it an extensive seasonal clean. Make sure to comb its aluminum fins, blow it up using compressed air, and clean and vacuum the tray inside. Cleanse your device with an oxygenated household cleaner if it is incredibly filthy.

Before You Start

The damp environment in the air conditioner can be the perfect environment for mold that poses a range of hazards to the health of you and the rest of your household.2 Hydrogen peroxide is powerful anti-fungal properties that make it the ideal choice for removing remaining mold spores that air conditioners are known to store. The other everyday anti-fungal products (like bleach) can be corrosive to metallics, and you are advised to avoid them to avoid damaging your AC’s inner parts. When you are ready to clean your air conditioner, you should fill a spray bottle using a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide while you clean.

Then, make sure that your unit is not connected to electric power by disconnecting it from your wall by turning off the circuit breaker at the panel of your electrical system at home. This can reduce the chance of electrocution.

What you’ll need

Tools / Equipment

  • Shop vacuums that have a brush attachment
  • Knife with a thin blade or fin Comb
  • Cleansing cloth
  • Spray bottle
  • A can of compressed air (optional)
  • Protective gloves for a pair
  • Screwdriver


One bottle of 3 % hydrogen peroxide

AC Coil Cleaner (optional)

Take the items you need for your AC cleaning supplies

Gathering a few stores around the home is necessary to ensure that your air conditioner gets a thorough cleaning. Before beginning, take the following items:

  • Warm water
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • Reusable cotton
  • Drip tray for drips to put under the device
  • Spray bottle that is filled with the 3% amount of hydrogen peroxide
  • Soft-bristle or Fin-comb
  • Compressed air
  • Screwdriver

1. Clear the filter

Cleaning your filter within your AC’s window unit is the most crucial thing you can do to ensure that the team is running well. It’s recommended to cleanse the filter at least once a month; however, you may only wash some of the appliances. This is how you can do it.

The first step is to ensure that the air conditioner has not been plugged up and remove the front cover and remove the filter. If the filter is covered with hair or dust, use an air vacuum to get rid of the debris that could. After that, rinse the filter using warm, soapy water before setting the filter to dry. It would be best to wait until the filter is completely dry before putting it back in your AC window.

It’s also recommended to regularly check and replace your air conditioner’s filter. The frequency you choose will depend upon how often you use your AC as well as the environmental conditions, and you must aim to swap the filter every six weeks or six months.

2. Cleanse the exterior and grill

As your filter is drying, take the grill off with hot water and mild detergent. If you do not want to clean the grill, then you could use a damp cloth to wash it clean Make sure you clean it thoroughly between the air pockets that let air out. It should dry thoroughly before reconnecting it.

After you’ve scrubbed the grill:

  1. Wash the sides and tops of the air conditioning unit.
  2. Clean the inside of the small areas where it’s very easy for dust and dirt to gather.
  3. Be sure the grill and outside are completely dry before operating the appliance.

3. Get rid of the fins as well as the coils

It’s time to pull on your sleeves and step into your air conditioner. There’s no need to clean the fins or coils at every AC unit cleaning, but most manufacturers suggest doing the task every three months or once a year.

The first step is to grab a fin comb or a soft-bristle brush and gently comb the aluminum fins in the AC. Make sure to take your time in this process, as the fins will be able to bend, and they can also be very sharp. If you spot bent fins, gently pull them back to where they were before.

After that, spray your bottle with condensed air inside the appliance, allowing it to dry the coils. It is essential to be thorough enough to remove any dirt hindering the instrument from functioning correctly.

4. Take the tray out of the dishwasher and take it off to drain.

Complete cleaning the inside of the windows AC by draining the drip tray and cleaning the drain. To remove dirt or debris water from the tray, take a dry vacuum (if you own one) or a moist cloth and remove whatever has been stored in the tray. Allow it to dry before rebuilding.

Then, look at the drain and see what is preventing the drain. Utilize your towel to scrub across the drain opening, and then ensure there’s a clean way for water to leave your appliance.

5. Spray cleaner and assemble the unit

Once you’ve dried and cleaned everything, you’re ready to put back together your window air conditioner and then give it one final spray to stop mildew growth.

Take your spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and spray the solution on those areas where airflow through and out. Allow the peroxide to dry before using the device. You’re finished! In addition to breathing more clean and cool air, you’ll prolong the lifespan of your AC too.

When should I clean my Windows AC Unit?

Many parts of your window AC system require periodic attention, but the filter is the most important and must be cleaned regularly. It’s suggested to clean the filter that is removable once per month. Under how often you use the AC or window, the AC filter may have to be changed. Many units come with a warning light indicating that it’s appropriate to change the filter. You’ll be able to know when you should change it for an alternative.

If the window AC unit isn’t being used, you may remove and store it or purchase a window covering for protection during the off-season. The two choices will reduce dust and dirt that makes its way through and onto the unit.

Advantages of Cleaning Your Window AC Unit

Cleaning your windows regularly units will provide many benefits. The most significant is keeping your window unit clear of dust or particles. It helps keep the air circulating through your home as healthy as possible. It also improves air quality by lessening the exposure to mold, allergens, and volatile organic compounds in the dust and other debris. This is crucial to those who have asthma or other lung problems.

In addition, keeping your window free of dust can save costs. A regular cleaning routine will prolong its life, decrease the requirement to repair it and save energy expenses. Cleaning the windows of your AC unit is beneficial for your health and your budget; therefore, adding it to your routine cleansing routine should be an obvious choice.


Window air conditioners are an exciting option for summer.

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