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how to get the most fps in csgo

The CS: GO game is one of the most loved shooters among players worldwide. If you are looking to enjoy the game for fun or aim to become a professional, it is essential to have a high FPS. Because this is a first-person shooter, FPS plays a significant role in your performance of yours. Even if you’re the most skilled player on the planet, it won’t be possible to perform well without the required FPS.

In contrast to the past, when most people could play CS 1.6, most modern PCs today have the resources to give players sufficient FPS. CS: GO has existed for a few years, meaning that all modern computers shouldn’t have any FPS issues.

Some people face problems, particularly if they are looking to play at higher resolutions. Some people cannot afford a new computer, So let’s take an overview of the steps we can take to achieve higher FPS in CS: GO.

Why FPS Drops in CSGO?

If your FPS in CSGO suddenly dropped out of the blue, or you’ve had to deal with low FPS since the beginning, it’s not an attractive image to look at. The lower your FPS, the more frustrating the gaming experience could be. You may experience lag, poor-quality Video, rough gameplay, and many more.

The fact that a PC with a low-end model doesn’t support CSGO could be a possibility for an FPS decrease. However, there are occasions when gamers have good gaming machines and have this problem. What is the issue? It could be because of continuous game updates, high CPU load, or many more. Here, you’ll see a list of the possible reasons for slow FPS performance in CSGO and solutions for them.

You can check the exact number of FPS you currently receive by creating the game’s in-game FPS counter. It’s as easy as using the command console and entering the following command: cl_showfps1. After that, type the command cl_showfps zero if you want to remove the FPS counter from your display. This is an excellent method to conduct an easy FPS test to see your position. In our second article, there are many methods to show the FPS score of a game.

What is the best FPS in CS: GO Pro?

The best options for starting to maximize FPS are avid -console and possibly -tick rate 128 if playing faceit or something to help train flashes, smokes, and other names when playing on the offline servers. You can also check the csgo Pro setting commands to start.

Which is the most effective CSGO start-up option?

One +fps maximum 0 /fps max 0 /fps full 0 FPS max /fps 0 zero /fps max 0/f This is yet another Console Command; however, it can also be used as Launch Option, that’s why it could be listed on 2 -enjoy. The Steam Launch Option disables the joystick function in the game, which is something most PC players do not want or want. English is the third language.

What are the most effective CS: GO graphic settings?

Access the CS:

  • GO interface.
  • Click Video Options from the menu on the left.
  • Select both the Video as well as the Advanced Video tabs.

I’ll show you how to maximize each video option for optimal quality and performance. Utilize the native aspect ratio. It depends on the display. Most displays today are 16:9 in aspect ratio.

Windows Settings

If you’re a Windows user, you need to know that Windows offers a fantastic option for managing power. If you look in your computer’s control panel “power options” and select the option, an alternative will appear with two choices: “balanced” and “high performance.” If you choose a high performance, you’ll notice better performance in CS: GO and any other games you play. In Windows 10, too, it’s possible to enable a new feature known as “Game Bar.” Game Bar consumes CPU resources and slows down your games, but it’s a good thing you can turn off this feature, which will, in turn, boost your frame rate.

Edit the setting for the Video in CS Modify the video settings of CS

You can quickly increase the CS Game’s performance by changing the game’s video settings. Here’s how to achieve this:

1. Start your Steam client to run CS Go. After that, click the gear button to open the game’s settings. Go to Video Settings > Advanced Video.

2. Modify the settings for Video in the game by following the image below to get the best performance.

3. If you’re still having trouble with the drop-in FPS issue in the game, you can try playing the game in a windowed mode and then lowering the quality of CS: GO.

Play the game repeatedly, and you’ll notice how much FPS you get from CS: GO is higher than before.

Various FPS Optimization Methods for CS: GO

To increase the performance in CS: GO, simply pushing the hardware components to their maximum limit isn’t enough. Instead, optimizing your game and the entire system sensible method is more effective and will result in a steady growth in FPS without over-stressing the system.

Graphics Card Settings: Nvidia

The most crucial aspect of optimizing appropriately for CS: GO is the settings for your graphics card. All players who utilize the Nvidia graphics card can play with these settings.

The first step is to start the Nvidia Control Panel by right-clicking the display on your desktop.

When the Nvidia Control Panel is opened, and you can access the 3D Settings, click Then, select the “Manage 3D Settings” option.

Then, select “Program Settings” and “CS: GO” as the desired game from the dropdown menu.

Now you can customize the game-specific settings, improving your overall CSGO experience.

For AMD Cards

Right-click on the desktop to launch AMD Radeon Settings. Select Gaming and then Global Settings. Adjust settings in the same manner as shown on the screen.

Launch Commands

Start the STEAM Library Choose CS: GO. Click Properties. Then, select Launch options. Then write these commands in order:

Nov – Eliminates the game’s intro movie.

-high – The game starts in high-priority mode.

-freq x (60, 75, 120, 144, 240)Hz – Display refresh rate.

High — Runs the game using high priority.

Threads: The number of lines or cores (if your system supports Hyperthreading [ru.Wikipedia.org that the CPU the game can make use of.

-nod3d9ex enables you to eliminate the issue that causes a drastic drop in FPS when you run the program for a prolonged duration – it only works with DX8 graphic devices… You can determine the date this “tip” is.

-noaafonts: Removes the smoothing effect of fonts.

-lv -Plays the game in reduced brutality mode.

+exec Autoexec -Runs a .cfg file with commands that increase FPS

Windows 10 Graphics Settings

If you select Browse, the file explorer will be opened, and you’ll have to choose the drive and the path to the location where CSGO can be saved. After adding the program to your graphic settings list, The operating system allows you to select between the following:

Let Windows select

Power Saving (Usually Intel HD Graphics)

High-Performance (Usually, Your graphics card(s)

Specific GPU (Choose the GPU you want to make use of)

You can choose the option High Performance to get the best performance from your system. If your GPU is causing problems with your routine, you must set it to let Windows decide. Make sure to update your settings.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a quick-paced FPS game that demands at least 60 frames per second. FPS lower than this makes the game not smooth. With our guide, you can boost your FPS in CS.GO by following a few easy guidelines. Keep in mind that not every issue is fixable with settings or driver updates. If you’re using outdated hardware, these recommendations may not be practical.

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