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How To Make Glass Bottles in Minecraft

If you take a moment to think about it, you could be amazed by how beneficial glass bottles can be in Minecraft. They’re virtual objects used to store water and craft potions, a variety of drinks with a buff finish that will simplify your travel. So how do you make glass bottles in Minecraft?

They can take on foes, join forces alongside other gamers from different areas, and make numerous objects.

A glass bottle is one thing players can make. Glass bottles are essential for brewing potions—for instance, the potion for fire resistance.

how to Make Glass

Glass is created by placing chunks made of Sand (or Red Sand) into a furnace. In essence, you are cooking it the same way you cook food things. For every one block of Sand cooked on a stove that you cook, you’ll get one piece of Glass. It is important to note that you can utilize Glass to create many other cool things, including decorative blocks.

Making Glass Bottles Without Making

You may take a water bottle instead of an actual fish when you’re fishing. It’s only 1percent. It’s an exciting result of fishing. If you drink the water from the Water Bottle, you will receive a glass Bottle.

There is also the possibility to collect Glass Bottles in drops after defeating Witches. There’s a 12.5 percent chance that the Witch can drop two Glass Bottles when they’re killed. Incredibly, when you kill a Witch while they’re trying to drink alcohol, there’s an 8.5 percent chance that the potion to be dropped into the inventory as an item.

Reclaim Glass Bottles from other kinds of bottles that contain consumables. For instance, if you drink the honey in the Honey Bottle, you will receive that Glass Bottle housing the pet. This is the same for any drinkable potion.

Supported Platforms

Steps to Create a Glass Bottle in Survival Mode

Like another craft process, you must find the needed materials before creating the item, such as the glass bottle.

The materials you will need to create this item are just 3 glasses blocks. If you have this material, follow these steps to make the glass bottle.

The Crafting Table

The first step is to go to the crafting menu and then start the crafting area. Next, you will find the crafting location, which is made up of a three-by-three grid. This is where you set the material for crafting the glass bottle.

Include the Materials

Following that, you need to put the materials on the table of crafting. For example, in the first row in the crafting space, you can place one glass block into the first box and the second on the other side of the box.

Thus, the second box of the initial row will be empty. Next, put the last glass block into the second box in this row. The first and third boxes of the second row are empty.

Here can be how to use the Minecraft crafting recipe for making the glass bottle. Be aware that you need to adhere to the directions. If you don’t follow the order, you will not make the product.

If you have followed the exact instructions, Three glass bottles will appear in the container to the right of the area for crafting.

Place the new item in your inventory.

When you’ve created three glass bottles, do not forget to add them to your inventory. Congratulations! You’ve made a glass bottle using Minecraft.

Create a glass bottle using Minecraft

To create the glass bottle you want to use in Minecraft, you must follow these steps.

  • Make sure to open the crafting table.
  • Set one of the glass blocks into the first cell in the row.
  • Place one glass block into the final cell of the row in the first.
  • Place one glass block into the second cell of the row.
  • Take three bottles of glass.

Use Glass Bottles to Drink Water

The primary function of using the Glass Bottle is to contain water in it. It is an essential component of making potions with a Brewing Stand. It is also possible to fill with a Cauldron using a glass Bottle similarly that you can fill up an empty Bucket. Additionally, you can remove the water from the Cauldron again. When you pour the water from the Cauldron using a glass Bottle, the Cauldron’s water level will fall by 33 percent.


Certain potions might have more than one glass of water. If you regularly brew potions, you’re aware that they’re helpful for only a few hours. There is a tendency to make many bottles of a specific kind of drink. It’s the reason it’s a good idea to make bottles ahead of time and then place them in the brewing area (or wherever it is where you’ve set up the brewing stand). Minecraft also has an enchanted bottle. However, you can’t craft them. They can be obtained by making trades with the villager, giving players experience orbs. This isn’t the most efficient method of securing experience orbs, so think about if it’s worth trading.

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