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how to connect ps4 controller to pc wired

I find that the PlayStation controller is more convenient than a keyboard and mouse to play games. Yes, I agree that many PC games, particularly first-person shooter games, play best when played with a mouse and keyboard. However, holding the DualShock PS4 controller and relaxing on my sofa while playing Devil May Cry 5 is the most enjoyable experience. Have you ever connected the PS4 Controller to Windows and played PC games?

Many believe it is true that the PS4 Controller was explicitly made for Sony PlayStation 4 console. But in reality, you can utilize your gamepad controller for playing PC games. In addition, it’s easy to set up and requires computer expertise. You’ll feel much more at ease playing with the Controller. Follow the steps listed below, and you’ll soon be able to join your PS4 Controller with a controller for playing PC games.

Use the USB cable to link your PS4 Controller to your computer.

The most straightforward method to pair your Controller and your computer is using the USB cable. You can also utilize the same cable to charge your Controller. In the ideal scenario, however, you’ll need a more extensive line to give you more versatility. Any USB cable is a good choice, so long as it’s micro USB on one side (the tiny and thin connector for the device) and USB-A (the “standard” wide, rectangular connector) or USB-C (the modern, more rounded connector) on the other.

Attach the device to your computer via the cable, and the Windows 10 PC should recognize it immediately. It’s now time to get started fighting brutes and blasters.

If you don’t own a micro-USB cable, look at PowerA’s USB 2.0 Charging Cable for PlayStation 4, which at 6.5 feet, should allow you plenty of range between your Controller and PC.

Connect your PS4 DualShock 4 to Steam

Because Steam is a renowned gaming system, it can connect to DualShock 4. Follow the instructions in this article to link your PS4 Controller to your computer via Steam.

Download the most recent version of the Steam client for your computer and then open it.

Log in using your account.

Then, connect your Controller to the computer. You can use the wired USB connection or Bluetooth to play games wirelessly.

If you’re connecting the Controller using Bluetooth and Bluetooth, then you will need to connect your PS4 Controller to a PC. To do this, hit the PS and Share buttons until the lightbar blinks.

Launch Windows 11 settings (Windows+I) and go to Bluetooth and devices. There, click the”Add device.

In”Boots”, under the Bluetooth option, choose the PS4 Controller and then connect it to the Bluetooth option. It will be referred to as a “Wireless Controller or PS4 Dual Shock Controller”.

Go back to Steam and click on the Steam button at the top left corner—press Settings.

Select Controller, and then click the General Control Settings button on the right.

Make sure to check the box for PlayStation setup support.

You can now personalize your Controller to work with Steam.

That’s it! You’re done! PS4 Controller has now been set to use on your computer.

For many, this method does not work. Even if Steam recognizes your console, the games you’d like to play will not recognize the PS4 Controller. In this scenario, the next option might be a good idea.

Use DS4Windows App

What do you do when Bluetooth PC isn’t detecting the PS4 Controller, or PS4 Controller is constantly disconnected from PC Bluetooth Windows 10? The first step is to uninstall PS4 controllers completely from Bluetooth devices.

Restart your computer and ensure the DS4 Controller is more than 10% of the battery. (If it is not, recharge your device first.)

Open Windows search -> search for the control panel and then choose Control Panel.

Click on the Link to view devices and printers under Hardware and Sound.

Find your Bluetooth PS4 controller -> right-click on it, select Remove device, and then choose Yes.

After that, download and install the DS4Windows application and pair the Controller.

Download DS4Windows from their official website and save it on your PC’s hard drive.

Click twice to launch the DS4Window installer, and adhere to the steps to finish the installation.

Go to Settings and activate Hide DS4 controller, then increase its size by moving the corners, then click on Controller/Driver Setup blue.

Minimize the window using the Controller’s image (don’t shut it).

Go to Manage Bluetooth Devices. Click the Share button and hold the share button for 3 minutes.

Click to connect the DS4 Controller appears on the screen.

Remote Play

If you own a full PC (Core I5 processor with a 2GB video card and, at minimum, Windows 8.1), Streaming video content from your PS4 directly to your computer is possible. (You can do this on the Vita, too, if you’re among those seven to eight who own one.) Download the application to your computer, and activate Remote Play in your PS4 settings (it’s located in the Remote Play section; no surprise there). Make sure both systems are linked to the same networks. You’ll need to enter an authorization code when you first connect, but the software will guide you through the entire procedure.

The DS4 is the only Controller compatible using Remote Play, so there’s no secret method to use Remote Play. Connect it to your PC and then play like you would with your PS4. If your connection is stable and not overly crowded, You shouldn’t experience any issues with lag. To turn off remote play, move your mouse to open the menu options.

Make sure you wirelessly link to your DualShock Controller with Windows 10 computer.

Make sure you turn On Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth in the Windows 10 machine.

On the DualShock controller.

Click the PlayStation + Share buttons together on the Controller, and then wait for the LED to begin flashing on the Controller.

Open Windows Settings and devices. Bluetooth and different devices. Click Add Bluetooth or any other device

You must wait for Windows to update your

The Controller is not working.

Connecting via the wired USB cable or wireless Bluetooth is only the beginning of the procedure. You will require a third-party tool to join and connect your PS4 Controller to your PC. This is done with Steam as well as DS4Windows.

Setup Gamepad by using Steam

If you enjoy playing games on Steam, it is easy to join the Steam games with DualShock 4 with these simple steps.

Remove first your PS4 Controller from your PC.

Log into your Steam account.

Click on the Big Picture Mode in the upper right corner.

Steam Big Picture Mode

Click Settings.

Steam Settings in Big Picture Mode

Choose the Control Settings option.

Steam Controller Settings

Check the PlayStation 4 Configuration support box.

Steam PS4 PlayStation Configuration Support

Attach your PS4 gamepad to your PC. Steam will detect it automatically.

Play any game that is available in Steam’s library of games. Steam gaming library.

Hit on the PS button in your console.

Select Controller Configuration and modify the button’s settings according to your requirements.

Steam Controller Configuration

Save and exit after changing the settings.

Have fun playing with the PS4 Controller that is available on Steam!

How To Connect PS4 Controller To PC Wired?

This process for hooking up PS4 Controller to the PC could be a bit long, but it will not allow you to be left alone.

Step 1: Begin by downloading DS4Windows. This software is an essential tool device to connect the two systems. It is required to be downloaded in its zip format.

Step 2. Install the program on your computer by extracting all files. Select a directory to carry out all extractions.

Step 3: After that, you’ll notice two files appear. The first is DS4Updater.exe, and the other one is DS4Windows.exe. The former file is designed to ensure that your DS4 applications are up-to-date, while the latter assists in creating the connection procedure.

Step 4. Once you have run it, select the default option of “AppData”. If the next Windows is open, click “Install the DS4 driver.

Step 5: Connect the USB or Bluetooth to ensure you can ensure that your DualShock controller can be integrated into the PC. When you connect it to a PC, it will be recognized for gaming.


How do you make wireless connections between PS4 controllers to computers, or how to connect the PS4 Controller to a PC via a wired connection? We’ve provided you with both ways. Check out the above instructions to learn more and play for as long as possible without any issues hindering your enjoyment.

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