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How To Make A Heart Out Of A Gum Wrapper

Nothing is more satisfying than creating a paper heart to give to a loved one (or maybe the person you love). Since it’s easy to make a heart from things you likely carry in your bag, gum! In this post, we’ll show you an easy step-by-step guide on how to fold gum wrappers into the shape of a heart. Learn more about this fun craft going!

Easy Steps Gum Wrapper Heart

Simple origami heart made from gum wrappers! Here are a few easy steps for making one.

You’ll have an adorable simple decoration. They can be used for bookmarks, in electronic cases, or even created for a small present.

How to Make Gum Wrapper Hearts |

Gum wrapper origami is an art many gum chewers try at least once. Making gum wrapper heart shapes is the easiest method to turn these pieces of paper into miniature artworks and is easy enough for children to complete.

Create the Shape

Transform a rectangular gum wrapper to a square shape by cutting or tearing off one edge from the sheet. If the wrapper is twice in length as comprehensive, you can fold it in half to form a square. Decide where it is necessary to cut by folding the wrapper and tearing it in half along the diagonal so that the shorter side is in line with the longer side. Cut off any excess material to make a square, then fold it in half in the reverse direction to form a second crease that divides each triangle.

Make the First Folds

Place the wrapped square in front of you (corner facing upwards) with the opposite side of the paper you would like to show in the final heart facing downwards. Fold the top corner so that it is in line with the crease at the center. Fold it increases to secure the corner in the right place. The bottom edge should be folded upwards to the edge of the sheet, and fold the fold inwards. The wrapper should appear like an elongated hexagon with six points.

Uses for Gum Wrapper Hearts

Once you’ve learned this simple method of creating gum wrapper origami hearts, You may soon be folding each empty wrapper into one. If you find yourself with many gum wrapper hearts in your possession, there are various delicious ways to use these hearts.

Use the needle and thread to create a garland of hearts to display during Valentine’s Day or to hang over your desk. Make use of a handful of hearts to cushion the material inside small boxes for gifts. Adhere them onto greeting cards or make a pop-up DIY card with the hearts moving outward as the card opens.

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