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How To Get Google Play On Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon is the only company with its own app store, available on all its devices, including Fire Tablets, but its applications are small. But Fire OS runs on an altered version of Android, so it’s possible to download apps on the Google Play Store and install the Play Store on your device. You only need one of the Amazon Fire tablets, a Google account, and the required four APK documents.

How do I Install the Google Play Store? Google Play Store

The best part is that installing Play Store on a Fire Tablet is easy. Play Store on a Fire Tablet does not require hacking “rooting,” or doing any other thing from your computer. The most straightforward approach is to download the necessary documents and install the files. But make sure you read this whole guide thoroughly and ensure you know every step before getting moving.

Before you Start

There are some restrictions that you must be aware of.

Certain apps aren’t compatible. Undoubtedly, you have access to the Play Store installed, but it doesn’t mean every app will work properly. In particular, anything that relies on GPS information is impossible, and certain applications are not available since Fire tablets have yet to be certified SafetyNet by Google.

Some Play Store apps don’t work with Amazon Kids+: I still need to install Google Play Store on a Fire Tablet Kids Edition. Google Play Store on a Fire Tablet Kids Edition yet. However, information from across the web indicates that some apps may not work in conjunction with the Amazon Kids+ subscription service.

Google Family Link doesn’t work even with Google Play Store; despite the presence of Google Play Store, you won’t be able to control the settings on your Fire tablet using Google Family Link, which allows you to manage some parental control. The previous issue makes me recommend that you do not use Google’s Google Play Store on a device intended for children.

Take out the SD card to install the Google Play Store. Google Play Store can wipe your SD card. So, pull it out if you own one. Then, you can insert it into the slot after having completed it.

Check if you’re using an older or 7th-generation Fire Tablet. Find out what model you use through settings > devices options and then About the Fire Tablet. The device should show something similar to Fire HD 8 (10th Generation).

The instructions below are designed for use with tablets such as the Fire HD 7, Fire HD 8, and Fire HD 10 tablets, 7th Generation or later. Remember that you’ve strayed off the road you should be on in this. This doesn’t mean that you’re likely to make a mistake or fall into a scam; however, if something does happen to go wrong and something goes wrong, it’s your responsibility to fix the issue. You can leave your comment in the comments section if you’re experiencing difficulties.

This will only work on the 2022 version of Amazon’s Fire HD 7 and Fire HD 8 tablets if you are running Fire OS installed. My Amazon test units had Fire OS installed, and even though everything else worked, I could install apps via the Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Some users on Reddit have experienced similar issues. However, some have discovered that the Google Play Store starts working when you receive an update for Fire OS However, Amazon issues the updates randomly, as I still need a computer that runs Fire to play with.

Apps from unidentified sources are allowed.

You’ll need to download it since you can’t get Google Play Store apps directly from Amazon. Google Play Store now from the Amazon App Store; it’s necessary to download it via the web. However, Amazon Fire devices have an inbuilt setting that blocks the downloading of applications via sources other than the Amazon App Store. Amazon App Store. Before downloading Google Play, you’ll need to turn off the settings. Here’s how:

Step 1: Start the Settings application on your Amazon Fire device.

Step 2: Choose the Security and Privacy tab.

Step 3: Under the Security and Privacy menu, click on apps from unknown sources.

Step 4: Choose the Silk Browser option, then switch to the Allow this source option.

Installation of the Play Store on your Fire Tablet

Step 1: Allow apps that come from unidentified sources

To enable this feature, open Settings > Security and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources.” This allows you to install APKS that you download from the web.

Since it is unavailable in the PlayStore, it does not have it in the Amazon App Store. Amazon AppStore, we need to download it on the web.

Step 2. Install the APK file to Install the PlayStore

Installing some software to enable the PlayStore correctly on our Fire tablet is necessary. It is possible to download the APK documents from this trusted source. All of them can be downloaded on your tablet.

If you own Fire HD 8 from Fire HD 8 from 2017 Fire HD 8, download this Google PlayStore version; otherwise Google PlayStore

Step 3: Install the APK files that you downloaded.

APK files will be kept in Docs, LocalStorage tab > Download

Tap on each downloaded file. The order is vital, so you should download files like in the prior stage.

Comment: The “Install button” is greyed out; you must lock your tablet and open it. The screen should change to orange. You continue installing the APK file.

Step 4: Transform your device into a controller for your home

When you install the Google Play services, a Google Play icon will be displayed on the desktop. Open it. The program will be updated on its own, so it’ll appear very slow in the beginning.

If you want to learn more, check out this blog article and learn how to control your home’s innovative features with your tablet.

Google Play Launching Google Play

If you open Google Play for the first time, you’ll be asked to sign in with the details of your Google account. It may take several minutes to install updates before the app functions well, and a few apps may need additional updates. You’ll be able to search and download applications just like you do on your regular Android phone.

How to install Google Play on an Older Fire

If you have an earlier Amazon tablet, or if the methods above aren’t working, rooting your device before installing Google Play is necessary. The device requires a Windows PC and a USB cable similar to your tablet’s. As Fire OS is a modified version of Android, The steps to rooting the Fire tablet are identical to doing the same on an Android device.

How can I access locally saved documents from the Fire tablet? Fire tablet?

If you leave the downloaded APKs and need them deleted, the Amazon preinstalled “Docs” app on the Fire tablet also functions as a management tool for files. To open the files you downloaded, launch the application, then click the menu icon near the upper left corner of the screen. Then, select “Download” under “Local Storage.” Be sure to keep an eye on APK names, for the files can be lengthy and challenging to comprehend; however, should you download these files in the sequence mentioned above, the time stamp on the file can aid you in determining what file to install first next, the third and finally, fourth.

If you’ve installed these APKs correctly, you can open your Google Play Store app and log in to the account you created with your Google account. Once you’re signed in, you’re able to download any game or app that is available.

Download APK files

To install Google Play Store, you must download four APK files onto your device. APK is a file package format utilized by Android and other operating systems to distribute and install mobile applications. Launch the Silk browser of your Fire tablet, follow the following links based on the model of your tablet, and then download the respective APK file by pressing the “DOWNLOAD APK” button.

Make improvements to the performance of your Amazon tablet’s performance by a lot.

Fire tablets may not be the most efficient devices on the market. However, you can make it somewhat faster using several simple steps. Please review our complete Fire tablet guide to performance to learn the steps.

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