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How To Kill Your Self

One of the fascinating psychotic disorders discussed in the medical literature is Cotard’s syndrome. It is an uncommon disorder, typically recuperable, where the principal manifestation is the “delusion of non-existence.” Unfortunately, based on the researchers David Cohen and Angele Consoli of the Universite Pierre and Marie Curie, Many patients suffering from Cotard’s Syndrome are entirely convinced that they’re already dead with no most minor doubts.

Recent evidence suggests that Cotard’s can be a neuropsychiatric consequence in people taking aciclovir or valaciclovir for herpes. They also suffer from kidney disease. However, its roots go far back than current drugs. The first time it was mentioned was by French neuroscientist Jules Cotard in the 1880s and is often associated with a severe illness, like schizophrenia, central depression, epilepsy, general paralysis, not to mention the gruesome faces when looking in the mirror. Take the example of a young woman, as described in the book by Cohen and Consoli “The belief was that the sufferer had a total belief that she was dead and was waiting to be buried and that she was without hair or teeth, and the uterus of her was malformed.” What a shame! That image wouldn’t have been positive for her self-esteem.

Are you going to stop me from self-harming?

We’re hoping that by speaking with us, you’ll reach an understanding of your situation from a different perspective.

If you’re not a person who is a child or an adult in danger, then we value the freedom you have to make your own choices and include the option to end your life. We’ll be in contact with you when you’ve decided to take steps to complete your existence.

Do I have to keep an eye on suicide?

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among teens. Knowing why is a great way to care for the person you love dearly.

A suicidal individual is suffering from pain and is determined to make the pain disappear. Emotional or mental stress makes it difficult to concentrate.

Recent studies have shown that the portion of the brain responsible for limiting risks isn’t fully developed until 25. This means that teenagers tend to make impulsive decisions and commit suicide without thinking about the consequences.

I want to die. How can talking help me?

We’ve had experience listening to those with suicidal ideas or feelings, and we are here to help:

When you’re in a state of panic or are in a bind, we can assist you through the moment
we’ll help you to make sense of your feelings
We can suggest other ways of assistance if you’d like it.

How to Care For Yourself

People can and do overcome an attempt to commit suicide. However, your journey will follow an individual path, and every person will cope or be afflicted differently with their personal experience.

Practice self-care.

Self-care is an essential element of your life. Self-care can include whatever you choose to do that allows you to find relief for stress, improves your health and wellbeing, and increases your capacity to cope.

Talk with someone.

Silence isn’t a sign of strength. Finding a safe place to discuss your experience and feelings will help you get through the difficult times. Use your support network or locate a support group to help you through this difficult time. You can also talk to Lifeline for additional support.

Connect to the resources.

Suicide survivors and researchers who study suicide advise counseling to assist in finding ways to alleviate the emotional trauma which led to your decision. Find the right therapist.

Plan a plan of safety.

Make a step-by-step plan if you are feeling suicidal, depressed, or experiencing a crisis; you can begin at the beginning and work with the process until it feels comfortable.


Violent suicide methods, including hanging, are linked with a significantly increased risk of suicide in males and warrant exceptional healthcare and public health consideration. The initial risk factors related to choosing between the violent or non-violent suicide method are interconnected. Other detailed factors closely related in time to suicide attempts, such as the availability of a particular way, could be a factor in deciding to use a specific method.

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