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How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers, as adorable as they may be, you won’t enjoy it when they hammer through the air with a roar against another area. The sounds that they produce can result in an unpleasant wake-up call. If they are not careful, woodpeckers could cause costly damage to your house siding. There are a few things that you can do to help keep the birds from your home.

Here are ten effective methods to eliminate woodpeckers permanently.

Eliminate Their Food Source

Woodpeckers could be nesting in your house because of pests within the walls. For a sure answer, contact an exterminator and ask them to inspect for problems or do some digging on your own.

Begin by locating the problematic location where woodpeckers are the most often squawking. When you have found the area, check your property’s interior for dead insects and rotting wood. If you suspect insects are at fault, An exterminator will help remove this food source for woodpeckers.

Create alternative food sources.

To stop woodpeckers from pinning on your property, you can feed them. In many cases, they’re damaging your property due to their hunger, so you must stop eating in other areas of the property.

They are a plant you can grow away from your property to lure woodpeckers away. If you decide to try this, be sure to place the source of food a fair distance away from the area of concern.

Make Your Home More Beautiful

Numerous decorations could serve as bird-proofing devices. Woodpeckers can be frightened of shiny things; therefore, decorating the exterior of your property with reflective materials can keep them out. The best items to consider are:

  • Pie tins
  • Foil strips
  • Reflective tape
  • Shiny streamers
  • Pinwheels with reflective reflection

You may display them depending on the materials; you can show them in various ways. The Long, thin material like foil strips and streamers can be suspended from the branches of trees, and things like pie tins and other jars of food can be suspended from the ceiling.

In the ideal scenario, birds observe their reflections on these objects, get nervous, and then move to an alternative area. But, this strategy will only work when sufficient sunlight shines on the items.

The most common method for controlling birds is to use food items to keep birds from escaping for a day or two. When you put a bird feeder in the vicinity of the hole used by woodpeckers, You have the potential to make it difficult for birds.

Fill the feeder with suet cakes or bird food and place it near the bird’s feeding spot. Every day, you shift the feeder just a few steps away until you’re away from your house enough to ensure the woodpecker doesn’t return.

Three Strategies to get rid of Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers rely on insects as their primary diet, and should your property or house be ravaged by insects, that could appear like an unending buffet. Bees, ants, and termites are all typical reasons for woodpeckers to attack your home. So, look for evidence of an infestation, such as Hives, rotting wood, and dead bugs. Do the treatment yourself or contact an exterminator. Pest control companies are happy to assist in identifying the cause.

If you’re having trouble even after you’ve eliminated this source of food, provide the woodpeckers with a different food source to take in. They love eating suet made of cow fat, especially in the late autumn season, in winter, and at the beginning of spring, when food sources are in short supply. Set an outdoor bird feeder near where woodpeckers eat to draw them towards another food source. After about a week, you can slowly shift the feeder away from your residence by just a few feet daily. The feeder can be removed entirely once the summer season is upon us and birds have been trained to stay away from your house.

In addition, they consume fruits and berries, so you should grow fruit trees and shrubs within the boundaries of your property, far from your home, to distract the birds’ focus away from your house.

Frighten Woodpeckers Away

Deterrents are products or objects that deter pests from your property. So, think about purchasing some deterrents for woodpeckers. Various anecdotal sources recommend hanging or placing reflective, movable, or sound things. Setting up pinwheels or hanging CDs from the ceiling or wind Chimes is possible.

It is also possible to purchase an owl decoy that makes the appearance of a predator that has entered the vicinity. But, many homeowners have reported they only prove successful for a limited duration. Woodpeckers are intelligent enough to know no real danger and will return in several days.

The reflective “scare” tape has proven more reliable than other woodpecker deterrents. It is necessary to put the video in long lengths suspended in front of any zones of damage caused by woodpeckers. If it flies through the air, the highly reflective glossy surface can irritate the eyes of the birds and deter the birds away. But remember that the tape can degrade or become detached over time and may not function with no wind.

To stop Woodpeckers from returning

To provide a long-lasting option, netting for birds is the only option that can be trusted to keep woodpeckers out. The mesh should be one inch or less, set at least 3 inches from the area of concern, which will stop the woodpecker from entering the space. Netting is also used for the protection of trees. It can be challenging to set up correctly. However, the mesh is usually more subtle than reflective tape.

A second preventative measure is hiring an insect control service to eliminate pests that could bring woodpeckers back into your house. We suggest getting estimates from several firms to choose the exemplary pest control service for your requirements.
Read This Guide to Learn the best way to rid yourself of Woodpeckers

Use this guide to learn how to get rid of Woodpeckers

To prevent these issues To prevent them from happening, you must keep the woodpecker out of your home within your home as quickly as possible. If it does, your condition will be worsened because the destruction is hard to stop. This is due to woodbirds’ territorial behavior and their habit of staying within the same spot all season. Save time, so let’s go on with this article.

Learn these strategies and discover how to rid yourself of woodpeckers.

Modify the food source of woodpeckers.
Aluminum foil can be used to ward off woodpeckers.

Make holes in your home to keep woodpeckers away

Utilize a sound reverberation device to deter birds
To eliminate woodpeckers you have built in your backyard, It is recommended to implement a strategy to frighten the birds away. Avoid solutions that could cause harm to woodpeckers, like the sticky materials which trap birds. Choose any of the four suggestions that have been found to shield you from the dangers of woodpeckers.

How can we scare away Woodpeckers?

The first and foremost factor to remember is that whichever methods are employed to frighten woodpeckers away, it has to be a technique that does not harm woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers are a persistent species, and they are difficult to drive out of their territory or their chosen areas to pick. This is why any effort to stop them must be initiated when the issue is discovered, and before that, the affected regions are impacted by the animals.

You can utilize two simple and safe techniques to prevent material damage or disturbance from woodpeckers.

Our Recommendation

Homeowners can choose from many basic but effective strategies for stopping woodpeckers. Which method best suits your needs will be based on the kind of woodpecker in your area, the degree of damage done by the woodpecker, and the extent of the area affected. In most cases, a combination of audiovisual and physical barriers and other shelters and food sources are the most effective.

If you are experiencing problems or the damage is significant, you should seek assistance from a professional pest control firm. Terminix and Orkin are two respected companies that provide strategies for preventing woodpeckers from entering your home and combating the insects that attract them to the house. They both offer inspections for free and consults to help you decide on the most effective course for your particular circumstances.

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