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How To Lock Hidden Photos On Iphone

The Photos application saves our photos, selfies, and many other photos from our everyday life. Because these photos are likely to represent your identity, It’s only natural to need to guard your privacy by locking down the photo gallery within the Photos App on your iPhone.

While there’s no built-in photo lock on the iPhone currently, there is an available solution. In this post, we’ll look at the best way to secure the Photos application of your iPhone with Screen Time.

How to Lock Photos on Your iPhone

Screen Time’s main purpose Screen Time is to control how long you spend on the iPhone. It blocks your access to apps and gives you an alert when the duration of the App has expired.

The locking feature could be employed as a protection feature that locks the Photos App of your iPhone. Here’s how:

1. Go to Settings and select Screen Time > Switch On Screen Time.

2. Select the screen time switch in the window that pops up. Then, tap This Is My iPhone.

3. Next, Create your password using the screen time passcode. Enter your four-digit password.

4. Tap App Limits > Add Limit. Log in with the password for your Screen Time password.

5. Tap to select the drop-down arrow in the category Creativity. Choose the Photos App and then click Next.

6. Scroll through the timer until you set it to one minute. Switch on Block at the End of Limit and tap Add.

Create a password for the security the privacy of your images and videos. iOS 16

It is important to note that you aren’t protected by passwords for your images and videos in isolation. Instead, you’ll transfer your photos and videos into an album in your camera roll which is secured with the help of a password.

If you want to protect your pictures and videos, start the Photos application and locate your Photo or video that you wish to protect as confidential. Doing this in a single step or for just one photo or video is possible. Alternatively, you can tap the button Select at the top of the page to select several images and videos simultaneously. When your images and videos have been chosen, tap the menu with three dots and select the Hide button.

It will delete the images and videos in your library and then move them into your Hidden AlbumAlbum (you will see it in the middle of your albums in Utilities). The default setting for the Hidden album is locked to iOS 16, so any images and videos stored in the folder are only accessible using your passcode, Face ID, or Touch.

How do you hide images that are stored on iPhone or iPad

  • Open Photos.
  • Select the picture or video you would like to keep secret.
  • Press the More button and follow by tapping Hide.
  • You must confirm that you would like to keep the Image or video.

Remove photos from the iPhone or iPad.

Start Photos, then tap the Album tab. If you are using an iPad, you may have to click the icon for the sidebar in the upper left corner to view your albums.

  • Scroll down, and click Hidden under Utilities.
  • Use the Touch ID or Face ID to open the Hidden album.
  • Press the picture or video you wish to remove.
  • Press the More button before tapping to unhide.

Select Open the Albums tab.

Scroll down, and then look to find the Hidden album beneath Utilities. If you use an iPad, tap the sidebar icon in the upper left corner to view your albums.

For turning off the Hidden AlbumAlbum:

Open Settings, and then click Photos.

Scroll down, and switch off the Hidden Album.

When you use either an iPhone or iPad on an iPad, you’ll notice that the Hidden Album is enabled and accessible as a default. Once you’ve turned off this Hidden AlbumAlbum, all hidden pictures or videos will not be displayed within the Photos app.

How to hide images from your Mac

1. Open Photos.

2. Select the Image or video you would like to keep private.

3. Control-click the Image, and then select Hide Photo. Concealing a photo using the menu bar when you select Image> Hide Photo is also possible. You can also use Command-L to conceal photos.

4. Confirm that you wish to keep the Image or video.

If you use iCloud Photos, the images you save on one device will be hidden across all your devices.

Photos can be hidden on Mac.

1. Open Photos.

2. Select View and then Show Hidden Picture Album in the main menu.

3. In the sidebar, click hidden.

4. Use Touch ID or your login credentials to unlock the hidden AlbumAlbum.

5. Select the video or Photo you wish to remove.

6. Control-click the Image, and then select Unhide Photo. Also, you can choose Image> Unhide Photo in the menu bar or Press Command-L.

The Hidden Album: Find it

1. Open Photos.

2. Choose View> Show the Hidden Photos Album.

It is important to note that the Hidden album is disabled as a default feature for Mac. If you turn on the Hidden Album enabled, viewing your Album’sAlbum’s sidebar is possible under Photos.

Give Your Lover or Close Friend the ability to access your private photo album via the iPhone or iPad.

You can do this easily if you’d like your lovebird or your most beloved friends to get full access to the images. You’ll have to let them create an alternative Face ID or Touch ID to do this.

Step 1. Start the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad and select Passcode and Touch ID/Face Identification.

Step 2. Set up an alternative Face ID or create an additional Touch ID fingerprint. In the future, the person you’ve invited to your photo album can open the hidden album of photos without any restrictions.

The sign-off…

You can offer an additional security layer for all your private photographs. Once your photos are locked, be assured that thieves cannot access your album. Do you have other queries? If yes, then be sure to post them in the comment section.

The iPhone can be locked by locking photos iPhone with no app

Are you sharing your mobile with your family and friends? This is good, as you’re all sharing information with no secrets. However, there will be times that you’re looking to capture “selfies” that you do not wish to let them see. You may make them laugh at your actions, which will be remembered soon.

Lock iPhone Photos

There’s an effective method to conceal such photos from being seen. Even though the iPhone doesn’t let such secret information out, the iPhone has come up with ways to keep your images out of View.

After iOS 8 was released, a new feature was introduced that lets users secure their photos whenever they wish. They can be kept from collections, years and Moments.

Below are the steps for how to protect images on iPhone without having to download any application:

  • Navigate to the Photos section and select the Image you wish to open.
  • Click the Share button in the corner in the left bottom
  • Locate the Hide option below and then tap it.
  • Make sure you confirm your request by pressing Hide Photo
  • The hidden pictures in “Other Albums” on your device.

To unlock photos:

  • Click on”Other Albums. “Other Albums”
  • Find the Image you are looking for
  • Click the Image and then tap the Share button.
  • Below, you will find the same choices you can find and click “Unhide.”
  • The Photo should now appear within the main album on the device.

The ability to lock photos stored on your iPhone is easy, and the next time you’re unsure if you want to share your “selfies”, You can hide them away so that nobody can view them!

Lock iPhone Photos Using Notes

In addition to locking iPhone pictures out of the AlbumAlbum in itself, there’s an alternative method of hiding your photos from the eyes of others. Notes App is an important feature of smartphones that allows us to note crucial details and not overlook every detail regardless of the situation.

Lock Photos On iPhone.

One of the best functions is the ability to hide pictures. You can utilize the Notes application to secure personal photos. Following the launch of iOS 9.3, the option to protect notes was included. You can now upload important files like photographs.

Select the Photo you want for locking

Tap Share at the bottom left

Click Notes. If you’ve set iCloud as the primary Notes account, you’ll move the Note that contains the secret Image onto the On My iPhone account. It is accessible in the iCloud Notes folder. In this folder, you can tap Edit, select Notes, tap Move To and choose On My iPhone.

Finally, open the specific Note that has the Image inside. Tap the Share icon, and after that, select Lock this Note.

After you have transferred and locked photographs inside the Notes app, removing the photos you originally took out of Photos is necessary. Photos app. Make sure to delete it also in the Recently Deleted folder; if it is not removed, it will remain there for thirty days.


It is now possible to secure images on iPhone by using three ways. Try each of them and determine which is the best for you and which feels comfortable to you.

If you’ve lost photos on your smartphone and this has occurred over the grace period, use FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Recovery. It is a powerful program that allows for easy recovery of images, videos, and other data from every device. iOS devices.

It’s taken longer than it should have, and now Apple finally allows you to secure the most private photos in your iPhone to ensure they cannot be accessible to anyone without Touch ID or passcode authentication.

Before, putting photos inside the hidden AlbumAlbum of the Photos application only meant it wouldn’t appear in the primary photos library. But, users who clicked on the hidden AlbumAlbum would be able to access the photos. After an upgrade to iOS 16.6, it’s not the case anymore. Now you can be sure that no one is in without your consent.

How to secure the iPhone’s secret photo album within iOS 16

One toggle is all you need to protect your private images secure from your eyes. Oliver Haslam/Input

This option will place a security lock on the AlbumAlbum that was deleted or hidden in your iPhone, so you can enter Face ID or Touch ID to unlock these albums. But don’t fret; you could input your passcode on the iPhone if required.

Start your Settings App on your iPhone running iOS 16.

Click “Photos.”

Ensure you have the “Show Secret Album” switch switched to “On” to turn it on.

Turn to turn the “Use Touch or Face ID” switch into the “On” position.

It is necessary to sign in with Touch or Face ID when you next hit the hidden or deleted albums. They are located under the Utilities section within the Photos application. A request to enter your password is displayed if biometric authentication does not work. Check if your lock is activated by checking for the padlock icon on the right side of every AlbumAlbum. If this feature is activated, those with access to your locked iPhone can’t view all your pictures for a while, as long as you save them in that locked AlbumAlbum.

How to hide the ‘Hidden Folder’ from Photos

  • Start the Settings application.
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose photos.
  • Check that the next switch to Hidden Album is in the grey-off position.
  • Photos

If you’d like the Hidden album to be visible in the Photos app, go to Settings under Photos. Turn the switch beside Hidden Album to make sure it’s in the green position.

The AlbumAlbum is not visible in the Photos application; it can be seen in the photo editor using third-party apps. It’s best to make the process more difficult for casual users to stumble across your photos.

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What is the reason to lock photos to an iPhone?

Apple provides an option of hiding photos from your iPhone for a time, removing them from the camera roll and placing them into the Hidden album. This is fine if you do not want a picture displayed on your camera roll. However, this doesn’t stop any person from looking at the picture. If you offer your mobile to someone else to look through the photos you’ve shot, it won’t prevent them from going to the Hidden album and checking out images you did not wish anyone else to view.

The Photos application has a feature that allows you to hide your Hidden album. It keeps it from appearing on your album list. It’s a good thing because it allows you to avoid promoting the existence of personal photos. However, the setting doesn’t prevent anyone from viewing the photos. If someone knows the procedure, it is easy to find and browse through the photos in your Hidden AlbumAlbum, even if it’s not listed with other albums.

The Hidden Album can also not safeguard your intimate images by other means. When you select images using the image selector on other applications, It will allow you to access images in hidden folders. Hidden folder.

You can lock your Hidden AlbumAlbum, made available in iOS 16 protects the images you’ve hidden. If this feature is turned off, it blocks the Hidden album using either Touch ID or Touch ID. If anyone tries accessing the Hidden album without consent, they are presented with an empty directory. The feature can also lock down the images you have deleted similarly.

Alongside locking your private images within the default Photos application, this feature can secure your hidden pictures in other apps. Hidden photos won’t be displayed when you use the image selector in other applications and aren’t accessible through any other third-party applications either.

Are photos locked on iPhone using Touch ID as well as Touch ID?

It’s impossible to protect the gallery, nor any other album of pictures on iPhone. It is possible to secure the hidden folder within the Photos App on iOS 16.16 on iPhone and iPadOS 16 for iPad.

Securing an album hidden in the iPhone can be useful as users won’t need to depend on suspicious third-party lock programs for security. Third-party applications cannot access the hidden pictures when the AlbumAlbum is secured.

How do I protect my password on this AlbumAlbum? Hidden AlbumAlbum?

It’s recommended to create a private hidden album if it includes photos of your private moments or crucial scans. It is essential to secure your hidden albums of photos on your iPhone typically occurs when you need to unlock and then hand over your smartphone to someone else to access your photographs. However, you don’t want anyone to gain access to the photos you keep private.

We’ll now look at how to set photos or videos on iPhone or iPad. This will work on all iPhones, including iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13, as long as they’re running iOS 16.

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