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How To Make Christmas Bows

There is a myriad of fun ways to decorate your home for Christmas, but one of the best methods to tie your decorations (or wrap your gifts) together is by using Christmas bows! You can pick the ribbon and the color scheme you like to make your Christmas decorations stand out. If you’ve ever thought about how to create an elegant Christmas bow that the ones in the photos then look at this article!

We’ll teach you how to make the perfect Christmas bow using ribbon in four different ways, large and small.

In the beginning, here are some aspects to be considered when buying your materials:

You should think about double-sided ribbon Although double-sided ribbon isn’t needed for these bows, we would recommend it if you’re concerned about your ribbon twisting. The double-sided ribbon is sure to ensure it’s the correct side of your bow is always up!
Make use of wired ribbon to create a shape If you’d like your bow to be full of fullness or shape choose wired ribbons for a more easy way to put it together.
Sharp scissors are essential. Sharp scissors create clean cuts and make it simple to cut through layers of wired ribbon and other layers. We made use of fabric scissors.


The bow you tie on your present is a great method to show someone that you love them. Learn the steps to create two types of bows for Christmas.

  • Tools required
  • Scissors
  • Materials Required
  • Ribbon
  • Tape

Make Christmas bows

The holiday season is rapidly coming to an end, and along with them the time of giving gifts. Once you’ve bought your gifts make sure you add a touch of elegance to the wrapping of your gifts by creating Christmas bows. Are you intimidated by the elaborate and extravagant Christmas bows that you’ve seen on the internet? Don’t be. They’re not too difficult to replicate. Two different ways are offered to make simple, but attractive DIY bows that can be the final touch to any Christmas present.

Are you in search of more DIY projects for the holidays? Learn how you can make your own Christmas crackers.

How to make a Double Bow

To make a double bow, we suggest using a thin double-sided ribbon that is wire-free and non-wired for the best results. As you will see in the video, we’re using a single-sided ribbon that performs. But one loop will be bent since you need to bend the ribbon around the second loop at step 2 to ensure you can see that your right-hand remains facing the direction you want it to face.

Because you are using your fingers as guides for these bows they’ll be small. It is possible to apply similar techniques with something bigger, such as chair legs if you are looking to create a huge double bow.


Step 1. Cut a length of ribbon. It was about 18 inches long. Make peace signs with your middle and index fingers and turn them both sideways. Then, place the ribbon between your middle and index fingers, leaving approximately 4 inches of overlap. Then, put the ribbon between your index finger and your thumb.

Step 2. Make sure to wrap the ribbon around your finger once. Repeat the loop until the ribbon is now in the direction of downwards, behind the middle of your finger.

Step 3: Slide the ribbon to the middle of your finger. The ribbon must be in the downward direction.

Step 4: Pull the ribbon upwards and behind your middle finger, so that it faces away from you.

Step 5: Pull the ribbon up so that it’s horizontally laid on top of the ribbon’s vertical loops.

6 step: thread your finger through the gap between your middle and index finger.

Step 7: Wrap the tail to cross the ribbon’s horizontal edge and forms the “x.”

Step 8. The tail should be pulled up in front of”x “x” and secure the ribbon in place, tightening the center.

What to make a Present Bow

Wrap your present the way you normally do and place it to the side.
Then wrap the ribbon around your hands 5 times with each loop placed neatly over the first loop.
Do not separate the bow from the rest of the ribbon roll.
Pro tip Tip: Use wired ribbons for this kind of bow. It will make it much simpler.

How to DIY Christmas Bows Styling

If you’ve learned how to create Christmas bows what do you plan to utilize them for? Wrapping gifts for Christmas is the obvious choice however there are numerous other creative ways to decorate your home with bows as well as ribbons. Here are some style ideas to help you.

Make mini bows for ornaments Use mini bows as ornaments Elise + Hope
Make a statement with your Christmas tree by adding a Paper bow Create a bow with a paper bow.
Add a splash of contrast to your greenery by using contrast ribbons Scentsy and Clean
Set up your table setting The Happiness blog
Make your bows look like characters in Living Locurto

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