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How To Make Hot Honey

Hot honey is an excellent new warmness sauce and amazing for drizzling on pizza, fried fowl, biscuits, or roast vegetables, to serve on a cheese plate, or to unfold on toast. This smooth heat honey recipe is made with 2-components and takes the simplest mins to make.


Hot honey is a delicious, relatively spiced condiment that can feature sweet spice in everything from cheese to meats to dessert. While you should buy warm honey in your grocery, keep it, you could make it first-rate smooth at home.

We must keep a jar available to upload sweet warmth to our meals constantly.

Hot honey additionally makes a superb DIY present!

Homemade Hot Honey Recipe

If you need a chunk of “candy” together with your warm temperature, Hot Honey will be an ultra-modern exquisite marvel. Many people like their sweets, but at the same time, as you’re a chilihead like me, even the ones who want a chunk blast of heat to satisfy certainly. When you douse heat sauce on quite a few components, there may not be a bit of warmth infusion to kick things up a notch.

That’s precisely what this warm honey recipe is – an infusion. Like many top-notch beverages, honey can be infused with extremely good components and flavors.

It lends itself to many things, no matter the truth, that being me, I am eager on chili peppers.

You’ve probably heard of producers like Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s splendid to shop for a few at the grocery save, but it is also fun to make it to your very very own, and plenty greater energizing.

Hot Honey Ingredients

Chili Peppers. You can use sparkling heat peppers, dried heat peppers, or warm chili flakes to make warm honey. You can use any spicy chili peppers to your selected heat stage.
Honey. Use your preferred emblem.
Vinegar. I pick apple cider vinegar for its tangy flavor. Vinegar is non-obligatory; however, it does assist in longer preservation.


Making warm honey is much less difficult than 1-2-three!

Put some honey, chili flakes, and warm sauce right into a small pot or pan and warm them lightly over medium heat until you notice some bubbles close to the edge of the pan. Could you not allow it to boil? Honey will boil over very without a problem. It may also thicken too much if you let it boil or touch simultaneously.
Now, all you need to do is wait a couple of minutes for the chili flakes to infuse into the honey, then stress the honey via an excellent mesh sieve. So clean!

What Is Hot Honey Good On?

If you look around on the net, you’ll discover that hot honey can be drizzled on pizza (or spaghetti squash pizza), roasted vegetables (we’re obsessed with it on roasted or air-fried Brussels sprouts), Greek yogurt, or cornbread. Lately, we’ve been consuming a lot of roasted radishes, and hot honey is high-quality on the ones, too.

It’s an excellent addition to any charcuterie/cheese selection, and it can be stirred into cocktails or brought to a warm toddy. It’s exactly on breakfast sandwiches or avocado toast. Anything crisp and salty is an honest sport for hot honey, which incorporates bacon, pan-fried salmon bites, sausage, or fried chicken bites. Try a chunk of sweet warmth on vanilla ice cream or pound cake for an actual address.

About Hot Honey

There are many enterprise producers available now. However, the reality is Mike’s, Hot Honey. Michael Kurtz evolved the recipe even as going for walks in a pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, after trying appreciably spiced honey infused with dried chiles in a small restaurant in Brazil. The rest is records.

It’s now not a complex product. You can make your very personal warm honey, and I have precise strategies you can try. Try them every and see which one you want the quality!

PS: We attempted Mike’s test, and we like ours much higher! Mike’s heat honey is, as marketed, HOT. The warmness diploma of this domestically made version is decreased, and we sense that the stability amongst sweet and exceedingly spiced is higher. Sorry, Mike.


Store the new honey in a sterilized jar in a groovy, darkish cupboard for three months.

If you operate glowing chilies, I propose using the ultra-modern honey inner for 1-2 weeks (as many as a month in case you’ve strained the chilies). And preserve it saved within the refrigerator.

Note that honey will thicken while chilled. Bring it lower back to room temperature before using it (or pop it inside the microwave for 10-15 seconds).

Tips For Making The Best Hot Honey

DO NOT BOIL THE HONEY. Simmer it over a low, warm temperature. Boiling honey destroys its vitamins and alters its flavor.
If you use dried peppers, chop the peppers and add the pepper and the seeds to the honey. You can stress the honey afterward or remove the chopped pepper and seeds from the honey.
Strain the pepper flakes for mild spice, or depart the pepper flakes inside the honey even as storing for spicier honey.

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