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How To Hide Taskbar Windows 11

The default Windows 11 and 10 taskbar appears in the lower right corner of the screen. It allows you direct access to the most commonly used applications, in-use applications, as well as the Start menu, widgets, and time, as well as other information. It’s only for some to gaze at the Taskbar all day, every day of the year. Some people want to remove it for aesthetic reasons or to take back a tiny amount of space at lower levels of the display.
This article will walk you through the steps to enable the Taskbar’s icon to disappear out of view when the toolbar is not being used. The process is identical for Windows 11 and its predecessor; however, we’ve highlighted the minor variations in the following section.

What can I do to hide the Taskbar in Windows 11?

The Windows 11 taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen by default. It contains a Start menu with shortcuts for the apps you love, as well as icons for the action center, as well as clickable buttons that allow you to toggle between open apps. If you are concerned that it is overly occupying your screen, you may conceal the Taskbar so that it appears only whenever you require it.

This is how you can block the Taskbar from Windows 11:

  • Right-click the toolbar to choose Taskbar Settings.
  • Taskbar Settings within the Windows 11 taskbar right-click menu.
  • Clicking Taskbar behavior.
  • The Taskbar highlights taskbar behaviors in Windows 11 taskbar settings.
  • Then, click the button beside Automatically remove the Taskbar.
  • Automatically remove the Taskbar that is highlighted from Windows 11 taskbar settings.
  • The Taskbar will go away.
  • The Taskbar is hidden within Windows 11
  • To restore the Taskbar, you must move your mouse towards the very bottom of the screen.
  • The Taskbar that hides itself is highlighted in the taskbar Windows 11, reappearing with a mouseover.
  • If you drag to the lowest point of the screen, the Taskbar will vanish.

Why Is My Windows Taskbar Not Hiding?

If you have the Taskbar hidden when you hide the Taskbar in Windows 11, several things could make it pop in the form of a new window. It’s built to appear when you drag your mouse towards the lower right corner of the screen. However, notifications or apps may make it show up as well. Therefore, if the Taskbar doesn’t appear to be being hidden as it is supposed to it should, then a notification or application is likely to require attention.
If you find that your Windows 11 taskbar isn’t hiding, Try these solutions:
Clear and clean all notifications. The way to check for announcements is through the upper right edge of the Taskbar. If you receive any information, then click to read them or remove them and check whether the toolbar is hidden.
Look for applications that require attention. Certain apps can display an alert in the Taskbar. This could trigger the toolbar to appear if it is not visible or isn’t disappearing altogether. Select each app that is open to open it on your Taskbar. It will go away once you’ve clicked on one that’s flashing the alert.
Shut down your applications. In certain situations, it may be necessary to shut down and restart your apps to make the Taskbar off. If you have clicked on every app, but the toolbar doesn’t disappear, you can try closing the apps you’re currently using. If the Taskbar doesn’t fade, then you should start your applications again, each one at a time, to identify which one causes the issue.
Restart Windows Explorer. If you’ve followed the instructions in the preceding section but your Taskbar did not disappear the Taskbar, it may be necessary to start over with Windows Explorer. It’s as easy as using Task Manager, right-clicking Windows Explorer, and then selecting Restart.
Start up your PC. If the Taskbar isn’t able to disappear, restarting your PC is likely to fix the issue.

Why can’t my Taskbar disappear in fullscreen mode?

If Taskbar doesn’t disappear when in the full-screen mode on Windows 11/10, it’s likely an issue with the settings.
Therefore, the first step is to examine your Taskbar settings and ensure they are correct. The first thing to take when attempting to solve this issue is to double-check the settings. In most cases, you can fix the problem with an inflexible taskbar. Auto-hiding the toolbar can provide you with an immersive experience on the screen, and it is a fantastic alternative for a temporary fix.
Other reasons that may result in taskbars freezing when all screens include:

  • Old operating system
  • Windows visual effects
  • Older drivers
  • Malware
  • An application from a third party like antivirus from a third party or an intense game

What is the best way to hide the Taskbar? Do the trick?

The last time we wrote, we had a tactile article on the Why Is Taskbar Displaying Full-screen? What can you do to fix it? Could you check this out for some ideas?
The Taskbar serves as an interface component that helps you keep track of your open windows and your most frequently popular apps. But sometimes, you’ll want to take it to keep it hidden from view. This is why you can use the “Automatically hide the taskbar” feature was invented! This setting is available on Windows 10 (and even the brand-new Windows 11); the Taskbar is automatically hidden whenever it’s not used.
Moving the cursor onto the Taskbar’s area can bring it back ready to use without having to click anything or press any button!
It frees up more space on your desktop. It also assists in keeping the clean aspect of an operating system since you’ll have fewer distractions while trying to do some tasks. In some cases, it is even necessary for you to utilize your applications in total. As an example, the majority of games require you to be able to see the screen without the Taskbar obscuring certain areas. Otherwise, they’ll become impossible to play.

Which do you prefer? Windows 11 taskbar: visible or hidden?

I like the way I love the way the Windows 11 taskbar looks and the way it functions, despite its shortcomings. But some want it always visible, and others would prefer hiding it. In ending this article, I’d love to hear which of you decided to hide or reveal the Taskbar, as well as your motivations for doing this. Leave a comment using the choices below, and we can discuss the subject.

Does my Taskbar remain inaccessible with the following Windows Updates?

If you use the Auto-hide feature, the modifications will be applied to your system with subsequent Windows updates. But, if you’re using third-party workarounds or applications, they could break when there are changes to the Taskbar based on Windows updates.
It is highly recommended to block third-party software before installing updated features. When upgrading your system, you may try hiding your Taskbar and then check whether the app works with the most recent version of Windows 11.

Why Won’t the Taskbar Show On My Second Monitor in Windows 11?

If you install another monitor within Windows and extend the display so that you have two desktops for each, it is possible to choose the location where the Taskbar should appear. You can, for instance, choose to have the Taskbar show only on your primary monitor or be displayed across both. It is also possible to use this feature by using the hide feature, which allows the Taskbar to be hidden across both screens. Once you’ve done that, it is possible to pull up the Taskbar for both screens using your mouse at the top of the screen.
Windows 11 has an issue in which the Taskbar of the second monitor is hidden when you turn it off. However, it will stop appearing whenever you drag your mouse to the lower part of the display. It may be due to pinned applications. When you unpin the icons by right-clicking each and selecting Remove from Taskbar, your Taskbar may work properly again.

The final thought

Our suggestions will help you figure out the Taskbar’s hiding in full-screen Windows 10 and 11. If you are still having issues, then please call Microsoft Support alongside this article and the Help Center for a wealth of details on how you can improve and resolve Windows 10 or Windows 11 problems.
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