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how to increase upload speed xfinity

Xfinity, a US Telecommunications company, offers its customers high-quality, next-generation internet service. Although the download speed is well, customers often encounter slow upload speeds.

There is a way to boost the speed of upload with Xfinity by updating your PC to the most recent version and making use of wired connections instead of WiFi, as well as looking for malware on the system or other threats, restricting WiFi connection, as well as making sure the router or modem are operating correctly.

The slow speed of the internet could be a hassle if you’re looking to upload a huge file or upload a PowerPoint or document right away, or backup crucial information.

Fast upload speeds are essential in the modern world. We’ll examine the reason the reasons why Xfinity’s upload speeds are slow and provide steps to address the issue.

What is a good Xfinity upload speed?

You’ll know you’re uploading at a decent speed when your speed test results show an average of 5-10 Mbps. This is good, given that the FCC places the upload rate at a minimum of 3Mbps. Anything at this speed or higher is classified as “high capacity for speed.”

It’s good news that Xfinity offers upload speeds as fast as 30 Mbps. If you’re experiencing more slowly than this, consider looking into some of the most common problems listed above or using troubleshooting suggestions.

How to Repair the slow upload speeds?

Here’s how you can increase Xfinity Download Speed

Restart the router or device
Making use of Ethernet cable to connect PCs
Checking Internet package
Reduce the number of connections to your network.
Scanner and updating PC
Checking modem status
Replacing the router or ISP
The router can be repositioned and redirected, and you must choose the correct network
Contact Comcast
Let’s look at a few of them in greater detail.

Restart the Router or Device.

Sometimes, your modem, router, or another device may become stuck. You can turn off and on these devices to resolve any intermittent issues.

It is also possible to look these devices up to see if there are loose connections.

Scan Your PC

Click the icon for Start on your desktop, then go to Settings > Update and Security. Continue to Virus & threat protection, Scan options. Select Windows Defender Offline scan. Select Scan Now, and allow Windows to finish the Scan.

Resisting these issues on the PC will help improve Xfinity upload speeds.

Make use of an Ethernet Cable.

The use of a wired connection could aid in improving the speed of connectivity. The router may be at fault for this.

Turn off WiFi, and connect your PC to the modem with the Ethernet cable.

Hardwiring can improve performance and speed. Sometimes, the Ethernet isn’t working, but you can enjoy more fast upload speeds.

The cables may corrode or have specific fittings that are loose. Therefore, changing the line could assist in solving the issue or pinpointing the root of the problem.

Upgrades to the upstream are in the works.

This wave of Comcast speed improvements focuses on the downstream portion of its extensively deployed hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) plant. The operator is planning to boost speeds and capacity upstream.

As part of the plan to launch two gig downstream bandwidth, Comcast is also rolling out higher upload speeds that range from 5x to 10x faster in 34 towns and cities by 2022’s end. Comcast has based these speed increases on the upstream through “mid-split” enhancements that will increase the spectrum allocated to the upstream. This ranges from a previous range of 5MHz-45MHz to a new field that spans 5MHz-85MHz.

At first, Comcast will limit those speedier upload speeds to those who subscribe to xFi Complete, a package that costs a monthly fee of $25. X Complete includes renting a Comcast gateway, the company’s high-tech cybersecurity device with WiFi control and unlimited data.


In this article on how to improve Xfinity speeds for uploads, we discussed the factors that cause slow upload speeds and shared various options to solve the problem. We also talked about the possibilities of using active apps from third parties that can slow down the rate of uploads.

I hope that one of these solutions you tried worked so that you can upload any file quickly through your Xfinity network. If the problem persists, please get in touch with Xfinity support for assistance so they can fix issues with the backend.

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