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how to make minecraft less laggy

Lag is the main enemy of gamers who play video games. Incomplete control of your actions and things not running smoothly can make a mess of any experience, regardless of how great the game’s core is. Minecraft isn’t any different. With blocks breaking every second and your character’s teleporting across the map, there’s plenty of space for negative things to happen when you’re lagging. Here’s how to decrease the amount of lag you experience in Minecraft.

The game is played on many different devices and platforms. Some well-known gaming systems include the PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, smartphones, iPad, and Raspberry Pi.

You can engage directly with the Terabyte universe within Minecraft and even affect it. The list of environmental phenomena that follows is not entirely. Today, we’ll talk about how to modify mods to Minecraft less slowly. Let’s start.

Why is My Minecraft So Laggy?

There are many reasons why Minecraft delays. Common causes are:

High-quality video settings in Minecraft

There is not enough RAM allocated for Minecraft

Unwanted Cache files on the computer

Pings are high due to poor internet connectivity

Whatever it is, use the solutions below to resolve the issue.

How To Reduce Lag In Minecraft?

We will now look at what the options are if Minecraft is slow.

1) Check Your Internet Connection

In the majority of cases, it is the case that your game can be sluggish in the absence of an unreliable network connection.

Make sure you have a reliable network connection.

Click on the Internet icon in your Notification tray to verify that you’re connected to the appropriate network.

If your Internet connection is not working correctly, you can fix it and follow your next step.

Automated restarts can be set up.

Automatic restarts for your server can help it to run more smoothly by reducing the server’s RAM. Also, it can help recover RAM utilized by mods and plugins with minor memory leaks. We have a tutorial on setting up automated restarts here.

Use the most up-to-date version.

We recommend you use your server’s most current version of Minecraft plugins, Minecraft, and mods. Newer software versions will have bug fixes and performance enhancements that make your server more efficient and stable.

Close Unnecessary Tasks Using Task Manager

If many programs and apps are in the background, this could result in excessive CPU use.

Therefore, close all useless programs that are running in the background.

Follow the steps below to end unnecessary programs using Task Manager.

Click on the Taskbar and choose Task Manager from the drop-down menu.

Visit The Processes tab. Select the unwanted programs one at a time and select End Task. This will end the process and allow room.


After closing all unwanted programs, reboot your computer.

Tweaking video settings

Although many gamers have high-end gaming equipment, some have low-end computers that cannot run the game with higher video settings. Below are some recommended settings to enjoy smooth gameplay and an increase in FPS:

Graphics: Fast

Smooth Lighting: off

GUI Scale: 3

Lights with dynamic effects: off

Shaders: off

The Render Distance and the Simulation Distance From 2 to 8 pieces on lower-end hardware. This can significantly help with slow FPS and lagging.

Max Framerate: Users can limit framerate to an amount they are confident their computer can keep up. The capping frame rate can provide a smoother, less jittery experience.

Biome Blend (under “Details)” 5-x-5 or less.

Under Performance

Render Regions Fast Render, Smooth FPS, Smooth world, Smart Animations Fast Math Lazy Chunk loading, and Dynamic updates must be switched ON. Chunk updates 1Chunk Builder Threaded

Under Other

“Autosave” setting “Autosave” setting determines whether the game will be automatically saved. The instances when this happens may result in a stutter or the lag to increase. Turning this off can reduce the amount of autosaves and, consequently, the number of spikes in lag.

Minecraft is a video game designed for kids. The blocky environment and the appearance of mobs prove this. Over time, however, individuals of all ages have taken to the game. Minecraft tops the list of the most popular games on the market. It’s beating Grand Theft Auto 5 and Tetris by a substantial amount.

Use Optifine mod

It is among the most popular performance mods available for Minecraft. It acts as the base mod for numerous resource packs, mods, and texture packs. Furthermore, players can assign more memory to the Optifine installation and avoid errors such as the “Minecraft is Running Out of Memory” error. The biggest and most significant change it will bring to the table is the shader support.

The players can alter their gameplay by installing a shader. Most shaders will make considerable changes to Minecraft’s lighting and other effects, such as dynamic lighting, post-processing, anti-aliasing, and world curvature.

Make sure you are running the most recent Graphics driver version on your PC

One reason your game isn’t running as it should be related to your system’s graphics drivers. Your graphics card controls drivers, and having old or incompatible drivers can cause many performance issues. Therefore, checking your graphics drivers is recommended to ensure that they’re updated.

You can download the latest drivers by visiting your manufacturer’s website and looking for drivers specific to your graphics card. If a more recent version is available, you can download it before installing it. This will boost your game’s performance and enable you to perform it more quickly.

If playing Minecraft on laptops, your laptop’s drivers could be updated. Manufacturers usually make this change to allow users to switch between different graphics cards on their systems.


To eliminate Minecraft delay and boost gaming performance, the problem can be solved by clearing any extra data or clearing the cache on the phone and then deleting all apps that are not used. The phone might require an update to bring up to speed; however, older models may not run the latest version of the software.

Now, Bye-bye! Follow them and inform me in the comments below about your experience using these suggestions.

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