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How to Empty Trash on Android

In this day and age, we save everything to our smartphones. We save memories via videos and pictures on our smartphones if we wish to preserve them. If we have essential files to access on the go, we transfer them to our smartphones to be constantly available.

Because we use phones for Storage, they contain garbage. The Trash contains all deleted restored Android apps’ files and images stored. As with any other app installed on your smartphone, the garbage app consumes the space. Today’s post provides the steps to clean out Trash on Android.

Clean the junk if you’ve been experiencing difficulties with your mobile phone recently. If you want to learn the steps, we’ll assist you. Cleaning out Trash on Android phones is easy and can be accomplished for anyone. Let’s begin the process of removing any unwanted information from phones.

How do you delete Trash on Android?

There must be a specific way to clear the Trash from Android since there’s not one trash location (more about this later). One place that could be referred to as the “Android Recycle Bin” is the integrated file manager into your phone.

For example, Google’s Files application lets you find screenshots and additional images stored locally and download APK documents, files, and more. How to remove items out of the trash folder within the Files application:

Click the menu with three lines on the upper right-hand side of the Files application.

Select to dispose of your Trash.

Click All Items to select every item within the trash bin, or choose specific files in case you want to keep one or two.

Select Delete, after which tap Delete at the confirmation screen.

Step 1. Launch the File Manager.

Begin by using the file manager software installed on the Android device to clean out the garbage. Storage on your device, which includes the recycle bin or Trash, can be accessed via the File Manager.

2: Go to the Trash or Recycle Bin

After that, look for a folder with names like Trash, Recycle Bin, or deleted Files. Following the management software for files and Android version, the name and where it is located may be changed. To see the contents of the folder, tap the folder.

Step 3: Choose and remove files

The recycling or trash directory contains all files which have been deleted but have yet to be deleted. To empty the Trash and delete these files forever, take these steps:

To select a particular document, hold and tap to select it. You will see an arrow or checkmark. Tap each file or, if it is available via the Select All option, select each file you want to delete.

Step 4: Choose and delete files

After selecting the correct file, you can search in the interface to manage files for a trash or delete icon. For permanent removal of the selected items, tap this icon. If you want to confirm deletion, click”OK” or “Delete” from the confirmation window that appears. The Trash will be cleared in Android.

Make smart Storage

Smart Storage is a new feature introduced in Android version 8. You’ll see this feature if you’re using the Android Version 8 or higher version of the device. It helps to delete unnecessary and duplicate data from the phone’s Storage that has already been backed into the cloud. To gain access to Smart Storage and empty trash documents, follow the following instructions:

Open the Settings menu on your device.

Search for Storage, then click the Storage option. Click on.

On the next screen, activate the toggle for Storage Manager. Button.

The program will launch its Smart Storage feature in the background and automatically remove redundant and unneeded items.

How can I get rid of the garbage on my Android phone?

Google creates an app named Files by Google, using which you can move any file from an app into Files by Google’s Trash and delete them. Additionally, you can use it to share files. Learn how to clear your garbage with Files from Google:

Launch the App, and then go to the Browse tab. Select the category where you’d like to upload files to Trash.

Choose the file to remove and click on the three dots icon on the right.

Click to Move to Trash.

Make sure you confirm the action by tapping Move 1 file to Trash.

Then, tap the Clean tab. Then, tap the menu icon at the top of the screen.

After that, tap Trash.

There is the option of selecting the files you wish to delete, or you can use the All items checkbox to choose all. Click the delete button.

Because this is a permanent deletion, the application will prompt you to confirm. Click on the red Delete to complete the deletion.

How do you remove the cache and data files from your Android app cache and information files?

Step .1

Go to the settings of your smartphone.

Step 2.

You can now find the storage option under Settings. The Storage may be accessible under Apps or Other.

Step 3.

Tap the App you wish to clean the cache within the Apps.

Step 4.

You may have to tap Storage within the App’s information menu to access the feature.

Step 5.

Click on to click on the Clear Cache button. It will not erase all the cache data.

Step 6.

For complete deletion, pressing Clean Storage or Clear Data is necessary.

Step 7.

Android users need to be aware that this process will erase the account settings, configurations, files, and other settings.


For more storage space on your phone and tablet, cleaning every trash can in your Android is essential. It is possible to do this by clearing downloaded files and duplicate images and uninstalling undesirable apps. Clearing cached data from apps or phones, managing Storage, and storing important data onto an SD card. Are there other methods that can be used to clear Trash from Android? Feel free to leave a post a comment in the comments below.

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