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how to get dead mans tale

The famous Dead Man’s Tale is an unusual scout gun that attracts many players to it. To acquire it, you must finish the Presage mission, which is part of the Season of the Chosen for those who have a season pass. It’s included in The Voice on the Other Side mission too. The task is somewhat difficult to finish as it has several puzzles and combat encounters.

How to get Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2

If you’re trying to purchase Dead Man’s Tale, look at your most-loved retailer with a horse: Xur, the Peddler of Strange Goods, who appears each week with a brand new Legendary and Exotic products.

Dead Man’s Tale was one of two Exotics found on random rolls during the year Four and was followed by The Season of Hunt’s Hawkmoon. This motivated players to play Preage each week to get certain perks, like Outlaw and Vorpal Weapon. Bungie was determined to keep the possibility of random roll, So the developers chose Xur as the brand’s first drop-source.


You’ll find yourself in a tiny maze. Follow the one way, and look around the locked areas behind vents that are destructible. Near the top of the pathway, you’ll encounter an exit to explore the ship even more. Go inside and continue. Follow the route until you arrive at the opposite side of that big door. The lever should be pulled, and you will be able to take a shortcut back.

Acquire the Distress Signal

The initial portion of the Dead Man’s Tale quest will lead gamers to EDZ specifically, that of the Arms Dealer strike task.

After you have spawned within the mission, turn right and go through an open entrance to an area containing Scorpius Turrets. Eliminate them all and head outside to find more turrets, and one of the best Cabal enemies awaits.

What does the Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst do?

The catalyst that powers Dead Man’s Tale doesn’t directly change how Cranial Spike performs or enhance its ability. The Destiny 2 catalyst increases fire rate when you hip-fire and eliminates any accuracy penalty when hip-firing. This makes this an even more efficient method of causing more damage (especially in the case of massive crit areas like an Obgre’s head).

Bungie has repeatedly tweaked the hip-fire of Dead Man’s Tale, with The Witch Queen decreasing the speed of fire that can be fired through the hips to 130 rounds per min (down from 150). The developers can modify the weapon as needed, however.

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