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How To Cut A Cantaloupe

How to easily cut a Cantaloupe into slices, wedges, cubes, and spheres. With these simple knife skills, you can now enjoy sweet orange-fleshed fruit as a quick snack, appetizer, or healthy dessert.

A refreshing and sweet cantaloupe is the perfect snack for hot summer days. Once you’ve picked the ripe melon, it is time to cut it open and enjoy the sweet orange flesh. While getting a precut package at your local grocery store may be more convenient, who knows what freshness it could contain? Additionally, a whole melon gives you more fruit per dollar.

Cantaloupe, a variety of muskmelon (Cucumis melo), is widely grown. While the netted skin may appear intimidating, it is very simple to slice. After mastering these simple cutting techniques, you can make many shapes to add to classic fruit salads and other light summer meals.

How To Choose The Best Cantaloupe

It is important to start with fresh, ripe cantaloupe. You don’t need to see any spots or squishy marks. When a cantaloupe becomes ripe, there will be a slight yield when you put your finger on its exterior. This allows for easier peeling and cutting of a cantaloupe.

I’m often forced to choose a not-yet-ready-to-eat cantaloupe. Instead, I let it sit on my counter for a couple of days until it feels consistent. Ripe cantaloupe tastes better and is easier for you to peel and slice.

To get rid of any dirt or pesticide residues, make sure to rinse your cantaloupe. You may also want to use fruit- and veggie wash. I love Young Living’s veggie and fruit washes!

It is best to use a well-made, sharp chef’s kitchen knife.

How To Cut A Melon

  • First, place the melon on its back on a cutting board. Take a sharp, flat knife and trim the top and bottom of your melon by half an inch.
  • Stand the melon upright on one of its cut sides.
  • Begin at the top by following the contour of your melon. Next, use the knife to cut the rind, about one-quarter inches deep, carefully.
  • Continue to peel the fruit, removing two- to three inches of the inner rind. As a guide, refer to the green inner color.
  • Cut deep enough only to see the flesh.
  • Cut the melon in half.
  • Take out the seeds using a spoon. Now you can slice into it.

Melon Cuts

Now you can cut to your desired sizes and shapes. These are the three best ways I like to cut melons.


Turn the hollow side of the melon down. Then, make large cuts around the curvature of the melon.


Turn the melon on its hollow side and cut thin slices along the same lines as the top, bottom, and middle slices.

Cubes bite-sized

Follow these steps to cut the melon into pieces.

How To Store Cantaloupe Cut In Half

Peltzer states that uncut cantaloupes can be left on the counter for up to a week. Once the cantaloupes have been cut, you should wrap them in plastic. Cantaloupe can be made ahead of a meal or stored as leftovers to be enjoyed later. Cut cantaloupe should last at least three weeks if stored in a cool, dry place.

Also, frozen cantaloupe cubes and chunks can be kept in the freezer for six months. Flash freeze the pieces. Lay them flat on baking sheets and then place them in the freezer for three hours. After flash freezing, transfer the chunks and cubes to a sealed bag. Cartlidge adds that frozen cantaloupe is suitable for smoothies and soups, as it will be mushier after being thawed.

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