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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Android

Many people block numbers due to a variety of reasons. One reason is to prevent unwanted calls from telemarketers, spammers, and Robocallers. The number you have listed could have been added to their blocked list.

It’s not uncommon that you want to know whether someone stopped you from using an Android Phone. We hope this isn’t an issue, and there are times when we are still interested in finding out.

What can you tell if someone has blocked your Android Phone or Tablet access?

Before starting it, ensure that all calls to your cell phone or text messages aren’t sent to the person you want them to. If you see this happening repeatedly, you could find that your phone number has been blocked.

In the absence of asking the person whether they are blocking you or not, follow the steps below to your complete satisfaction. Removing the number from your contact list and then checking if they appear as a possible contact or otherwise is possible. If the number is visible, it means that you’re not blocked.

1. Launch the dialer application and open your Contacts section on your Android phone.

2. Tap to contact the person to confirm that you are still determining if he’s blocked you.

3. Tap the menu button (two and three dots vertically based on the model of the phone) located in the upper right corner of the display.

4. Tap the Delete option from the menu of choices to erase his personal information.

5. Reopen the Contacts application.

6. Click in the search box at the bottom of the right side of the screen. Type in your name and the name of the person who you deleted.

If the person’s name appears as the suggested contact, this means that you’re not in the phone of theirs. If the name (or number) you deleted isn’t listed as a suggested phone number, It could be that you’re blocking that person’s phone.

If you’re sure you’re not blocking their phone or his, add his phone number to your mobile.

The test with one ring

Another way to determine if the number you call is blocked is to verify whether it rings each time you dial. If the phone rings 3 to 10 times and the call goes straight to voicemail, it is not blocking. In the same way, if it does not even ring, and instead it goes directly to voicemail, the caller isn’t being blocked, but the caller is off their mobile and on or is using turned off Do Not Disturb turned on or operating in airplane mode. If your phone only rings once (or one of the half-rings abbreviated) but then switches to voicemail, you might suspect the number was blocked.

Make a call from a different phone.

If you think someone may be blocking your phone number, one of the fastest and most effective methods of determining the issue is to contact them using another phone. It is possible to use a business telephone or payphone (if available) or even borrow a friend’s telephone; make sure they know what you are trying to accomplish by using the device. Remember that your objective here is to avoid talking with the person you’re calling. However, it is to verify the phone’s ringing. If the phone number you’re trying to call is ringing multiple times on another phone, however, only once on your own, there’s an excellent chance they’re blockading you.

Eliminate contact

Another method to verify the status of a person’s phone is to remove the contact from your list of contacts. Use the search bar inside the Contacts app to find the person’s name.

Number Blocked Contacts List Method

If the number does not appear in the recommended contact list, it indicates that your phone number has been blocked.

You can hide the caller number from the telephone of the individual you’re trying to call using the key to start and then enter 67 before entering the phone number you’re trying to call. Only a few users indeed respond when they receive an unknown call. However, remember that you’re just observing the calls. If the call is answered and rings repeatedly from an unidentified number, however, it’s not your number it’s likely that they’re blocking your phone.

Utilize social media

If you’ve tried everything mentioned above but need help telling precisely the issue, try to contact them via other methods. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp each allow users to make messages. They can even mail the message by postage stamps. Always be courteous in your messages; remember that you won’t know someone blocked you until they inform you.

An essential word on boundaries

A thing that’s not seen often is when someone blocks the number of a caller, but the person needs to figure out the reason. The cause is clear. We are confident in giving the details on this page that often, the block that appears to be a problem may not be. We’re here to assist you in identifying the problem.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone has the right to block your phone number if they think it’s required. Intentionally ignoring a block to contact someone against the wishes of their own is unethical. It may be criminal if you’re located in a different country. Could you not do it?

What can you do to determine if your phone has been banned from using your personal Android phone?

Do you have any way to communicate with the person who suspects you of blocking you? If you’re using Android phones, There’s a different method to determine if your phone number has been blocked.

1. Open the Contacts application on your phone.

2. Find the person is claiming to have blocked your phone

3. Back the contact details of their phone number and make note of their number as well as any other details

4. Tap three dots on the upper corner of the screen.

5. Tap ‘Delete’

6. Close Contacts using long-pressing the home button or swiping towards the bottom while holding it until all active applications are displayed, and then swipe contacts up, then away from the screen.

7. Reopen Contacts

8. Search for the contact that was deleted with the search bar that is located in the middle of the screen

If the person you’re trying to contact that you have just deleted is shown as a contact suggestion, the chances are that they’ve not blocked your phone number.

If they aren’t showing on the screen, there’s a high likelihood that they’ve blocked your account.

This guideline is only for situations where the person blocking your number uses their phone. If you’re concerned that a different platform has blocked you, read our guide to determine if you’ve been banned on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.


Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where you know you are the right person; however, texts and calls have yet to be received. The other party may have a busy schedule; their mobile may be inactive or have problems with their network signal or another issue. If you can’t reach anyone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve removed you from their contact list.

To determine if the number has been blocked:

  1. Confirm if someone has blocked your number on Android.
  2. Try different methods from those discussed in the article above. If you’re sure you’ve been blocked, be calm; this doesn’t mean an end.
  3. Try confronting your opponent or go on with your life.

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