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How To Enable Cookies On Android

Cookies are text files that websites transmit to your device to monitor your activities and preferences. If you’re using an Android device to access the web, you could have to turn on cookies for certain websites to work effectively. This guide will explain how to set cookies for the Android device.

Step 1: Go to your Android device’s setting

Tap the bottom of the screen on your phone to reveal the notification light. Then, tap the gear icon to open the app for settings.

step 2: Scroll to the bottom and click “Apps & Notifications.”

Go through the choices within the settings application and then select “Apps & Notifications” from the menu.

Step 3: Choose the web browser on which you want to set up cookies.

Browse through the list of applications and choose the one you are using to browse the web. In this case, if you’re using Chrome, select “Google Chrome.”

Step 4: “Storage & Cache”

Once you have selected the appropriate browser, you’ll be directed to the configuration page. Select “Storage & Cache” in the menu of options.

Step 5: Locate and turn on “Cookies and Site data”

The “Storage and Cache” page “Storage & Cache” page will show two options: “Clear cache” and “Clear storage.” Scroll down, and then under”Site Settings,” in the “Site settings” section, click “Cookies and site data.”

Step 6: Allow Cookies

On the “Cookies and Site data” menu, check that the “Allow cookies” checkbox is turned on.

Step 7: Optional: Customize cookie settings

If you want to alter your cookie preferences to your preference, you can opt to block cookies from third-party sites or permit cookies only from trusted websites.

Step 8: Restart your browser.

Once you’ve enabled cookies on your web browser, close it down and restart it to ensure the settings take effect.

Enabling cookies for the Android device is a straightforward process, which involves navigating to the settings on your device and switching some choices. If you allow cookies, you can use websites that need cookies to function efficiently and experience a seamless surfing experience on the internet.

How do you allow cookies to be enabled on mobile devices?

OverDrive websites need cookies for more extraordinary performance and efficiency. If you turn off cookies on your device, you might have difficulty accessing titles or using additional features essential to browsing the library’s OverDrive website. It is possible to enable cookies on the mobile browser with the instructions below.

If you’re on a computer, follow these steps to set cookies on your computer.

Allowing cookies to be used by enabling cookies Chrome for Android

1. Open Chrome.

2. Go to More > Setting > Settings for Site Cookies.

The More menu button is at the top of the screen.

3. Make sure that cookies are turned on.

After that, you can surf OverDrive sites normally.

Allowing cookies to be used within Silk

1. Open Silk.3

2. Tap to open the menu in the screen’s upper left corner.

3. Go on to Advanced > Site Settings.

4. Make sure that cookies are permitted. If not, you tap Cookies. Then tap again on Cookies to enable cookies to be accepted.

Once you have this set up once it is set, you can then surf OverDrive sites normally.

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