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How To Get Cat Pee Out of Couch

Cats usually come pre-programmed with the ability to learn to clean themselves. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to have accidents. And if your cat likes to be in the living area, It could even have a pee spot on your couch.

We know. This sounds ghastly.

If your cat has been caught peeing outside of the litter box, it’s likely to be evident to all in the vicinity. The smell of cat pee can quickly pollute the whole home, and this isn’t the worst part about it!

Cats generally urinate at the same place where they smell the earlier pee. Therefore, if you don’t eliminate the pee smell from the odor-producing area totally, your cat might go back to the couch. This could continue an ongoing cycle that could result in you buying an entirely new sofa.

Best Enzyme Cleaner for Cat Urine

If you’ve tried DIY alternatives, but the smell remains pervasive, you might be interested in an enzymatic cleaning product like this one. It doesn’t only hide odors, and it eliminates cat and pet pee smells from furniture and carpet. This product is excellent for removing pet urine, and it can even eliminate the odors of skunks!

How to Get Rid of a Cat Pee Smell in Bedding and Clothes

Cats don’t have a lot of choice in the places they pee, and you’ll need to know how to remove the scent of cat pee off of bedding, clothes, and another laundry. The cleaning procedure is as follows:

  • Blot the cat’s pee as you can use tissue paper.
  • Utilize an enzyme cleaner specifically created for urine, and try it on a concealed part of the stained fabric (especially when cleaning delicate clothes).
  • The stain should be soaked in enzyme cleaner (once deemed safe for fabric) and allowed to disintegrate the uric acids for around 15 minutes.
  • Make use of paper towels, wipe the cleaner off and let the stain air dry.
  • Clean your laundry by washing it with cat urine separately to prevent the transfer of odors.
  • Use an enzyme soap and a pound of baking soda—Wash sheets or clothing with cold water.
  • Dry the laundry in a line to ensure that the stain and the odor are removed.
  • After that, if you smell a bit stale clean the laundry using one cup of white vinegar and dry it in the air.

Make use of an enzyme cleaner.

Uric acid, the substance that causes the smell, isn’t water-soluble and won’t respond to water-based cleaning methods. Enzymatic cleaners break down the uric acid and eliminate the odor. Soak the affected area in the enzymatic cleaner as profoundly to the mattress as urine went. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Cleaning agents that contain enzymes can cause stains or lightening of the dye leather furniture. Make sure to test your cleaner on a tiny and less obvious area to determine whether it causes damage to the leather before using it.

Why Is Cat Urine So Smelly?

The stink of cat urine becomes more unpleasant with the. This is because the bacterium in cat urine decomposes as it decomposes it, an odor similar to ammonia releases. While the bacterium continues to decay, mercaptans are released from the smell. They are the same substances that give a notoriously unpleasant smell to skunk spray.

It’s worse for older cats. As cats get older, their kidneys become less efficient, making the smell of urine sourer than the smell of cats younger. Male cats who haven’t been neutered also contain the hormone testosterone present in urine, making the urine smell more unpleasant. The hormones let males know to stay away.

How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of a Couch

Cat urine can be challenging to get rid of from upholstery and, if it’s penetrated padding, it could create lingering odors or mildew and mold. However, knowing how to eliminate the smell of cat urine from your couch isn’t complicated with the appropriate equipment and knowledge.

The best method to rid yourself of the smell of cat urine is to employ an upholstery cleaner. They come with scrubbers that allow you to remove odors and stains from your sofa. It is possible to soak the pee spot without fearing not doing it enough because you’ll need to slough off the urine, water, and cleanser after you’re finished.

Make use of this attachment on your carpet to wash up the stain with a natural cleansing solution specifically designed to eliminate pets with smells. After that, you can vacuum clean the urine and remove the cleaner. Beware that you might require soaking and vacuuming the cat’s urine several times to eliminate the stain and smell.


Cat urine is among the most offensive and robust smells that pets leave behind. If your cat is peeing on your couch, it is imperative to eliminate the odor and prevent the recurrence of this behavior. Here are five proven solutions that will do both, allowing you to end the problem in one go quickly. Perhaps, one of these solutions is a perfect option for you and will resolve your pee odor problems one-for-all.

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