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How To Make Flour In Little Alchemy 2

In the end, we have a variety of Flour, such as cereal flour, wheat flour, cornflour or Rye flour. Additionally, Flour is a primary ingredient in many recipes nowadays. For instance, the dough is made up of Flour that serves as the base for food items like pasta, pizza, and so on.

But how wonderful could it be to have an endless amount of Flour? Furthermore, you can prepare an abundance of delicious foods with Flour. If you’re a fan of food, there’s nothing better than this.

So, our subject today is obtaining the Flour element from Little Alchemy 2. Furthermore, the ingredient can help you obtain delicious food ingredients. You can also purchase the Dough component to get additional food ingredients.

But before we dive into the procedure, let’s take a look at the primary components of Flour. Because we know Flour is made up of Wheat, we’ll need Wheat. In addition, Wheat needs to have the Grass ingredient to be acquired.

So, we’ll require Grass and Wheat as the primary ingredients. We will also be experimenting with a variety of combinations. So, if you’re an avid challenge fan, this article could be the perfect beverage of choice.

In the same way, let’s not delay you any further and begin the action, shall we?

Step 1: Create Grass

You’re curious to learn why the Grass component is necessary to produce Wheat. However, it’s easy to answer in objective reality, and it was initially harvested and then cultivated using grass repeatedly.

However, there is a need for it is also true that the Grass element itself will require some alchemy, and we’ll require the element of Plant to accomplish this. We will also require the Life element before we can acquire Plant. So, are you up to tackling some profound alchemy?

Step 2: Create Wheat

As we’ve discussed previously, the Flour is made of Wheat. It is also the most popular Flour used in making various foods. It’s easy to see that Little Alchemy 2 needs the Wheat element before obtaining Flour.

In the end, you will get the Wheat element, as illustrated below:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Air + Lava = Stone
  • Fire + Stone = Metal
  • Earth + Metal = Plow
  • Earth + Plow = Field
  • Field + Grass = Wheat

Wooh! Our second step will be to increase the amount of Wheat and get Flour. It sounds easy enough? Don’t make you wait all the time.

Step 3: Create Flour

As we’re getting close to having the Flour component and obtaining the Flour element, we must consider the foods we’ll create in the coming days. In addition, you may be thinking of foods you’d like to consume in the present.

But, once you’ve got the Flour component, creating various components is easy.

The next step will enable you to find the Flour component:

Wheat + Wheat = Flour

Hug yourself! You’ve successfully earned the Flour ingredient. I’m confident you had a lot of fun throughout the process. However, before we begin acquiring newer components, I have a surprise for you!

How To Make Flour In Little Alchemy 2?

Here is some of the way(s) for making Flour from scratch in Little Alchemy 2.

1. 2x Wheat

2. Rock + Wheat

3. Stone + wheat

4. Wheel + Wheat

5. Windmill and Wheat

How do I make Flour for Little Alchemy 2? From scratch

It takes 23 steps to make Flour from scratch. It is possible to begin from the first step if you’re beginning to learn about Little Alchemy 2. Suppose you’ve constructed some of the products from these steps previously and are ready to begin from wherever you are in the Little Alchemy 2 journey.

About Little Alchemy 2

The second chapter in the Little Alchemy game series is Little Alchemy 2. With more functions and extras, the updated version is more stylish to be more popular than the first version.

In this second version, you can take on the role of god or creator with the elements. You can also create more complex objects like plants or humans by combining the essential elements.

Important: There are 700 items to explore in the Little Alchemy 2 gameplay.

It also allows you to design and create numerous new elements and more items you can utilize later.

The top-quality interface and enthralling background music help Little Alchemy 2 to reach its next stage. The game’s primary purpose is to make the things you’re searching for through the combination of various elements.

How do you create Energy in Little Alchemy 2?

The next step to create Flour for Little Alchemy 2 is to make Energy.

Step 1 – Choose Fire on the Elements panel and drag it onto the playing board

Step 2: Choose Fire on the Elements panel and place it over the Fire you have already put on the board you placed in Step 1.

How do you create Energy in Little Alchemy 2 – Definition

Energy is the capacity for intense activity and power that is available. I snack on chocolate to boost my energy levels quickly.


Ultimately, Little Alchemy 2 is an online game that lets players explore the globe with their fingers. Additionally, we can study everything from the creation of the universe to gods and demons.

In addition, the game comes with diverse content packs that allow players access to otherwise unavailable features. For instance, you could access the myths and monsters’ Content Pack’ and gain access to elements like Deity, Evil, Immortality and more.

However, I can assure you they’ll be worth it because you’ll have an exciting new place to visit. And we’ve got your back, as we’ll be here to help you if you need assistance finding your destination. So, keep exploring!

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