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How To Make A Balloon Arch

An elegant balloon arch is a great option to create a stunning design for any event or celebration. Whether you’re throwing a baby shower, wedding, hen party, or engagement celebration, arch balloons are our top choice for a fantastic party element. The balloon garland is highly flexible and can be put over a dessert table or fireplace, an entranceway and dance floor, and outside to impress your guests and make an unforgettable impression.

Balloons have been an essential part of any celebration or party. But the rise of the balloon garland and arch trend has transformed the primary balloon into a stunning art form that allows you to make stunning and sophisticated backdrops.

How to create an arch made of balloons The Easy DIY Guide

If you’re seeking a beautiful method to impact your celebration, think about a balloon arch and garland! In the end, balloon arches look attractive and captivating and are a fantastic centerpiece for your party! Additionally, they can give height to a plan and add the appearance of your party.

Balloon arches are very popular at Baby Showers, Gender Reveal Parties, and Birthday Parties. They have also recently appeared at several Drive-By Baby Showers and Drive-By Gender Reveals. There’s a good reason for that because balloon arches are ideal for making a beautiful impression. It’s among our favorite birthday traditions in our home!

Our Balloon Arches

The balloon arch kit includes everything you require to make a fantastic DIY balloon garland. This includes more than 50 balloons (5″ and 12″) in pastel pink, rose gold, and matte grey colors, garland tape, and glue dots. These balloons can be used for air-inflated only, and a balloon pump (hand or electric) is suggested to facilitate the process.

How to create an arch of balloons for any event!

What seems like it was a few decades ago, I created an edgy balloon garland to decorate my daughter’s first birthday celebration. It was simple as well–I used twine and balloons! This is the traditional method, but you could still utilize this method if you want to avoid purchasing any special equipment.

However, years later, some valuable products out there allow you to design professional balloon arches without the tying and cutting of string the twine method I used. You can even get pre-made kits!

I bought the balloons from this store to make the garland above. I was awed by the striking metallic and marble balloons that remained pretty opaque when I blew them out.

Create or find wire bases.

Make use of the wire cutters that you can use to slice a length of wire that is sturdy to the length and height that you wish the arch to reach. You can also buy the balloon arch kit at the shop and then use the frame made of wire from there.

Since wire becomes flimsier as you cut it for more extended periods, this technique is ideal for making smaller arches.

Secure the arch.

The end of your arch is in an empty bucket filled with pebbles, gravel, or sand. If you purchased an arch made by the retailer, it could come with a flat base or platform. In this instance, put something heavier, such as a cinderblock or brick, on the bottom of the arch to weigh it down.

Apply a thin layer of colored pebbles or sand to your bucket. This will disguise the plain pebbles or sand.

Cover cinderblocks or bricks with papers that match the balloons you are using. You can also paint them to make them look like the base of the balloon arch.

Four balloons can be blown up using the balloon pump.

They are all identical in color or different colors. The tail end of each balloon forms an untie after you have finished inflating the balloon. Make sure to make each balloon identical in size. [1]

You can use a standard pump for this technique but not a Helium tank.

It is not necessary to utilize a balloon pump for this. However, your lungs might become tired after a few minutes.

Sketch your design and collect your materials.

The design doesn’t have to be complex. A clear idea of the general shape you’d like your arch to have will assist you in assembling it.

Pro Advice: Your arch does not necessarily have to be in a traditional arch. Enjoy creating your unique design, like an empty arched or garland that runs up the wall.

Create your own DIY Balloon Arch Design

There are several possibilities to make an arch balloon. To begin, you must decide the shape you’d like your arch to have. Based on the arch’s location, you’ll have to work out what shape works most comfortably in the space.

Balloon Arch Structures

If you’re looking for an arch that is a bit stronger and able to move around with no ball, you’ll need to use chicken wire to support the middle of the arch. Or, you can purchase structures like those below to help support your balloons.

How to Make a Balloon Arch Final Note

An arch made of balloons is a beautiful addition to a celebration. And it’s an affordable option to create a huge impact.

If you are a fan of a bit of craft or DIY, creating the perfect Balloon Arch is fun, and you’ll be able to let your creativity flow. With a bit of work to put into it, the Balloon Arch is sure to be the centerpiece at your next event!

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