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How To Delete History On Google Play

Google Play Store lets you find any app you’re looking for that’s accessible on Android as well as Samsung gadgets. The apps you search for are saved if you require them in the future for reference. If there isn’t any reason to keep your search history in the Play Store and you don’t want it, then you can erase the account. It’s easy and fast to complete.

Can You Delete Google Play App History?

Can you delete Play Store history before we show you how to erase it? Yes, it is possible. You can erase all of your Google Play Store history. Like freeing space on Android devices, you could do the same using your Google Play Store app.

Like other applications like other apps, you have the option to choose what items you wish to remove. Because Google Play Store is a Google Play Store app and functions as an application administrator, it has two significant “histories” you can delete. The first process erases the history of your searches and downloads. This process does not remove applications from your Android phone but keeps them in the same state.

A different option allows you to select the apps you have previously downloaded for deletion of your app download history. The process will remove the selected applications from your smartphone just like you did if you removed the apps using Android’s settings application. These apps will get all cache and data removed along with the application itself. Apps deleted from the Google Play Store can be restored and downloaded following their deletion from their downloaded app history.

What are the reasons why you would want to erase Play Store History?

Why would you want to wipe the Google Play Store history? As mentioned, it allows the app to perform faster and avoids crashes. Cleaning search history and other information from apps are among the fundamental things you could accomplish to keep Android applications from going down. Apart from that, deleting the Play Store record of searches offers advantages to your privacy, as it clears the history of your inquiries and suggestions.

In contrast, clearing the Google Play Store app download history is similar to deleting or uninstalling older apps. Although this won’t eliminate any bloatware, it could provide your smartphone with more storage space, especially if you’ve got a lot of apps that are not used. Before trying either of these steps, ensure you have the correct default Google account so you don’t lose crucial data.

Google Account Tracking

While Google keeps track of your purchases using receipts sent via email, you must remember that your personal information is protected, and only Google can access the data.

If being tracked is still a concern, one of the best ways to address it is to ensure you keep your Gmail inbox clear of messages. Also, if you find that Google’s attempts to monitor everything you do bother you, consider looking into another email provider.

How can I delete payment History on Google Play (Delete )

Remove History and Budget in the Play Store: Google Play Store is an essential feature on all Android-powered smartphones around the globe. It lets users download and access applications safely and securely. With years of experience, Google Play Store has developed several customer services. Users can order items through the Assistant option using the voice command.

Delete Google Play Store purchase history.

Google Play Store is now the one-stop destination for renting the latest films and downloading and reading eBooks. Subscribe to offers that are renewable and more. Google also lets you buy items using Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Maps. Google Play Store offers a variety of features. Google Play Store is limited to downloading practical and efficient apps for your phone.

With its wide array of paid content, such as premium apps, videos, eBooks, audiobooks, or Movies, You’ll be attracted to take advantage of its wide range of multimedia.

Of course, you might have bought something that you thought was fascinating then. However, you want to refrain from spending money on the item. You may even feel that you don’t want any chance of someone discovering that you’ve paid for something without thinking about it. It is also possible to keep track of an order you have placed.

However, if you want to keep track of your purchase via Google Assistant, Maps, Search, and so on, it is possible to follow the same procedure. For instance, you could seek ways to wipe out any purchases you made or subscribed to through the Google Play Store or via Google Assistant, Maps, etc. If this is the case, then you’re in the right spot.

In this blog article, you’ll learn ways to wipe the past of any of your Google Play Store purchases. We’ll get it right without wasting time.

Are you able to delete the Google Play Purchase History?

Nothing is impossible if you have the correct expertise and skills. It is possible to look up the Google Play purchase history and erase it. This is a very convenient process, too.

If you have yet to accomplish this, you’re likely looking in the wrong spot to achieve this. If you want to delete and access your Google Play Store purchases history, The answer lies not within it but in the Play Store settings.

How do I delete Google Play Purchase History?

To view the Google Play Store purchase history as well as to modify it, you must follow this basic steps:

Step 1: Lock your Android device and go to Device Settings.

Step 2: Under Device Settings, search for the option titled Google. Google is now a default feature on the most recent Android phones. It’s usually at the top of the Settings listing.

Step 3: Tap Google. Click on Manage Google Settings below the profile image. On the screen on your device, you’ll be able to find the Google Profile Picture, Username, and an array of other Google services available to you on your device.

Step 4: Drag down the settings bar until you reach the left of the screen. Select Payments & Subscriptions.

Step 5: Choose purchases from the menu that pops up. You can select your Google Purchases made using Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Search, etc.

Step 6: Select Remove Purchase. Follow the directions on screen.

Step 7: If you want to remove your purchase or subscription through the Play Store, Click Subscribers following step 4. Then, you can remove the records of any subscriptions or purchases from using the Play Store.

Here you are. Using these steps, you can now modify and access the information in your Google Play Store purchase history. You can not only remove the account, but you may also change the order of the most recent purchases or monitor the status of your assets.

Continue reading to discover what other information you could access from Google’s history through Your Android device.

How can I access Google Ad Personalization History?

Google keeps track of every activity you perform on the web. This history displays you with personalized ads according to your preferences and hobbies.

Google will target you with specific advertisements based on the purchase record that you recently deleted, your browsing history, and so on. There’s a method to look up the Google targeted list to see why specific web advertisements are targeting you. It is possible to follow these steps to get your customized advertising preferences:

Step 1: Unlock your Android device. Open any internet browser and go to

Step 2. On the screen that appears, click Log In, then sign on with Google Account. Google Account using your credentials.

Step 3: You’re you. Scroll down to view all the items you’ve been interested in through the web when you browse sites, YouTube, etc.

Google offers you the possibility to deactivate ads’ personalization, as well. The toggle button will be on the first page you visit at the end of step 2.

Learn more about the best way to manage your advertisements according to previous purchase history, searches, etc. Tap on Learn the best ways to manage ads that appear above your favorite lists.

Additional Reading

Additionally, there are different kinds of downloads that you can delete. For example, here are the steps you need to take to erase any downloads you’ve created with the Android device. Additionally, you might prefer to keep the history of your Google Maps logs. You’re covered, too. You can always use the suitable search feature for more information if you’re seeking a different subject.


Once you’ve been there for a while, your downloading history on Google Play can be extensive. If you are okay with the mess it makes the experience appear, know the steps you must take to delete the applications you do not want to download from your list. It is possible to erase any or all apps from the list. It is also possible to access apps you no longer have on your Android device and utilize that list to install the app. What apps have you removed from your list? Comment on your experience by leaving a comment below. Be sure to discuss the post with your friends via social networks.

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