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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the bed is among the most crucial objects that you can find. You can lie in a bed late at night to keep mobs from appearing and attacking you. Once you’ve slept in the bed, the bed resets your point of spawn. There are multiple ways to create the red bed.

The bed is an essential piece of equipment for any Minecraft player, particularly in Survival Mode. It allows players to remove their spawn location to where the bed is situated and lets players skip the night of monsters and get up early in the morning so that they can continue their outdoor pursuits without the ever-present threat of hostile mobs. Naturally, these are useful. This guide explains all you should know to ensure that you don’t get left in the darkness (literally).

What Is Need To Craft A Bed

The players will require three Wooden Planks and three wool blocks to construct an actual bed. In addition, it requires a Crafting Table since the recipe will require three slots large.

The Crafting Recipe For A Bed

On the Crafting Table, put any type of Wooden Planks, even different types, on the bottom row of the table to fill the three slots. Next, you need to place an ounce of Wool on top of every Wooden Plank, though this recipe is only effective when all three pieces of Wool have an identical shade.

Make a bed in Minecraft.

Building a bed using Minecraft is quite simple. The blocks that make up the bed are readily available, and construction is a straightforward, one-step procedure. When you’ve got the patience and money to do it, you could create a bed made of the desired color; however, you’ll need to source dye.

How-to Create a Bed

To construct a bed, you require three planks of wood and three pieces of wool. The wood is simple to find, however finding wool may be somewhat more challenging. We will break down the steps of this step-by-step procedure below.

Step 1: Create Wood Planks

Chop down a tree, and take the wood pieces that fall off it. Please put them in the Crafting Table or the crafting section within your supply. Now you should have Wood Planks!

Step 2: Find Some Wool

This is the most challenging part, as achieving it can be tricky at times. There are several methods to go about this. First, if you are lucky, you can discover some wool in the Treasure Chest, which you will find in numerous unique structures that create. You can kill a lot of Spiders and then loot their String. You’ll need 12 strings in all and four for each Wool block. It is possible to buy it from a Shepherd Villager who sells the price of emeralds.

Most likely, and most importantly, You can also find some sheep! If you locate Sheep, you’ll require Shears to make. To make Shears, You will need to gather two iron bars. You can mine down or go to an area cave with the Iron. Then, you can utilize it to make Shears:

Get those Shears out and apply them to the Sheep! Be careful not to strike the sheep with the Shears. After doing this, you will receive one or two wool from each Sheep you cut.

Step 3: Create the Bed

Once you’ve got the three types of wool and three Wool, all you need to do is get all of your Wood Planks and Wool and place them on a Crafting Table using the recipe you have seen above! When you’ve made your bed, be sure that you put it in a safe place! If you’re near any monsters as you attempt to fall asleep, then you’ll be unable to sleep until they’re removed or killed. It is also important to rest in a peaceful area to ensure that you’re not at risk, even if you’re not carrying any loot.

Using A Bed In The Nether Or The End

Although it is possible to put beds in other dimensions than the Overworld, it is not advised to attempt sleeping in the Nether or at the End because doing this could cause a massive explosion that could cause more destruction than a TNT block. However, there is a reason why Villagers can sleep in other dimensions with no problems if they happen to cross through the portal.


Beds in Minecraft were essential but not a necessity to build before it was the time that the Phantom mob was introduced. Before that, the game offered players the option of passing the night quickly and resetting their spawn points. Instead, it now penalizes you for not sleeping enough.

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