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How To Combine Two Photos On Iphone

Do you want to mix multiple images in your iPhone to make an image collage? Combining images with a few easy steps is possible using the Shortcuts built-in application. Third-party applications are an excellent alternative for those who want to create a larger collage of photos or apply advanced techniques for merging images. If you’re trying to conserve space by merging duplicate photos using your iPhone, We’ll show you the steps to accomplish this with the brand-new Merge feature available in iOS 16.

Combining Photos Using iPhone Shortcut

The iPhone isn’t pre-loaded with features that permit users to join pictures. However, you can accomplish what you’d like with the Shortcuts application. Shortcuts is an automation tool built into the iPhone. They are available on the iPhone. They can combine images.

  1. Make a shortcut for combining images using iPhone
    Start the mobile phone shortcuts on your iPhone. (Shortcut is the same as program and is interpreted as an inverse Block diagram). Select”+” or the “+” button in the screen’s upper right-hand corner.

The name of your shortcut is “Merge Image.” Select the Settings button following the name to enable the “Show on Share Sheet” switch. After that, click “Done” to save your setting.

Give your preferred shortcut.
“Add Action” to add shortcuts. “Add action” to create an action shortcut.

Type in the search term “Photo” into the search box located at the bottom and then click “Select Pictures.” After that, turn to”Select Multiple. “Select Multiple” switch.

Keep typing the keyword “Image” into the search box. Click “Combine images.”

The default setting is a horizontal-oriented connection. If you require vertical connections or any other type of connection, select “Horizontally” and then choose the combo option. There are several options available, including “Horizontally,” “Vertically,” “In a Grid,” and so on.

Select the type that you want to combine.
Search for “Photo” once more in the search box. Click “Save Photos to Album.”

Make sure to click the X located in the upper right-hand corner to save the shortcut.

  1. Create shortcuts to merge images to your iPhone
    You have now developed the shortcut. By using it, you can instantly combine all your pictures using your iPhone.

Launch your “Photo” program.

Hit-click the “Select” button on the display’s upper left edge.

Choose the images you wish to combine and then hit on the “Share” button on the left-hand side. Choose”Merge Image” as the “Merge images” shortcut you made earlier.

When the shortcut is finished After the shortcut has completed, a ” sign will appear beneath it.

Hit to click the “X” button located at the top of the right side to close the sheet. The photos you’ve shared will show in the gallery.

Combining Photos iPhone without App

iPhone isn’t equipped with a feature that allows you to combine photos. The ability to merge images is available through their inbuilt automation tool, Shortcuts. The Shortcuts app is an official iOS application that allows you to finish tasks and automate these tasks, and the combining of photos is one such.

If you find that the Shortcuts application isn’t available on your iPhone, You can download it and install it through the App Store.

How do you combine Photos using an iPhone by using Layout?

One of the most effective ways to arrange photos side-by-side using your iPhone is the no-cost Layout application, which is among the most effective photo collage applications because the user interface is basic and easy to navigate. The creators of Instagram develop the Layout and has a range of options to arrange images with your iPhone.

How To Use Layout to put two pictures Together on Your iPhone

Once you have installed Layout on the App Store, follow these steps to join your pictures:

In the main app screen, click on the images you want to combine into one image.
When you begin taping photographs, Layout displays various compositions on the top. Pick the Layout you want, either side-by-side or top and bottom.
The Layout you choose will display fully-screen. If you wish, utilize these tools on the lower left of the screen to alter the photo. It is possible to mirror or flip the photo and add white borders between the photos.
Select Save in the top right corner to save the photo you have combined. The Layout will save your image in the Photos application.
Press Done to end the Editing mode within Layout.

How to combine photos using Shortcuts with an iPhone

The first one, Layout, is a method that combines two images using your iPhone to make a beautiful easy collage. This process will eventually crop your photos. However, it can be helpful if you’re looking to emphasize the subject of your photographs.

However, what happens if you wish to combine two photos with your iPhone rather than crop the images? In this case, you could join two photos of a portrait to create an image strip, assemble a collection of pictures of landscapes, or combine two screenshots on your iPhone. To do this, it is possible to use an iPhone shortcut using the Shortcuts application.

Shortcuts is an app for free operated by Apple. The App offers handy iPhone shortcuts that automate your everyday tasks; it’s okay to require downloading numerous other applications that perform different functions on your iPhone. Once you’ve created the shortcut, you can put two photos in a row on your iPhone without needing a third-party application later. All you need is to enable the shortcut and combine your images.

Shortcuts are already installed on the iPhone. However, if you are still looking for the application, download it through the App Store.

Edit photos directly on your iPhone.

Combining photos to create a collage on your iPhone can allow you to make photographs directly on your smartphone without requiring a computer.

There’s a lot more you can perform directly on your iPhone to enhance your photos. It is possible to edit your pictures or videos using the Photos application. Also, it’s worth looking into some of iPhone’siPhone’s top applications for photography. There’s even the ability to draw your designs on an iPhone image swiftly.

To Delete Duplicate Contacts on the iPhone

An iPhone filled with Pages of duplicate contact information can be irritating. This article will show you how to remove duplicate contacts from your iPhone.

It is possible to find the same duplicate contacts if you look for a person from the contacts list on the iPhone. You may find duplicate contacts under Work, Home, and Other areas. You may face duplicate contacts if the iPhone is connected to online services such as Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

A large number of duplicate contacts is a major problem. A small change in contact information could stop you from establishing contact. In the event of duplicate contacts you have, you can eliminate them by hand or contact an app to eliminate these duplicate contacts.

We’ll show you ways to manually eliminate duplicate contacts from your iPhone or through an application.


iPhones do not come with an application for editing photos. But you can utilize the built-in Shortcuts application or download other applications for editing photos from the App Store.

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