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How to Get into the Space Industry

Taking a step into the space industry doesn’t necessarily mean becoming an astronaut or a rocket scientist. There are many available jobs in this industry, and anybody can conquer space with knowledge and perseverance.

As one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, professionals estimate its worth will reach $3 trillion by 2040. It makes the space industry 20 times bigger than the gaming production and 15 times bigger than the supermarket industry.

The main reason why the space sector is booming is because of the NewSpace phenomenon. It is a series of technological and business model innovations that reduce the cost of products and services. Without further ado, let’s learn how you can get started in the space industry.

What Is the Space Sector?

The space sector gets categorized into two categories. The Upstream deals with the manufacture and operations of space technology and getting it into space. The Downstream deals with how that technology gets used in space and on Earth.

Space technology is practical in many ways. Farmers can track crop yields, and defense and security teams can use satellite data to monitor Earth. This tech is also beneficial for satellite TV and mobile networks.


The easiest way into the space industry is through the STEM systems, but other qualifications work too. The main route is to go to university to study math, physics, and engineering. Other subjects such as business, law, and politics are also essential for space programs.

Programs that focus on geography are useful for geology and planetary science. Psychology is essential for studying the impact of the human mind and space travel. Classes like chemistry and biology can be applied to Earth observation science.


You can participate in space themed competitions and get noticed by big league companies. You can also go to hackathons or CODEFEST, especially if you know to code. Showing your skills will impress potential employers and be a great way to network.

Another way to gain experience is to become a volunteer or do an apprenticeship. Many space entrepreneurs hire interns for their businesses. If you are worthy by the end of your contract, you might get a job with them.

One way to make connections is by participating in plenty of space events. If tickets are too expensive, you can simply volunteer. Space communities also offer great insight into this industry, and you can find out about potential job openings.

Available Careers

Multiple job paths are available in this industry, depending on what you want to do. You can become a space engineer and deal with designing spacecraft, satellites, and many other things. The IT domain also offers many job possibilities, such as software engineers and data analysts.

For non-technological people, you can opt for sales and public relations jobs. Some jobs require law knowledge or business strategy and many other skills.

Overall, there are many ways you can work in the space industry if you put your mind to it. Researching your best way to achieve this and applying yourself to all possible openings can make it happen.

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