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How To Delete Albums In Photos

There could be a moment when you’re looking to move beyond the removal of photos from the Photos application and erase entire albums. You may have albums that contain photos from work that are no longer needed, screenshots that don’t serve you anymore, or wallpapers that don’t fit in with yours. There’s no need to keep the images you don’t need, so clean and purge these.

What Happens When You Delete an Album From Photos?

If you remove the album from the Mac’s Photos application, the album will be deleted but not the images or videos. These videos and images will stay in your main collection of photos and any different albums they’re a part of.

If you’re using iCloud Photos, deleting the album from your Mac can erase it from all other devices synced with this identical Apple ID. A similar happens when you erase albums on an iPhone and iPad.

If you delete photos or videos, they will be transferred to the recently deleted section. From there, you can retrieve them in thirty days. But this applies to albums. After you erase the album, it’s forever removed.

Photo Albums on Mac

You now know how to erase albums within the Mac’s Photos application. Follow the instructions to keep your Photos application clean and tidy. If you’ll need an album that can help you organize your library, making one is very simple. It’s possible to create Smart Albums to fill with specific images automatically.

Remove albums from Photos on Mac.

Deleting the albums on the sidebar is possible if you don’t need them anymore.

  1. In the Photos app of your Mac, Click My Albums on the sidebar. This will show your album photos.
  2. Control-click the album you would like to remove. Choose Delete Album, after which click Delete.

The album will be removed from the library and removed from iCloud; however, the images inside the album will remain in your library of photos. If you delete the album from your library, select Edit > Undo delete album to reinstate the album.

Notes about deleting photos from albums

If you can sync your data through iCloud and delete an album, it will remove it from all your devices.
Images in the album will remain visible in different albums, when relevant, and on the Photo Library.

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