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How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi Without Remote?

If you’ve lost or forgotten the Apple TV remote control, you can operate your Apple TV from the iPad or iPhone remote app. However, to use the iPhone and iPad remote apps, the iOS device must be connected to the same wireless network as Apple TV. The only way to join a Wireless network on your Apple TV is with a remote without a keyboard. However, I found a new option. Apple TV will learn/respond to the signals coming from all controllers on remotes. They require six keys: up, down, left, right, select and back. You’ll have to connect your television to a wired Ethernet network (ADSL router/modem) to use this method. Now, let’s look at the steps to link wifi with Apple TV without a remote.

Connect your Apple TV to wifi without the remote

Ensure you connect the Apple TV to your router via an Ethernet cable. You can open your Apple TV Remote app when you are on your Apple device. Go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Learn Remote. After that, using your Infrared Remote, you can follow on-screen instructions for pairing it. Make use of the recently connected device to join wifi!

Use a Standard TV Remote to Control the Apple TV

If you want to use a traditional television remote for controlling an Apple TV, you have to follow these steps:

Use a regular TV remote that has directional buttons.
Attach to an Ethernet cable with your Apple TV.
Go to Settings > Generaland then Remotes. You can control your Apple TV using the remote feature located in the control middle of your iPhone.
Select learn remote, then begin the basics to instruct Apple TV your basic TV remote.
After that, remove the Ethernet cable and enable wifi on Your Apple TV by setting up wifi via General Settings -> Network the Standard Remote.
After you have the Apple TV connected to the new wifi network, you will be able to continue using the standard TV remote to control the Apple TV and navigate its interface.

Make use of an Ethernet cable.

For pairing, you can use any remote with infrared and follow the directions on the screen. Connect to wifi with the remote that you have recently connected to!

This method will work 100 100%; however, you will need these items. It won’t be effective if any of these elements aren’t present. If this is the case, proceed to the next step below.

An Ethernet cable

A device equipped with Apple TV Remote app installed
Any infrared remote like the TV remote and DVD players.
Wifi router access
Begin by connecting one end of the ethernet cable at the bottom of the Apple TV and the other end of the cable to your wifi router if you own all of these devices.

Utilize the Bluetooth keyboard to replace an IR remote
If all you’re missing from the above list is a spare infrared controller, Perhaps you have a Bluetooth keyboard lying around? If yes, we can still use this!

We’ll follow the exact steps; however, when we have your Apple TV Remote app working, we’re going directly to Bluetooth and then connecting to the keyboard instead of using the Learn Remote in our Apple TV.

Here’s how:

  • Make sure you put your Bluetooth keyboard in pairing mode.
  • You can go into Settings, then Remotes and Devices to access your Apple TV. Bluetooth. On your Apple TV will start to look for a keyboard.
  • Select your Bluetooth keyboard when it is displayed.
  • If you are prompted, type in an eight-digit number. Using an Apple TV, your keyboard will now be listed within My Devices.

Make use of a Bluetooth keyboard to link your Apple TV to wifi without a remote

If you don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard on your laptop, the laptop could be transformed into one! Try Typeeto when you own a Mac or MacBook. It’s no-cost software that allows you to manage your Apple TV with your laptop keyboard. If you don’t own either a Mac or MacBook, you can Google “Bluetooth keyboard for laptop”, and you’ll be able to find many options.

The steps are the same as previously mentioned, but instead of using Learn Remote using the Apple TV, We’ll switch through Bluetooth to connect our keyboard. Here’s how to accomplish that.

  • Pair your Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Navigate into Settings, then Remotes and Devices Bluetooth in the Apple TV. The Apple TV will begin looking for an input device.
  • When your Bluetooth keyboard appears, you can choose it.
  • If asked, enter a four-digit number if requested. The keyboard should now appear in My Devices on your Apple TV.
  • You can connect the Apple TV to the wifi network with your keyboard!

Can I Set Up Apple Tv Without Remote?

Apple TV can be turned on without a remote. Apple TV could be switched on with no remote by simply connecting it to your computer. Once it’s in place, it’ll start to turn on. You can turn it on up Apple TV by disconnecting it and then plugging it back into the outlet if it’s asleep. Mode.

Can You Airplay To An Apple Tv Without wifi?

If you don’t have internet access, then you will not be able to stream restricted content through Apple TV. Apple TV. AirPlay is a way to stream media from a smartphone to an Apple TV without a wifi connection, using their built-in wifi capabilities. Hey, I’m here to inform you about this AirPlay event. AirPlay is a method of play that AirPlay doesn’t require the use of a wifi network.

A Handy Alternative

Although losing a remote is already a hassle and a loss of the Apple TV remote renders your device virtually unusable. Learning how to deal with this issue will ensure that you always have an alternative to use if the worst happens.

Are you aware of other methods to connect the Apple TV to wifi without the need for a remote? Tell us about it in the comments below.


The loss of the Apple TV remote may seem like a huge problem. The standard switching off and back on method isn’t working on Apple TV. Many people are stuck because they can’t control the Apple TV, which has no buttons.

Fortunately, there are always alternatives. If you own additional iOS gadgets, you could use them to connect your Apple TV to wifi without the need for a remote. Through this article, you’ve learned three possible ways to do this.

In certain situations, it is necessary to temporarily use the Ethernet cable connection before you reach the wifi connection. However, in other situations, you can utilize Bluetooth technology to connect those gadgets and create a wifi connection with no need for a wireless remote (and not using an Ethernet cable).

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