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how to enable screen sharing on zoom

Zoom meeting participants can screen share by default. This prevents uninvited people from disrupting meetings or sharing offensive or inappropriate material.

You can allow screen sharing between participants for each meeting or make your settings default to enable screen sharing at all meetings.

HOW TO Enable Screen Sharing for Participants on ZOOM ON DESKTOP

The following methods allow participants to share their screens during a meeting:

Method 1
Once you have joined Zoom meetings, click the Security tab on the Zoom window’s top bar. To enable the share screen, click “Allow participants to” under the Zoom window’s bottom bar. Participants will be able to share the screen after it has been enabled.

Method 2
Once you have joined an event, click on the tiny icon next to the Share screen option. Select Advanced sharing options.

The popup window that appears will be opened. Click on All Participants under the Who can join setting. To save the environment, click the Close icon (X) in the popup box. This will allow other participants to share their screens.


Zoom allows you to add annotations while sharing your screen. To open a collection of annotation tools, click on the “Annotate” pencil icon in your screen-sharing toolbar. There are three tools: a text tool for typing text onto the screen, a hand-drawing, a stamp, and a spotlight tool to highlight where your cursor is located.

You can block participants from notating by selecting the “Disabled Attendee Annotation” option. Or, you can add a label that shows who is annotation whereby selecting the “Show Names of Annotators” option.

Click the “Save” button to save your annotations. The annotations will be saved to your Zoom folder on the computer as an image. The default location to save your Zoom folder is:

PC: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Zoom
Mac: /Users/User Name/Documents/Zoom

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