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How To Get Coins In Pokemon Go

Coins free within Pokemon Go is incredibly sought after since they’re the sole game currency that allows players to purchase exclusive items from the store. However, there is a way for you to get free Pokecoins by playing in gyms. You can earn every day.

While some objects available in Pokemon Go can be obtained through completing various challenges, there’s one currency that’s more difficult for players to receive hold of.

Of course, it’s Pokecoins. And since most players do not have enough money to purchase the currency of choice, it may not seem easy to earn enough money to buy items at the store.

There’s good news: an opportunity to earn coins without cost. So, let’s look at the best method to earn cash for free in Pokemon Go regularly without paying for the game.

How do Pokemon Trainers earn more cash to buy things?

The most common method of earning PokeCoins is to be able to control a Gym. When a trainer contains a gym, their Pokemon can make one coin every minute.

The cap is set at eight hours when the trainer will receive 50 coins. However, if the trainer has several Gyms eliminated on the same day, they’ll only be able to collect the maximum amount of 50 coins.

Trainers only accumulate these coins over time. The only time trainers can collect the money is when their pet is killed.

How to Get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

The primary method by which players earn PokeCoins while playing is by having their Pokemon remain at gyms that the teams have taken on. If they are still looking for the gym that’s which is occupied by their team, players must find one to take them over.

If players play with their Pokemon in an area gym, they receive one PokeCoin for every ten minutes that it is there. The amount, however, is limited to 50 coins, meaning players won’t be able to earn large amounts from a single gym. Furthermore, players will only receive PokeCoins PokeCoins through their Pokemon after defeat and being removed from their Pokemon gym.

The limit of 50 coins covers several Pokemon each day, meaning that when two Pokemon have reached the limit and are exiled on the same day, users receive only 50 coins. But, if one of those two Pokemon gets kicked off on one day, and then the second Pokemon is removed the next day, players will be awarded 100 coins, as the cap resets at midnight in the player’s local time.

Purchase Pokecoins using Google Opinion Rewards cash.

The best method to acquire Pokecoins is to purchase them. This option is accessible by pressing the Pokeball icon on the top of the Pokemon Go screen, then choosing Shop.

Pokemon Go Pokecoin prices:

  • $0.99 – 100 coins
  • $4.99 -555 coins
  • $9.99 -1,200 coins
  • $19.99 -2500 coins
  • $39.99 -5200 coins
  • $99.99 -14500 coins

This is the standard pricing model for Freemium games, which is why Pokemon Go is no different. We’re sure you’re thinking, “this is not free!”. It’s true, and we’re not discussing this issue at all. There are, however, options to earn Google Play credit, and you can use this credit to purchase coins!

Defending a gym

Due to this limit, there is only one way to earn coins other than constantly going out, going to gyms, and then leaving defenders. So, the Pokemon you choose to leave as a defense Pokemon can make an enormous difference in the number of coins you earn. For example, if you go something small such as the Weedle or Rattata, there’s likely a chance that you’ll get kicked out of the gym quickly. On the other hand, if you’re leaving something significant that weighs a lot, you’ll have a higher likelihood of crossing the 10-minute time limit and earning a minimum of one cent.

So who is it? Blissey. It’s Blissey. This egg-bearing beast of a gym defender can cause such massive damage that individuals won’t bother to spend the time to get it down. However, only some people have a powerful Blissey to keep away the yellow and red hoards of Pokemon trying to take over their gym. In this scenario, it’s a matter of choosing a high-CP Pokemon that can do the job. However, you’ll benefit by having a defender with a different kind of Pokemon than those already in the fitness center. It’s not necessary to inflict or take on the most injury. It’s about taking up time and making it harder for other players.

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