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How To Make Pigs In A Blanket Without Crescent Rolls

Pigs covered in a blanket make great for snacks or snack foods and are appreciated by all people. The dish is simple to cook and only requires two ingredients. A lot of people utilize crescent rolls in the making of the blanket that pigs use to make the blanket, however, crescent rolls don’t have to be included.

If you’re thinking of how to create Pigs in a Blanket without crescent rolls? There are a few suggestions for you to test. Find out more by reading!

What do pigs look like in blankets?

Pigs wrapped in blankets are a traditional American food item made from pork sausage (the pig) sandwiched between biscuits (the blanket).

Pigs in a blanket could be prepared using standard hot dogs, and then serve as a main course as a stand-alone meal or by using small smokies, and serve as an appetizer! It is also possible to use normal hot dogs, and then chop them up into smaller pieces, if needed.

An American classic with a fascinating history

Mini Pigs in a Blanket make a delightful appetizer in the form of tiny cocktail sausages wrapped in dough and then cooked. In these days there is no way a game-day spread is incomplete without the mini pigs.

You may not be aware of it. is, just similar to the similar American favorite, Deviled eggs before their use as an ideal game day snack the Deviled Eggs were elegant food for parties. Before they were added to the appetizer section of the menu it was a 1950s dinnertime delight that was intended for children.


cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
One teaspoon of baking soda
teaspoon of salt
two tablespoons of unsalted butter cool, cut into smaller pieces
Cup of cheddar cheese grated
Cup buttermilk
mini hot dogs


The oven should be heated to 400oF. Grease a baking sheet large. Combine your dry ingredients (flour and salt) into a bowl (or put them all in one by one or whatever).
Rub the butter pieces in dry ingredients until the mixture becomes dry and crumbly. Add cheese and stir until well dispersed.
Create a well with the dry ingredients. Add the buttermilk. Combine well using a wooden spoon. The dough should rest for three minutes.
Dust the dough with flour, mix it once or twice, then put it out on a coated counter.
Utilizing floured hands, roll the dough into the 15 by 7 inches rectangle. Cut the sides as needed to create the perfect rectangle. (Handle the dough in as small a way as you can to ensure it is soft, sure, right?).
Utilizing a pizza slicer, cut the rectangle into thirds on the horizontal side, and then split each of the thirds into three thirds vertically. This gives you nine small rectangles. Cut each rectangle diagonally into two small triangles.
Each at one time, you can roll the sausages into triangles. Lay them flat on an oil-sprayed cookie sheet.
Bake for 12-13 minutes until it is golden brown. The baking sheet should cool for 3 minutes, then transfer onto an air-tight rack.

A homemade crescent roll dough made from scratch:

The Homemade crescent roll dough is as simple as you could go to the store to buy the store-bought dough! The dough takes only 10 minutes to make.

All-Purpose flour: the recipe requires 1.5 cups of flour, but you’ll start with 1 cup of flour and increase it when needed. If you try to add all of it in one go, your dough may not be enough dry!
Warm Milk: Warm milk is required for yeast activation to allow the dough to have properly risen.
Butter: ensure that you melt the butter before incorporating it into the dough to ensure an easier feel.
Yeast: Make sure that you’re using instant yeast.
Sugar: sugar aids yeast in activating and provides a little sweetness.
Salt improves the flavour of crescent rolls.

Little Smokies: You may make full-sized hot dogs however you’ll be required to cut the dough in different ways.
Egg and water: make eggs and water into an egg wash which makes the outside of the roll that wonderful golden-brown hue.
Seasonings: I make a simple combination consisting of dried garlic and powdered parsley for giving the pigs wrapped in blankets only a tiny taste.

Why do you love this recipe?

  • They make the ideal food or drink for your party.
  • Children and adults alike enjoy this simple recipe.
  • It is possible to save your time by purchasing crescent dough either puff pastry or biscuit dough.
  • The flavours can be altered by adding cheese all is a bagel, salt, and much more.


  • Include Everything Bagel Seasoning For a more savoury flavour to the pigs wrapped in blankets sprinkle the seasoning of Everything bagel on top of the bread rolls right before baking.
  • You can substitute hot dogs with other types of sausages: Use any kind of sausage that is precooked for diverse flavours. The sausage of chicken or the andouille can be used to make great sausage.
  • Add cheese! Sprinkle cheese like cheddar and pepper Jack cheese, or American cheese into the roll before rolling it up. It creates a little cheese dog.
  • Place the pigs under an open blanket and dip sauce such as honey, grainy mustard, ketchup and ranch dressing, or BBQ sauce.
  • Prepare ahead of time The pigs can be prepared by wrapping them in blankets as long as 12 hours ahead and keeping them in the fridge so that they can be baked quickly later. Once you’re ready for baking then take them out of the refrigerator and bake them.

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